Ocoee 1 Hydro Consolidation Draft Environmental Assessment

Polk County, Tennessee

The Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA) prepared a draft Environmental Assessment (EA) for the Ocoee 1 Hydro Consolidation Project.

The draft EA proposes to consolidate people and functions from three existing Ocoee 1 Hydro Dam (O1H) administrative houses into a newly constructed administration building. The draft EA then discusses the disposal of the vacated buildings at the O1H Site in Polk County, Tennessee.

Currently, staff and operations at O1H are inefficiently divided between the three antiquated administrative buildings: the O1H PSS Building AEM8474 (White House, or Ocoee Assembly Building), O1HTODA Building AEM8475 (Rock House or Ocoee Main Office), and O1H Plant Office O1PO (Plant House or Ocoee Regional Office). In order to function in a more efficient and economical manner, TVA is proposing to consolidate people and functions from the three existing buildings into one new building and potentially dispose of the three vacated structures.

This EA evaluates the potential environmental impacts of the disposal of the three administration buildings, and the consolidation of their functions and operations into one newly constructed building. It examines 3 Alternatives, including the ‘No Action Alternative’, ‘Alternative A- Consolidation via License or Easement Grant’ and’ Alternative B- Consolidation via Demolition’. The property disposal methods may occur individually or together.

Reducing administrative space aligns with TVA’s Strategic Real Estate Plan (SREP 2018), which proposes to reduce Operation & Maintenance (O&M) expenses, right-size portfolio, reduce the footprint, reduce and avoid capital expenditures, and provide economic development opportunities. Additional benefits of the proposed project include consolidating functions inside the security perimeter of O1H, reducing renovation costs associated with building upkeep, and the potential elimination of aging infrastructure that does not meet modern-day building codes.

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More information on this environmental review can be obtained from:

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