Navigation Aid Problem Report

TVA and the United States Coast Guard work together to keep buoys, daymarks and other Tennessee River system navigation aids accurate and in excellent condition. Navigation aids on the commercial navigation channel are maintained by the Coast Guard, while those on the secondary channels and tributary reservoirs are maintained by TVA.

If you see a navigation aid that is damaged, out of place, missing, or not operating properly, please make a selection below and complete the form to notify us.   

Main River Navigation Aids Maintained By U.S. Coast Guard

nun buoy

Red Nun Buoy

can buoy

Green (or black) Can Buoy

Red Daymark

Red Commercial
Channel Passing Daymark/Daybeacon

Green Daymark

Green Commercial Channel Passing


red over green junction

Red Over Green Junction Buoy

green over red junction

Green Over Red Junction Buoy

red light

Red Light

green light

Green Light


unilateral red daymark

Red Commercial Channel Unilateral


unilateral green daymark

Green Commercial Channel Unilateral



To report problems with the navigation aids above, click here.


Secondary Channel and Tributary Reservoir Navigation Aids Maintained By TVA

secondary stream red buoy

Secondary Stream
Red Buoy


secondary stream green buoy

Secondary Stream Green Buoy


red finger marker

Secondary Stream Red Fingerboard


green finger marker

Secondary Stream Green Fingerboard


keep out/hazard buoy

Keep Out/Hazard Buoy


danger buoy

Danger Buoy


information buoy

Information Buoy


control buoy

Control Buoy



creek fingerboard

Creek Fingerboard



depth gauge

Elevation Gauge

secondary channel daybeacon

Secondary Stream Daybeacon


mile marker daymark

Daymark With Mile Marker



To report a TVA maintained navigation aid, please use this online form.