Allen Combined Cycle Plant Now 75% Complete

The news from Memphis is promising: the new Allen project is going up on time and under budget—and is contributing both renewable energy and economic benefit to Shelby County.

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Beat the Heat

Summer temperatures have arrived early in the Tennessee Valley. Try our top tips for painlessly curbing your energy use to keep your power bill under control.

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How Bright is Solar Energy’s Future?

Some see solar energy as the future. Others say solar is too expensive and unreliable. Who’s right? To sort facts from myths, we turned to Tammy Bramlett, TVA’s Renewable Energy Solutions Senior Manager.

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June Fuel Cost Almost 10% Below Three Year Average

Electric consumers in TVA’s seven-state region will see June fuel costs nearly 10 percent less than the three-year same-month average.

Transmission Crews Handle Tough Job on Raccoon Mountain

When a routine inspection revealed damage to a 161-kilovolt transmission line on Raccoon Mountain, transmission crews braved rugged terrain, inclement weather and a design challenges to fix it quickly.

Record Crowds View Spilling and Sluicing at Norris

When Norris Dam began the rare processes of spilling and sluicing, visitors showed up in droves to see the show. TVA retirees volunteered to help answer their questions.

TVA Retirees Continue the Mission

TVA retirees continue to serve the people of the Valley to make life better. Retiree volunteers contributed more than 20,000 hours of service in support of TVA programs in 2016.

Caution: Dam Dangers

With the record rains of the last week, reservoirs levels are high and many dams in the TVA system are spilling water, creating potentially dangerous conditions for heedless recreational users.

Partnership Secures Future of Ocoee Whitewater Recreation

Whitewater recreation on the Ocoee River is set to continue well into the future under a new partnership between the Ocoee River Outfitter Association, State of Tennessee, US Forest Service and the Tennessee Valley Authority.

Student Investors Deliver Solid Performance in 2016

In April, TVA recognized more than 200 students from 25 universities that participate in TVA’s Investment Challenge Program, which enhances curriculum and gives participating students real-world investing experience.

Please Don’t Disturb Archaeological Sites

Now that spring weather has arrived, TVA’s Natural Resources employees are seeing an uptick in activity by artifact hunters and others who disturb significant and protected archaeological sites on TVA-managed lands.

Copter on the Crew

Helicopters assist transmission crews in delivering equipment to remote work sites, saving time, labor and money. Here's how one saved a crew from hauling more than 1,000 pounds of new insulators and equipment 500 feet up a near vertical ridge.

TVA Helps Hundreds of Mississippi Homeowners with Improvements

TVA's Extreme Energy Makeovers program is making a real difference in the lives of Valley residents by helping them to make efficiency upgrades that will help them live more comfortably and save them hundreds of dollars every year.

Green on the Go

When three new EPB-branded electric cars rolled onto Chattanooga streets this week as part of a citywide car share program, it was the culmination of a highly successful partnership to drive change by changing the way we drive.

How TVA Safeguards Its Dams

With a possible dam failure having made national news, many wonder: Could such a thing happen here? With a robust Dam Safety Program in place, TVA ensures both dam integrity and public safety.

Boone Dam Project

TVA has found the fix for seepage at Boone Dam: a composite seepage barrier made of non-erodible material. Construction will take five to seven years. Maximum safety measures will remain in place throughout the process. Read more about Boone Dam.


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