Grateful for the Mission

TVA employees give thanks for the opportunity to serve the 9 million people of the Tennessee Valley.


This is the time of year we pause to reflect on all the ways we’ve been blessed, and on how we’ve helped others. Naturally, TVA employees give thanks for the opportunity to serve the people of the Valley.

It’s a blessing indeed to work toward creating a thriving, prosperous economy where clean, affordable power is available to all and the region’s natural resources are managed in a way that supports recreation, flood control, electrification and healthy aquatic life. A place where people want to live, work and play. It’s a beautiful vision.

In 2016, TVA employee dedication to that mission was reflected in a year of strong operational and financial performance, which—because we are a public power company—will result in lower prices and better service for the nine million residents of the Tennessee Valley.

Engineers, linemen, pipefitters and nuclear operators made it happen. Biologists, accountants, economic developers and IT pros made it happen. Maintenance foremen, archaeologists, recreation specialists and electricians made it happen. Meteorologists, pilots, administrative assistants and environmental managers made it happen. Hydro techs, service reps, watershed specialists and human resources representatives made it happen.

And that’s just to mention a few of our thousands of employees who pull together in unity and with pride every single day to make TVA happen.

All of them are citizens of the Valley, too—invested in lives here, in communities. They’re moms, dads, wives, husbands, aunts, uncles, grandparents, sons and daughters.

So when we say we’re powered by our people, we mean it in the most literal way. Likewise, our people are empowered by the opportunity to serve you.

Thank you.

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