Paradise and Colbert Combustion Turbine Plants

Colbert, Lauderdale, and Morgan Counties, Alabama; Hardin, Lawrence, Montgomery, Sumner, Wayne, and Wilson Counties, Tennessee; and Muhlenberg and Todd Counties, Kentucky

TVA has drafted an Environmental Assessment (EA) for the construction and operation of three new natural gas-fueled frame CT units (750 MW total) at TVA’s Paradise Reservation in Drakesboro, Kentucky, and three natural gas-fueled frame CT units (750 MW total) at TVA’s Colbert Reservation in Tuscumbia, Alabama, for a system total of 1,500 MW to replace the capacity lost due to the proposed retirement of Allen and Johnsonville CTs. Comments were collected from the general public, local, state and federal stakeholders February 3rd through March 13th. All comments will be considered in preparation of the Final EA.

TVA’s proposed action would result in the need for upgrades to the existing natural gas supply as well as actions necessary to connect the CT plants to TVA’s existing transmission system, including transmission line network upgrades. The impacts associated with the retirement and decommissioning of Allen and Johnsonville CTs were analyzed in the 2019 IRP and are incorporated by reference into the current EA.

In Fiscal Year 2019, TVA completed a CT Modernization Study to evaluate the condition of TVA’s current CT units and form recommendations for investments to ensure the fleet can reliably support peaks in demand into the future. CT Units 1-20 located on the TVA’s Allen Reservation and CT Units 1-16 located on TVA’s Johnsonville Reservation (total of 1,400 megawatt [MW] capacity) were determined to be the most challenged (have received little recent investment, are 40 or more years old and require replacement to ensure reliability) and recommended for retirement and replacement.

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More information on this environmental review can be obtained from:

Ashley Pilakowski
NEPA Specialist
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