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SR Magnolia Solar Facility

Monroe County, Mississippi

The Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA) intends to prepare an Environmental Assessment (EA) for the purchase of electricity generated by the proposed SR Magnolia solar facility in Monroe County, MS (project). The purpose of this environmental review is to address the potential environmental effects associated with building, operating, maintaining, and decommissioning the proposed solar facility. The project would occupy approximately 1,434 acres on a 1,466-acre tract of land currently classified as farmland in a rural farming community. Public comments are invited concerning both the scope of the EA and environmental issues that should be addressed as part of this review.

This EA will identify the purpose and need of the project and will contain descriptions of the existing environmental and socioeconomic resources within the area that could be affected. Evaluation of potential environmental impacts to these resources would include, but not be limited to, water quality, soil erosion, floodplains, aquatic and terrestrial ecology, threatened and endangered species, botany, wetlands, land use, historic and archaeological resources, as well as solid and hazardous waste, safety, socioeconomic and environmental justice issues.

In addition to a No Action Alternative, this EA will evaluate the action alternative of purchasing power from the project. The project is expected to be interconnected at a new 161-kV three position ring bus station on TVA’s existing West Point – Stateline 161-kV line. The expected output to be contracted would be 150 megawatts of alternating current (MWac), though total capacity could reach 160 MWac.

The EA will also evaluate ways to mitigate impacts that cannot be avoided. The description and analysis of these alternatives in the EA will inform decision makers, other agencies, and the public about the potential for environmental impacts associated with the proposed solar facility.

Public Involvement

TVA requested public comments on the scope of the EA, alternatives being considered, and environmental issues that should be addressed as a part of this EA. The 30-day public scoping period ended on March 27, 2023.

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More information on this environmental review can be obtained from:

Brittany Kunkle
NEPA Specialist
[email protected]
400 West Summit Hill Drive, WT 11B
Knoxville, TN 37902