SR Bell Buckle Solar Project

Bedford County, Tennessee

TVA has tentatively approved an agreement to purchase the electricity and environmental attributes generated by the proposed SR Bell Buckle Solar Facility in Bedford County, Tennessee. The Solar Facility would be constructed and operated by SR Bell Buckle, LLC (SR Bell Buckle), a wholly-owned subsidiary of Silicon Ranch Corporation (SRC) and include up to approximately 35 megawatts of alternating current (AC) generating capacity. The solar facility would interconnect to the Duck River Electric Membership Corporation (Duck River) distribution network.  Additionally, TVA would perform updates to the existing Duck River EMC KS Phillips, TN 161kV Substation to support the facilities addition to the network.

The proposed facility would occupy approximately 238 acres of the roughly 367-acre property to be owned by SRC and leased to SR Bell Buckle for the project. The project would consist of multiple parallel rows of PV panels on single-axis tracking structures, DC to alternating current (AC) inverters, and one transformer. It would connect to the existing Duck River substation southwest of SR Bell Buckle’s southern boundary.

Customer demand for cleaner energy prompted TVA to release a Request for Proposal (RFP) for renewable energy resources (2019 Renewable RFP). The TN Solar PPA that resulted from this RFP will help TVA meet immediate needs for additional renewable generating capacity in response to customer demands and fulfill the renewable energy goals established in the 2019 Integrated Resource Plan (IRP). The Proposed Action would provide cost-effective renewable energy consistent with the IRP and TVA goals.

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More information on this environmental review can be obtained from:

Ashley Pilakowski
NEPA Specialist
400 West Summit Hill Drive, WT 11B
Knoxville, TN 37902