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East Lakeshore Trail

Location: Greenback, Tenn.
Reservoir: Tellico
Difficulty: Easy
Distance: 28.8 miles


Location: Greenback, Tenn.  
Reservoir: Tellico 
Difficulty: Easy 
Distance: 28.8 miles
Amenities: Hiking, camping, hunting, parking, restrooms

Numerous bridges (28) cross the many streams and coves; one bridge is 15 feet in the air and 85 feet long because of navigation regulations. Stiles have been built to assist you over fences and benches are scattered along the trail to give you an opportunity to rest and enjoy the view. A nice boardwalk in one trail section will keep you from getting your shoes wet. There are even several boat landings for those that live across the lake and don't want to drive around the lake to get there. These trails are around 35 miles south of Knoxville, Tennessee. Take exit 81 off I-75 turning left onto Hwy. 321. Turn right onto Hwy. 95.

Tellico Canal Trailhead35.77813, -84.24256
Mizell Trailhead35.76794, -84.23776
Antioch Church Road Trailhead35.7554, -84.248300
Glendale Trailhead35.72862, -84.23203
Coytee Trailhead35.71017, -84.23499 
Sinking Creek Trailhead35.69161, -84.23063
Lotterdale Campground Trailhead  35.69161, -84.23064
Peterson Road Trailhead35.65102, -84.22278
Morganton Trailhead35.6379, -84.215400
Wildcat Pointe Trailhead35.6221, -84.20595

Canal Branch

Canal Branch Trailhead
Mizell Trailhead
Difficulty: Easy
Distance: 1.4 miles

Davis Ferry Branch

Antioch Church Road Trailhead
Glendale Trailhead
Difficulty: Easy
Distance: 3.3 miles

Glendale Branch

Glendale Trailhead
Difficulty: Easy
Distance: 2.6 miles

Coytee Loop Branch

Coytee Trailhead
Difficulty: Easy
Distance: 2.2 miles

Lotterdale Branch

Sinking Creek Trailhead
Lotterdale Campground Trailhead
Difficulty: Easy
Distance: 3.8 miles

Jackson Bend Branch

Lotterdale Campground Trailhead
Peterson Road Trailhead
Difficulty: Moderate
Distance: 5 miles

Morganton Branch

Peterson Road Trailhead
Wildcat Pointe Trailhead
Difficulty: Easy
Distance: 2.9 miles

See also: East Lakeshore Trail Baker Hollow Branch  and East Lakeshore Trail Sinking Creek Branch.

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