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Connected Communities

Leveraging data and smart technologies to help improve community wellbeing and prosperity.

Pilot Projects and Current Opportunities

Find out how your organization can participate in pilot projects and view our current funding opportunities.

Call for pilots

Today's social and environmental challenges highlight the need for innovative tools that address urgent community needs and create long-term positive benefits. Connected communities are towns, main streets, neighborhoods and cities that use data and technology-driven innovations to offer new and improved services to people and businesses. Together with our partners, we are funding solutions that help make the region the best place in the country to live, work and play.

At TVA, we have been working to research best practices, better understand challenges in the Valley and build a roadmap for the future. We organized a diverse group of partners to identify connected community opportunities, leading us to three initial focus areas for our efforts and funding. TVA will expand our partnership network to include community implementation partners and subject matter experts.

We look forward to partnering with you to shape a new future for the Valley.


Our Focus Areas

A diverse group of partners across the Valley identified the following areas for funding focus.


Equitable Access

Expanding equitable access to services through broadband and online platforms.

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Economic Empowerment

Empowering the Valley workforce by promoting next generation jobs and digital skills.

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Energy & Environmental Justice

Advancing energy and environmental justice in our communities with clean energy technologies.

Connectedness in Action

We are proud to support pilot projects across the Valley to improve life for people, businesses and organizations.

Projects Happening Nationwide

Connected Communities pilots are being built across the country to address community needs. Stay tuned for more information.

Community Resources


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View our vision and path for a connected Valley. Also, learn about national leading practices.

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Learn how to strategize and implement solutions for becoming a connected community.

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Search our easy-to-use collection of solutions and resources related to connected communities.

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