Tennessee Valley Air: Cleanest Ever Measured

Due to the hard work of TVA, Valley industries, vehicle manufacturers and local and state air regulators, air quality has never been as good as it is now. Today, the entire Valley meets the EPA’s ozone standard.

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Power Your Home for Less than a Mocha a Day

How much does it cost to power your home per day? It may surprise you that the cost is less than a morning mocha latte. We caught up with TVA Chief Financial Officer John Thomas to discuss the value of electricity.

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TVA Is Vibrating Its Ash

TVA is taking coal ash safety to a whole new level. Check out how the company is pioneering new technology to become the utility industry leader in safe coal ash storage.

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Current News

Drones Help Inspect Dams

Unmanned aerial vehicles (a.k.a. drones) are helping to reduce the costs and human risks involved in inspecting TVA facilities and equipment—especially dams.

How TVA Helps Keep Your Power Bill Low

Sixty-nine percent of the top 100 utilities charge more for electricity than we do in the Tennessee Valley. Why? Here’s the lowdown from TVA Chief Financial Officer and Executive Vice President John Thomas.

Raccoon Mountain Visitor Center Reopens

After almost two years of being closed, TVA’s Raccoon Mountain Visitor Center reopens to the public with new exhibits on Saturday, August 13, 2016.

It’s Official: Norris Dam Is on the National Register of Historic Places

Just in time to celebrate its 80th anniversary, TVA’s Norris Dam has been named to the National Register of Historic Places. Norris is the first TVA-built dam to achieve this honor.

TVA Brings Fun to the Valley

When Senator George Norris created the TVA Act more than 80 years ago, little did we know that Norris would be the father of work-life balance in the Tennessee Valley.

TVA Maintains Healthy Water Quality

What was once a curse in the Tennessee Valley is now a blessing: the water resources associated with the Tennessee River. TVA does everything in its power to ensure that it is of the highest quality possible.

Getting Ozone Out of Our Valley

Mission accomplished! With Shelby County, Tenn., in compliance, the entire Tennessee Valley now meets the Environmental Protection Agency’s 2008 standard for ozone.

Testing Nation’s Newest Nuclear Generation to Ensure Safety, Quality and Reliability

Power Ascension Testing is the final phase of an extensive “test drive” of Watts Bar Unit 2 to make sure the unit can deliver electricity safely, reliably and efficiently to our consumers.

Hiwassee Dam’s Unit 2 Pumps It Up

After five years of inactivity, Hiwassee Dam’s groundbreaking Unit 2 reversible generator/turbine unit is fully back in action, allowing TVA even greater flexibility to generate electricity—or remove it from the grid when needed to help balance base load.

Gallatin Completes Dry Ash Storage Initiative

TVA’s vision for converting all management of coal combustion products from wet to dry storage is becoming a reality—most recently at Gallatin Fossil Plant.

Understanding River Temperatures Saves Ratepayers Money

TVA engineers are mapping water temperatures on Wheeler Lake to help understand when—and when not—to operate cooling towers at Brown's Ferry Nuclear Plant. Net result? Cost savings to Valley power consumers.

TVA Keeps an Eye on Its Ash

TVA monitors its coal ash 24/7, 365 to ensure there are no safety or environmental issues. To that end, it developed the Advanced Technology for Impoundment Monitoring center to immediately identify and respond to any coal ash issues before an emergency can happen

Boone Dam Project

TVA has found the fix for seepage at Boone Dam: a composite seepage barrier made of non-erodible material. Construction will take five to seven years. Maximum safety measures for area residents and businesses will remain in place throughout the process. Read more about Boone Dam.

Watts Bar Nuclear

Watts Bar Unit 2 has achieved initial criticality and is now poised to bring online the first new nuclear power production of the 21st century. Watts Bar Nuclear Plant will generate 2,250 megawatts of carbon-free electricity—enough to power 1.3 million homes. Read more about Watts Bar Nuclear Plant.


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