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Vital Statistics

Plant site

Location: Near Spring City in southeastern Tennessee

Acreage: 1,700-acre site on Chickamauga Reservoir

Cooling towers

Quantity: 2

Height: 506 feet

Diameter: 405 feet at ground level

Water flow: 410,000 gallons per minute


500,000-volt transmission lines: 5

161,000-volt transmission lines: 2

Plant design

Westinghouse pressurized water reactor that is expected to generate 1,150 megawatts (summer net capability)

Reactor core holds 193 fuel assemblies, each containing 264 fuel rods

Reactor vessel

Height: 43.8 feet

Weight: About 265 tons (empty)

Inside diameter: 14 feet

Steel thickness: About 9.4 inches

Operating temperature: About 586 degrees Fahrenheit

Operating pressure: About 2,235 pounds per square inch

Primary containment

Inside height: 197.3 feet

Inside diameter: 115 feet

Steel inner thickness: 1 inch

Design pressure: 15 pounds per square inch

Steam generators

Quantity: 4

Height: 67 feet 8 inches

Weight: About 380 tons

Operating temperature: About 600 degrees Fahrenheit

Operating pressure: 1,000 pounds per square inch

Main generator

Height: 16 feet

Length: 40 feet

Stator weight: About 1,000 tons

Rotor weight: About 200 tons

Ratings: 1,411 megawatts, 24,000 volts

Speed: 1,800 rotations per minute

Steam turbines

High pressure: A single eight-stage double-flow axial turbine

Low pressure: A series of three, eight-stage double-flow axial turbines

Maximum blade diameter: 16 feet

Rotor weight: About 177 tons

Main condenser

Tubes: About 27,410

Tube length: About 115 feet

Tube diameter: 1 inch