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Final Tellico Reservoir Land Management Plan

*Please note that this site will remain active until November 30, 2022. After that date, all information about the Tellico Reservoir Land Management Plan will be available here.

TVA has finalized the revision of the 2000 Tellico Reservoir Land Management Plan (RLMP) affecting approximatel12,787.6 acres in Blount, Loudon, and Monroe counties in East Tennessee.  TVA reviewed the 2000 RLMP land use allocations on Tellico Reservoir to determine if those allocations were appropriate or if changes were needed.  Based on this review, TVA has finalized an environmental assessment reviewing three possible alternative actions.  The TVA Chief Executive Officer selected Alternative B as the approved Final Tellico RLMP on August 26, 2022. 

The RLMP revision is consistent with the TVA Land PolicyNatural Resource Plan (NRP)Comprehensive Valleywide Land Plan (CVLP), and TVA’s goals for managing natural resources on public lands.  RLMPs guide land use approvals, private water-use facility permitting, and resource management decisions on TVA-managed public land.

Any proposed development or activity on public land will be subject to TVA approval pending the completion of a site-specific environmental review to evaluate the potential environmental effects of the proposal. As necessary, TVA would impose any necessary mitigation measures as conditions of approval for the use of public lands to minimize adverse environmental effects.

TVA’s final RLMP includes an overview of TVA’s planning process, a description of Tellico Reservoir, and descriptions of each individual TVA parcel.  Maps associated with the final RLMP can be downloaded or viewed on the interactive map below.   

The revision of an RLMP must be consistent with TVA’s Comprehensive Valleywide Land Plan target allocation ranges.  TVA’s selected alternative, Alternative B, is consistent with TVA’s CVLP and will have a minor impact to the target allocation ranges for the 293,000 acres of TVA-managed public land.  For more information about the CVLP, please click here.

Allocation Acreage

Final acreages for Alternative B are shown below.  Please see the final EA and final RLMP for more information, including information about the other alternatives.

Allocation Designation
Number Of ParcelsAcres
Zone 2 - Project Operations 24 982.7
Zone 3 - Sensitive Resource Management 28 2,242.1
Zone 4 - Natural Resource Conservation 44 6,945.5
Zone 5 - Industrial 4 224.4
Zone 6 - Developed Recreation 29 1,904.7
Zone 7 - Shoreline Access 39 488.3

Final Tellico Reservoir Land Management Plan


The individual parcel allocations can be examined on the maps below:

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Final Tellico RLMP Revision Panel Maps
Recreation Easement FAQ

Environmental Assessment

TVA has finalized an Environmental Assessment (EA) addressing the environmental impacts of the proposed revisions to the RLMP and has issued a Finding of No Significant Impact.

The public was provided an opportunity to participate in TVA’s planning and environmental review process.  In January 2021, TVA initiated this effort by holding a public scoping period to gather public input on the proposed changes to the RLMP and on any other issues of concern relevant to the management of TVA lands on the reservoir. In December 2021, TVA released a draft Environmental Assessment for public review. TVA held two public webinars during this period to provide information and respond to questions.  During the public review, TVA received 62 comment letters from the public, organizations, and local officials.  TVA reviewed these comments and incorporated the input into the final EA. In the EA, TVA analyzed the selected RLMP alternative under Alternative B and reviewed two other alternatives: a “No Action Alternative” (Alternative A) and an alternative with fewer allocation changes (Alternative C).    

The EA analyzes the potential environmental impacts of the three alternatives to help guide TVA’s decision-making process. None of the alternatives would result in significant environmental impacts. TVA’s CEO, following an opportunity for TVA Board review, approved Alternative B as the final RLMP.   

Final Environmental Assessment


For more information about reservoir land planning, contact:

Lesley M. Webb
Policy & Project Management Senior Specialist
Tennessee Valley Authority
2835-A East Wood Street
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731-641-2008 (voicemail only)
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For more information about the environmental review, contact:

Matthew Higdon
NEPA Compliance Specialist
[email protected]

For more information about other public land matters, contact:

Public Land Information Center