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Energy Utilization

Energy utilization focuses on technologies that can lead to new and potentially more efficient ways of using electricity in residential, commercial and industrial settings—as well as in the transportation sector.

Current initiatives include:

  • Smart Houses: Seven test houses in Knoxville were built to evaluate residential building techniques, energy efficiency, demand response technologies and consumer smart grid concepts in a controlled, simulated occupancy research environment. Test results are being used to educate builders, developers and consumers. TVA recently completed a test on three homes built in the Knoxville area to test different levels of energy efficiency measures. Read more about Knoxville's Campbell Creek Homes.
  • Hyperefficient HVAC: TVA is partnering in a nationwide utility collaboration evaluating six hyperefficient technologies for residential and commercial applications, including ductless heat pumps and air conditioners; heat pump water heaters for homes; variable capacity air conditioning; LED street and area lighting; and efficient data centers for the commercial sector.
  • Grid-Empowered Consumers: TVA is conducting a comparative field test to evaluate the energy and demand savings potential of grid-enabled residential appliances in 20 test homes.
  • Electric Vehicle Readiness: TVA coordinates investment and activities with the Electric Power Research Institute and industry stakeholders to support plug-in vehicles grid integration and readiness, including assessing vehicle charging impacts, consumer behavior and infrastructure development. Read more about TVA's electric vehicles program.