FLEXing Some Muscle

Watts Bar Unit 2 is the first nuclear plant in the U.S. to meet new Nuclear Regulatory Commission regulations established after the 2011 events at Fukushima Nuclear Plant in Japan. As such, it has constructed the first functional FLEX building in the industry to pass inspection by the Nuclear Regulatory Commission, signifying that the plant is prepared to respond to external challenges that could lead to a loss of offsite power and cooling water.

FLEX buildings must be able to withstand cascading disastrous events—such as the earthquake and tsunami that struck at Fukushima—and protect the reactor core and spent fuel pool under any conditions. TVA’s FLEX building includes 500,000 gallons of cooling water, backup emergency diesel generators and pumps and new response procedures and training for employees.

Watch the construction of TVA’s FLEX building, complete with a 16-foot-tall tornado-proof door, designed to protect emergency equipment from missiles created in tornado situations, including flying cars.