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Data Analytics

Utilities are being inundated with massive quantities of data. This data is coming from numerous sources, including sensors, applications, equipment and human experience. Failure to utilize the appropriate data and analytical tools for system integration will result in inefficiency, reduced reliability and increased cost.

The Data Analytics research priority is centered on supporting a secure, resilient and integrated power system that supports improved decision making and improved performance across the enterprise. The Data Analytics research priority will have three focal areas:

  • Data Value
    In this area, our major research focus will center around assessing and selecting the “right” data for the job. We will seek to leverage our data with industry partners to support our research needs and direction.
  • Automated Analysis & Application Tools
    We are working to coordinate and apply data, experience and algorithms across the enterprise to support improved decision making and efficiency improvement. The development and application of new analytic tools will help to identify, mitigate and/or eliminate potential system issues. As an example, we will be exploring several applications of automated analysis to support actionable responses in the areas of asset management and contingency analysis.
  • Information Integration & Decision Support
    The focus will center on the coordination of multiple information sources to improve decision making and situational awareness. An example of this work is around merging cyber and physical security information in the enterprise. The coordination and collaboration of these information sources will support process improvement, enhanced operating models, enhanced asset deployment and improved enterprise visibility.