Vital River Elevations for Flood-Prone Cities

Knowing river elevations and crests during floods can be crucial for anyone living near or navigating the Tennessee River or its tributaries. Below are observed and predicted midnight elevations at selected riverside cities for today and the next three days:

City Latest Observed Elevation* Predicted Elevations*
  2/22/2019 2/23/2019 2/24/2019 2/25/2019
Knoxville 810.00 813.91 816.82 817.73
Kingston 738.40 743.13 746.62 747.38
Chattanooga 640.88 644.75 645.76 648.19
South Pittsburg 605.65 607.83 609.53 609.65
Scottsboro 597.01 596.99 597.73 597.61
Whitesburg 569.14 570.17 571.88 572.34
Decatur 557.68 558.16 557.39 557.28
Florence 426.35 431.41 431.37 426.93
Savannah 385.69 392.50 398.95 400.66
Perryville 369.78 373.34 377.19 381.75
Johnsonville 361.35 363.04 365.59 368.02

These elevations are updated daily and are reported in feet above mean sea level.

If you need additional flood stage or crest information for your area, or if it's not listed here, please call the TVA River Forecast Center at (865) 632-6065.

During Floods—What You Should Do

If you live in an area that is prone to flooding, always stay tuned to your local news and weather channels for the latest information. During a flood, if the waterway in your area is expected to rise significantly, your local emergency management agency and local media will broadcast any notifications.

If you have an emergency, please call 911 or your local emergency management agency.

The U. S. Coast Guard is the governing authority to halt navigation along any waterway.


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