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Community Relations

Community Relations

TVA's commitment to community service is enhanced by a new vision focused on service to our region.

TVA has a proud history of serving the people of the Tennessee Valley region. With the signing of the original TVA Act by President Roosevelt in 1933, Congress charged TVA with ensuring the economic, environmental, social and physical wellbeing of the people in the service area.

Just as TVA supported the progress of regional communities into the mainstream of 20th century American prosperity, its activities today continue to play important roles in improving our region’s quality of life. As a responsible corporate citizen, TVA’s commitment helps strengthen that quality of life wherever we serve. Converting this commitment into action is the role of TVA’s Community Relations program.

To hone our focus and maximize our results, the vast majority of our Community Relations and giving efforts are now proactively initiated from within by TVA. For this reason, we do not encourage unsolicited proposals.

Our New Guidelines

In determining eligibility for making a charitable contribution, TVA now considers the following specific guidelines:

  • Must be an organization that has a tax-exempt classification under Section 501(c)(3) of the U.S. Internal Revenue Code
  • Directly impacts or benefits communities in the TVA Valley where TVA has permanent facilities
  • Demonstrates high community impact for a large group of citizens
  • Provides TVA employees and retirees meaningful opportunities for volunteering
  • Supports TVA’s newly focused three areas of interest:
    • Education– We contribute to our local youth through educational programs and competitions focused on energy related subjects (STEM) and robotics in both primary and secondary schools. By narrowing our scope to STEM and robotics for school-related assistance, we are helping educate the future workforce and building a pipeline of future employees for TVA and other businesses in the Valley. In essence, we are helping ensure that today’s students are ready for tomorrow’s jobs.
    • Human Services– We proactively partner with key Valley-wide nonprofit organizations delivering disaster relief and helping meet basic needs.
    • Community Enrichment– TVA supports civic activities specifically important to TVA’s core business objectives and key stakeholders.

PLEASE NOTE: TVA does not provide grants to individual fundraising efforts, sporting events, school trips or transportation, construction projects, renovation projects or capital campaigns, political organizations, labor organizations, fraternal organizations, religious organizations directly tied to a place of worship,chairs, endowments or scholarships sponsored by academic or nonprofit institutions.

Team TVA: Our Volunteers

Our Team TVA program connects our employees’ passion for volunteering with tangible public and community service efforts. Our employees may participate in programs of their choice or those that TVA plans, organizes and sanctions, focused on not-for-profit and community organizations.

Why We Do It

In summary, TVA is privileged to make life better for the people of the Valley by creating value for its consumers, employees and other stakeholders.

  • We do this by being good stewards of the resources entrusted to us.
  • We do this by being a good neighbor in the communities in which we operate.
  • We believe that the heart of TVA’s mission is service to others.

Contact Us

For more information please email [email protected].