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TVA Antenna Collocation

Seven states. One source. No hassles.

We’re where you need to be…

With more than 100,000 transmission structures, hundreds of communication towers, and properties located throughout an 80,000-square-mile region, TVA offers the perfect solution for locating communication antennas in the Tennessee Valley.

When you need to be there…

Because the expanding telecommunications business is fast-paced and highly competitive, TVA has trimmed the application process down to four easy steps.

With alternatives and options…

If your choice of a TVA structure is not available or suitable for your purposes, TVA will help you find an alternative structure nearby or determine if the existing structure can be enhanced or replaced to meet your need. Another available option is the construction of new communication towers on TVA properties throughout the Valley.

Backed by experience, quality, and dedication to customer satisfaction…

TVA has been licensing antenna collocations on its structures since 1996 with proven success and on-time delivery. The installation quality and standard of excellence are second to none.

Try us. It's as easy as 1, 2, 3, 4.

  1. Complete the Tower Review survey form, providing information about your equipment and the location or area where you wish to place the equipment. Click the Submit button to request an immediate cursory review of your request.
  2. Submit a site license application and the application fee to TVA. TVA staff will gladly work with your company to prepare the application for approval.
  3. Work with your TVA Telecom Products Project Manager to prepare the site license agreement.
  4. Review construction plans and timetables with your TVA Project Manager support team.

If you have questions or need additional information, contact Antenna Collocation at [email protected]