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Columbia, Tennessee (Fiberon)

Proposed Transmission Project

TVA is considering improvements to its transmission system that would provide power for growing industrial load and increase power reliability in the Columbia area of Maury County in Tennessee.      

Fiberon will establish a manufacturing and distribution facility in Columbia, Tennessee, potentially creating over 300 new jobs over the next several years. The new facility will be located on Oakland Parkway northwest of State Highway 43 in west Columbia, and its operations will require a 161-kilovolt substation.

Columbia Power and Water Systems (CPWS) will build a 161-kilovolt substation at the Fiberon facility. TVA proposes to build a transmission line from our existing Maury-Mt. Pleasant 161-kilovolt Transmission Line to our existing West Columbia-Mt. Pleasant 46-kilovolt Transmission Line and then to the new Fiberon Substation. The total distance of the route to the substation would be about 2.3 miles. TVA would need to reroute less than a mile of the 46-kilovolt line around the Fiberon facility and rebuild about a mile of the line as double-circuit where it would parallel the new 161‑kilovolt line. This project would utilize about 1 mile of existing right of way, and a total of about 1.5 miles of new right of way would be needed.

In addition to this work, TVA would also install two switches on the Maury-Mt. Pleasant 161-kilovolt Transmission Line - one switch on each side of where the new line to Fiberon would begin.

The new line and rebuild/reroute portions would be built using primarily single-pole and H‑frame, single- and double-circuit, steel structures on existing and new 100-foot-wide right of way. The scheduled completion date for this project is fall 2025.

TVA will hold a virtual information session from March 23 through April 24, 2023, online at, where detailed maps of the project will be displayed. Property owners and members of the public will be able to submit questions online, by telephone, and in writing.

Single pole circuit Double circuit transmission line Double circuit H frame

Public Involvement

TVA is committed to working with area stakeholders to address concerns during various stages of the project.

TVA will hold a virtual information session to provide information about the proposed transmission project.  The virtual information session may be accessed at from March 23 through April 24, 2023.

Property owners and members of the public will be able to submit questions online, by telephone, and in writing. Large maps showing the proposed transmission project will be displayed.

Any names and addresses received at the virtual information session will become part of the administrative record.

If you are not able to access the virtual information session but have questions, you may contact Les Warnock (see contact information below).

Submit Comments About the Project


The map shows the area of the proposed transmission improvements. The map is also available below as a PDF file.

If you have questions or need help understanding the map, please contact TVA (see below).

Fiberon, Tennessee Proposed Transmission Project Map (PDF)

Project Schedule

(Dates are subject to change. Unexpected issues may arise, resulting in the need to adjust the schedule.)

Virtual Information Session begins March 23, 2023
Virtual Information Session Ends April 24, 2023
Surveys of the right of way are scheduled to begin Fall 2023
Easement purchases are scheduled to begin Winter 2023-2024
Construction is scheduled to begin Fall 2024
Project in service Fall 2025

Environmental Reviews

The appropriate National Environmental Policy Act review will be conducted to ensure that the environmental impacts are minimized. TVA attempts to minimize any land requirements, private property impacts, and environmental impacts associated with this project.

Efforts are made during the siting process to avoid or minimize impacts to floodplains and wetlands in accordance with Executive Orders 11988 and 11990. Floodplains and wetlands are shown on the referenced map. The map illustrates how the route avoids or impacts floodplains and wetlands. Because of project and topographic constraints and because of minimizing impacts to other social, environmental, and engineering resources, no practicable alternative may be available that would allow complete avoidance of impacts to floodplains and wetlands which may require mitigation for minimizing impacts. Also, best management practices would be utilized throughout the project to minimize adverse floodplain and wetland impacts. In compliance with Section 404 of the Clean Water Act, TVA will be coordinating wetland findings with U.S. Army Corps of Engineers.


More information on this project can be obtained from:

Les Warnock
P.E., Siting Engineer
[email protected]
(800) 362-4355
1101 Market Street, MR 4G
Chattanooga, TN 37402-2801