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Shoreline Management Policy

TVA's Shoreline Management Policy establishes a Valleywide policy to improve the protection of shoreline and aquatic resources while allowing reasonable access to the water.

TVA’s new Shoreline Management Policy became effective in 1999. It is based on the Shoreline Management Initiative (SMI), by which TVA—with public input—examined its system for granting permits for docks and other shoreline development. The primary goal was to establish a Valleywide policy that would improve the protection of shoreline and aquatic resources while allowing reasonable access to the water.

During 1996, TVA sought comments from the public about several shoreline management proposals. In response to a large number of comments reflecting many different opinions, the agency altered earlier SMI proposals and developed the Blended Alternative, which is included in the final environmental impact statement. After additional public input, TVA’s Board of Directors approved a new policy that implements the results of the SMI study.

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Shoreline Management Policy Documents

Shorelinks II (730 kb)
Shorelinks II highlights the new policies that will guide future residential development and answers the most frequently asked questions about SMP. It also provides a reference list of TVA Watershed Teams and a chart comparing TVA’s previous shoreline management policies with the new policy approved by the TVA Board.

Record of Decision (28 kb)
As published in the Federal Register on June 4, 1999.
Public Summary of Final Environmental Impact Statement (1.06 mb)
This document summarizes the issues, alternatives, analyses, and conclusions detailed in the final environmental impact statement.

Final Environmental Impact Statement, Volume I

Abstract (7 kb)

Master Table of Contents (37 kb)

Purpose of and Need for Action (927 kb)

Alternatives (162 kb)

Affected Environment (2.75 mb)

Environmental Consequences (570 kb)

Supporting Information (275 kb)

Appendixes (324 kb)

Index (28 kb)

This volume includes the assessments of environmental, economic, and social issues and the alternatives considered, analyses made, and conclusions reached in the course of the SMI study. The document has a master table of contents, five chapters, and 16 appendixes. The index is organized by subject.

Final Environmental Impact Statement, Volume II (2.17 mb)
This volume includes comments received by TVA about the draft Environmental Impact Statement, as well as responses to those comments. The document has a table of contents, 11 chapters, and an index organized by the names of people who provided comments. For Internet presentation, these materials have been placed in one file.