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Connected Communities

Connected Communities are towns, main streets, neighborhoods and cities in the TVA service region using technology and data-related solutions to address community challenges and prepare for a modern energy system. TVA can help communities like yours become more connected by linking you to resources, funding opportunities and tailored support. Together, we can improve our communities’ access to digital services, achieve environmental benefits, scale economic opportunities and become more resilient.

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Community Change Grants Program

Community Change
Grants Program

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) Community Change Grant is a great opportunity for communities seeking to fund large-scale environmental and climate justice projects. Check out our overview to help communities in the TVA service region navigate this funding opportunity.



TVA Can Help Your Community in Four Focus Areas


Broadband and Digital Literacy

Elevates digital equity and inclusion for everyone by supporting broadband expansion and access to modern technologies.

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Economic Empowerment

Supports economic security so the people in TVA’s service region can contribute, to the best of their abilities, to the modern economy.

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Energy and Environmental Justice

Promotes access to healthy natural and built environments and reliable, affordable, clean energy for everyone in the TVA service region.

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Enhanced Community Resiliency

Enhances community resiliency through plans and resources that help communities minimize impacts, effectively endure evolving challenges and strengthen recovery strategies for the future.

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Learn About Connected Communities Projects in Action

Connected Communities Columbus Event

Communities across TVA’s service region have already begun their journey to becoming more connected. Selected by a diverse group of stakeholders, the existing Connected Communities pilot projects address the four focus areas and advance data- and technology-driven solutions. By funding these pilot projects, TVA and our partners are helping make the region the best place in the country to live, work and play.


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Community Partnerships

Many communities are aware of their unique challenges but need assistance in tackling these projects. The Connected Communities initiative provides hands-on tailored support and consulting services to help communities build capacity and realize tangible improvements across the four focus areas.





Share Your Idea

Is your organization leveraging data and technology for the community, or does it have the start of a pilot project idea? Email us to get advice and feedback to advance your solution at [email protected].


Join the Connected Communities Network

Access resources, connect with similar organizations and learn about how to engage with the TVA Connected Communities Initiative and more.