Boone Dam Project

TVA is working hard to share news on the progress of the dam construction project with the Boone community as it happens. Find all the latest Boone Dam news updates in the column below.

Q + A from our Boone Mail: You Ask, We Answer

Why are there some days when I do not see work on the lake (upstream) side of the dam? And why are you working in the day only?

Engineering Expertise at Boone Dam: Meet Scottie Barrentine, PE

Scottie Barrentine—who was awarded the TVA Safety, River Management and Environment Business Unit’s Engineer of the Year Award in 2015—leads the team of Boone Dam engineers.

Progress Update: Building New Retaining Wall on Downstream Side of Boone Dam

Picture giant real-life LEGO pieces that can be assembled block-by-block to create a wall. That’s what the new retaining wall looks like on the downstream side of Boone Dam.

Progress Update: Downstream Berm Construction Underway

Some 62,000 tons of stone has been placed at Boone Dam as construction continues on both sides of the earthen embankment. Extensive work is now taking place on the less-visible, downstream side of Boone Dam.

Dam Safety: Our Top Priority, Every Day—Including Holidays

While Tri-Cities residents were reaching for seconds on turkey and trimmings, Boone Dam Safety Inspector Chester Nelson was ensuring all of us stayed safe during the holiday.

Progress Update: Highly Visible Upstream Berm Activities

Nearly 36,000 tons of stone—sourced from local quarries—have been placed to fortify the upstream berm during the first part of construction. This additional rock will add stability to the earthen embankment.

Slurry Cell Testing, Drilling Wraps Up at Boone Dam

Drills are temporarily gone from the top of Boone Dam now that slurry cell testing is complete. “The preliminary results are in and they look good in terms of the grout curtain’s ability to contain the slurry,” said project manager Sam Vinson.

Inclinometers Installed to Evaluate Grouting Work

Additional instrumentation and monitoring points are being installed at Boone Dam in order to evaluate the grouting performance to date. “We want to optimize our grouting process moving forward,” says construction manager Kevin Holbrook.

Slurry Cell Testing, Drilling Continues at Boone Dam

Slurry cell testing on the dam’s earthen embankment involves drilling and then injecting a cement, water and bentonite clay slurry mixture into the dam along the previously constructed grout lines, or “grout curtains.”

Upstream/Downstream Berm Construction Underway

Already nearly 4,000 tons of stone has been placed on the upstream berm. The new rock will add stability to the earthen embankment. Work is also underway on the downstream side of the dam where some instruments are being relocated in preparation for the new construction.

Senator’s Representatives Visit Boone Dam

Legislative staffers from Senator Lamar Alexander’s office recently paid a visit to Boone Dam to get a first-hand look at the progress being made to repair the earthen embankment.

Taking Pictures of Boone Boreholes

High-tech instruments rotate 360 degrees as they drop about five to eight feet per minute down the bore hole. The images relay valuable data to our engineering/design team.

Upstream Berm Construction Begins

According to project manager, Sam Vinson, TVA is purchasing materials from many local vendors—including as much as 250,000 tons of stone from local quarries—for the upstream berm construction.

Drilling Resumes on Boone Dam

Sonic drill rigs working more than 100 feet below surface are back onsite at Boone Dam. They mobilized July 10 to begin testing the effectiveness of the slurry cells or rows of grout.

Dam Safety is Priority One at Boone Dam

Boone Dam is monitored for safety 24 hours a day. The dam safety inspection program includes inspectors and engineers who walk miles in a day, checking slope inclinometers, piezometers, survey monuments and water quality monitoring stations.

Year Two Progress Report: Boone Dam Project Remains On Track

The Boone Dam seepage remediation project remains on track for completion between 2020 and 2022.

Healthy Fish on Boone Lake

The Tennessee Valley is a “biodiversity hotspot” for anything that lives in or near the water.

Detailed Testing at Boone to Improve Construction Flow

Auger drills, sampling and testing sensors evaluate the effectiveness of Boone Dam repairs to date, as subtle changes to repair schedule are made to optimize construction activity.

Hydroseeding Program Underway on Boone Lake

The Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency (TWRA) is putting the finishing touches on hydroseeding of private property on the Holston River side of Boone Lake. TVA buys mulch, seed and fertilizer; TWRA supplies the manpower and equipment.

Progress Update: Auger Drilling, Underwater Monitoring at Boone Dam

As part of TVA’s testing and evaluation phase, the Boone Dam Project uses auger drills to conduct testing to determine the progress of the underground repair work done so far.

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