Anderson 500-kV Substation and Associated System Modifications

Anderson, Blount, Knox, and Roane Counties, Tennessee

The Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA) has prepared a draft environmental assessment (EA) regarding its proposal to construct a new 500-kV substation in Anderson County, Tennessee and to modify other transmission system assets which provide the bulk power supply to Knoxville and the surrounding areas. 

TVA plans to retire the Bull Run Fossil plant in 2023. To compensate for the loss of generation at TVA’s Bull Run Fossil plant, TVA’s Bulk Transmission System needs to be upgraded to ensure the electric load on the power grid is not disrupted and the surrounding area’s future and present power needs are met.  The proposed Anderson 500-kV Substation would be constructed on TVA property located across the Clinch River from the Bull Run Fossil plant. 

The draft EA evaluates the potential environmental and socioeconomic impacts of two alternatives: a) No Action, do not construct a 500-kV substation or modify existing transmission facilities; and b) constructing a 500-kV substation and implement transmission system and communication modifications.

TVA will use this EA to support the decision-making process and to determine whether an Environmental Impact Statement should be prepared or whether a Finding of No Significant Impact may be issued.

Submitting Comments

The draft EA is available for public review and comment through April 15, 2020.  Any comments received, including names and addresses, will become part of the administrative record and will be available for public inspection.

Comments may be submitted online, via email to or by mail to the contact below.

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