Colbert Ash Pond 4 Seismic Project

Colbert County, Alabama

The Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA) is preparing an Environmental Assessment (EA) that addresses installing a buttress along a section of the Colbert Fossil Plant (COF) Ash Pond 4’s eastern dike to provide further protection during and following a large earthquake. Although the likelihood of a seismic event occurring at any given time is very low, TVA takes seriously its responsibility to ensure the stability of the site. Installing the buttress would require TVA to relocate a 1,700-foot stretch of Cane Creek on TVA property, which currently flows along the length of the ash pond’s east dike. Approximately 500 feet of the 6,700-foot dike system would be affected under the proposal. 

TVA released a draft EA for a 30-day public review on June 30, 2021.  TVA is currently reviewing input provided by the public. 

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More information on this environmental review can be obtained from:

Matthew Higdon
NEPA Specialist
400 West Summit Hill Drive, WT 11D
Knoxville, TN 37902