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Today's social and environmental challenges highlight the need for innovative tools that address urgent community needs and create long-term positive benefits. Connected communities are towns, main streets, neighborhoods and cities that use data and technology-driven innovations to offer new and improved services to people and businesses. Together with our partners, we are funding solutions that help make the region the best place in the country to live, work and play.

At TVA, we have been working to research best practices, better understand challenges in the Valley and build a roadmap for the future. We organized a diverse group of partners to identify connected community opportunities, leading us to three initial focus areas for our efforts and funding. TVA will expand our partnership network to include community implementation partners and subject matter experts.

We look forward to partnering with you to shape a new future for the Valley.

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Focus Areas


Equitable Access to Services

Elevates digital equity and inclusion for everyone by supporting broadband expansion and access to modern technologies.

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Economic Empowerment

Supports economic security so the people of the Valley can contribute, to the best of their abilities, to the modern economy.

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Energy & Environmental Justice

Advancing energy and environmental justice in our communities with clean energy technologies.

Connected Communities are towns, neighborhoods and cities that use data and technology to provide access to public services, economic empowerment for people and companies, and energy and environmental justice for everyone.

At TVA, we are working with community partners to better understand the questions that populations face. To help address the region’s biggest challenges and connect communities within our seven-state region to the future, we have compiled valuable resources to help communities get started.

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Connected Communities Roadmap

Outlines the Connected Communities definition, vision, goals and success factors of the Valley and identifies leading practices.

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Connected Communities Guidebook

This detailed playbook includes specific project recommendations, strategies and tactics that communities can use to implement their own Connected Communities solutions.

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A collection of links to other projects and concepts across the U.S., as well as links to technology solutions and funding resources.

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Implementation Booklets

These workbooks use the Connected Communities Guidebook as reference to walk you through a project in each of the three focus areas. Select from the Broadband Project Implementation Booklet, Workforce Development Project Implementation Booklet and the Grid Interactive Efficient Building Project Implementation Booklet.

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