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TVA Partners with Moore Tech on Training Facility

Nov 3, 2023
  • TVA’s EnergyRight program, along with Bicentennial Volunteers, Inc., the City of Memphis, and MLGW are funding a facility at Moore Tech to train professionals on weatherization upgrades.
  • The program is expected to train approximately 30 technicians a year, helping them qualify for higher-paying jobs in the energy and utility industry.

MEMPHIS, Tenn. – The Tennessee Valley Authority’s EnergyRight program is partnering with the TVA Retiree Association, Bicentennial Volunteers, Inc. (BVI) along with the City of Memphis and MLGW to fund a facility at Moore Tech in Memphis. This new facility will train students and professionals to perform home weatherization projects.

Weatherization is the process by which an existing structure’s ability to withstand the elements is enhanced through weatherproofing, making them more energy efficient, which lowers energy costs for the owner.

TVA EnergyRight has constructed a permanent training house on the Moore Tech campus to provide hands-on instruction specifically for home energy efficiency upgrades. BVI is funding the development of curriculum and instructors for the weatherization training program.

"Weatherization is undeniably one of the most valuable investments for any homeowner,” said Skip Redmond, president of William R. Moore College of Technology. “Moore Tech is deeply appreciative of our partnerships with TVA, BVI, MLGW, and the City of Memphis and Shelby County governments, as they enable us to deliver the essential training required for professionals to offer this crucial service within our community."

“This training house will allow students to test their classroom skills in a safe, controlled setting,” said Mark Yates, TVA West Regional Vice President. “We believe in creating opportunities for individuals to pursue and train for in-demand fields, and we are pleased to partner with community leaders to provide this  to students and professionals in Memphis.”

The stand-alone house is equipped with multiple structures, systems and appliances including heating and air and lighting enabling the demonstration of how various components of an average home interact to affect the home’s overall environment. Students and trainees will also learn and better understand how their weatherization efforts can improve the comfort, health and safety of occupants.

The training classes will help prepare energy auditors and inspectors as well as contractors to support objectives of various energy programs including TVA EnergyRight and the U.S. Department of Energy.

Moore Tech is a non-profit, independent technical trade higher education institution in Memphis. Moore Tech will train the students and professionals on weatherization techniques as well as building codes and other regulations. Moore Tech will also participate in the U.S. Department of Energy’s Weatherization Assistance Program by becoming a preferred training provider

The program is expected to train about 30 technicians a year, helping them qualify for higher-paying jobs in the energy and utility industry.

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