Grid Modernization

Imagine a more dynamic transmission system—one could that tell consumers exactly how much electricity they are using and how much it is costing as they are using it, giving them decision-making power over when they choose to consume, and how much.

Today, TVA and local power companies are developing research technologies that may one day lead to a just such an intelligent transmission system. Smart meter technology, in informed consumer hands, has the potential to move usage patterns away from peaks and valleys, leveling prices significantly.

Smart grids benefit power companies, too; such technology would allow TVA to identify problems on the line and to address them immediately. This ability to nearly instantaneously diagnose problems would mean that TVA could make corrections and engage transmission and generation resources quickly so that power would keep flowing no matter what. This could promote reduced emissions, lower energy costs and add greater flexibility to accommodate the new consumer-generated energy sources that fall under TVA’s  Valley Renewable Energy program.

As part of the new Smart Grid Demonstration Project, TVA is hosting a demonstration of Smart Wire Inc. technology in Knoxville, Tenn.  See how Smart Wire is transforming energy flow to shift energy away from overloads and away from shortages to balance the power load and save consumers money.