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2025 Integrated Resource Plan

The Tennessee Valley Authority is working with stakeholders and the public on the 2025 Integrated Resource Plan (IRP), a comprehensive plan that will shape TVA’s energy system through 2050. TVA is also preparing an Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) to evaluate the impacts associated with the IRP.

The planning direction established by the IRP will guide what power-generation resources and how much of these resources will be used to power your home or business for years to come.

The planning process is detailed and rigorous, but a major key to its success is simple: we need your input. Stakeholders are involved throughout the process, reviewing the planning information and shaping the analysis. 

Want the latest IRP information? Check this webpage for regular updates and details on public open houses and webinars.

Contact Information

For more information about the 2025 IRP study, contact:

Hunter Reed
Project Manager
[email protected]
Kelly Baxter
NEPA Project Manager
[email protected]
400 W. Summit Hill Drive, WT 11B
Knoxville, TN 37902

Important Dates: The new webinar date has been determined.

Public webinar with updates on the IRP

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Engagement in the 2025 Integrated Resource Plan

Public Meeting

Public Meetings and How to Get Involved

The IRP evaluates options for how TVA will meet future power demand, and we want to hear from you. TVA invites public engagement in the IRP process through multiple venues, including in-person public meetings, virtual meetings and public comment periods. TVA has received comments during quarterly TVA Board listening sessions, at RERC meetings and during informational IRP webinars.

View info from public meetings

Working Group

About the 2025 IRP Working Group

The IRP Working Group is a diverse group of stakeholders that meets regularly to provide comprehensive feedback on the IRP. The members represent the broad perspectives of those who live and work in the Valley. The 2025 IRP Working Group includes both customer and stakeholder representatives.

  • Local Power Companies & Customer Associations (8)
  • Associations / Special Interest Groups (3)
  • Academia / Research (3)
  • Government/Elected Officials (4)
  • Energy and Environmental Non-Government Organizations (3)
  • Community Stakeholders (3)

View IRP working group schedule

Teja Kuruganti

As a researcher at ORNL, the IRP process helps us evaluate the practical considerations for successful decarbonization and drives us to have a strong action plan toward a resilient, secure, clean grid for the Valley.

Teja Kuruganti
Section Head, Advanced Computing Methods for Engineered Systems
Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL)

Lindsay Hanna

The Nature Conservancy is committed to accelerating a clean and equitable energy transition. We’re pleased to offer our expertise and help utilities like TVA identify opportunities to quickly build a nature-positive renewable energy infrastructure.

Lindsay Hanna
Director of Government Relations
& Climate Policy
The Nature Conservancy in Tennessee

Wes Kelley

The Valley faces important decisions as we tackle challenges such as shifting environmental policies and conflicting political priorities to new and expensive generation technologies. The stakes are high, so we need to get this right.

Wes Kelley
President and CEO
Huntsville Utilities

2025 Integrated Resource Plan Process



TVA’s integrated resource planning is grounded in fundamental least-cost principles: low cost, risk informed, environmentally responsible, reliable and resilient, diverse and flexible.

Long-term planning entails considering future energy demand, evolving regulations, current power generation resources and new resource options, then determining what new power resources would work best to fill future capacity needs.

The IRP helps identify the optimal mix of resources for the region’s future energy system.

Learn more about IRP planning in the fact sheet below.

Fact sheet - IRP process


Gathering diverse opinions from key stakeholders and the public strengthens the IRP and EIS process. In addition to the IRP Working Group, the Regional Energy Resource Council (RERC), a federal advisory committee that provides formal advice to the TVA Board of Directors, is engaged in the process.

The public has provided comments during the public scoping comment period, quarterly TVA Board listening sessions, RERC meetings and public IRP webinars. The public’s continued insights and opinions will help shape TVA’s energy system of the future.

Learn more about engagement in the fact sheet below.

Fact sheet - IRP public involvement


TVA and the IRP Working Group identified possible futures TVA could find itself operating in between now and 2050 and the alternative approaches to help meet electricity demand in these futures. They developed a list of power generation resource options for the IRP, including existing resources and emerging technologies.

TVA modeled the five strategies in the six scenarios. The modeling generated 30 unique potential resource “portfolios” – the power supply mix that results from assessing a particular strategy in a particular scenario. Additional analysis will be performed to evaluate evolving conditions and public input on the draft IRP.

Learn more about IRP analysis in the fact sheet below.

Fact Sheet - Scenarios and Strategies

Additional Information

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