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Loyston Point Trails

Location: Andersonville, Tenn.
Reservoir: Norris
Difficulty: Moderate
Distance: 23.4 miles
Coordinates: 36.27056, -83.96711

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From beginner to intermediate—everyone can find a trail that suits his or her skill and endurance level for biking, running or hiking. Loyston Point Trails are about 30 miles north of Knoxville off I-75. Take exit 122 to Hwy. 61.

Clinch River Loop

Difficulty: Moderate
Distance: 6.7 mile

New-school trail design meets old-school feel. While you will experience a level of bike-optimized design, this trail offers some of that twisty, tight singletrack and exposed rocks/roots from days gone by. Expect the climbs to be a bit steeper than Mill Creek but still very attainable.

Hemlock Bluff Trail

Difficulty: Strenuous
Distance: 2.5 mile

Part of the original trail built by YCC labor in 1974. This is a truly rugged handbuilt trail that is very popular with users wanting to experience the Hemlock grove which is the trail’s namesake. This trail does not flow and is very steep in sections.

Loyston Loop

Difficulty: Easy
Distance: 5.4 mile

Beginner-friendly loop with moderate grades that is fun for everyone. Fast and flowy on a bike, but wide and gradual enough for a relaxed hike or trail run.

Mill Creek Loop

Difficulty: Moderate
Distance: 7.3 mile

Bike-optimized with berms and rollers, but fun for hikers and runners as well. Expect longer climbs than Loyston Loop, but the longer downhills make it worth the effort. A true textbook flow trail with limited technical features.

Point 19 Trail

Difficulty: Easy
Distance: 1.5 miles

Wide gravel trail that connects Hemlock Bluff to the system. This trail terminates at the point 19 navigation day board, which is a popular swimming hole after a long day on the trail.

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