Electrician Apprentice Program

The electrician apprenticeship leads to the position of journeyman electrician. Apprentices assist journeymen electrician in simple functions related to constructing, servicing and maintaining TVA substations. As your experience and ability increase, the work will be varied to include more responsible phases of electrical work. It is your duty and responsibility to observe all safety regulations and protect your fellow employees and the public from hazardous conditions under your control. You will be required to complete satisfactorily certain technical and nontechnical training.


Current pay for a Electrician Apprentice is as follows:

  • Apprentice 1st period A: $42,410
  • Apprentice 1st period B: $44,645
  • Apprentice 2nd period : $49,105
  • Apprentice 3rd period: $55,060
  • Apprentice 4th period : $63,245
  • Electrician: $74,405

Once you have successfully completed the apprenticeship, you are an electrician making $63,950 annually.


To be considered for this training program, a candidate should have a high school diploma or a GED certificate and possess a valid driver’s license. Candidates are required to pass the AIR test. See testing information. Some previous experience in electrical work is desirable and the ability to qualify for additional responsibility and further training.

EEO Statement

TVA is an equal opportunity employer and complies with all applicable laws and regulations regarding equal employment opportunities. Any applicant or employee who believes s/he has a discrimination claim (including harassment or retaliation) must contact TVA’s equal opportunity compliance office within 45 calendar days of the event or action s/he believes to constitute discrimination, harassment or retaliation.

Non-U.S. residents should read TVA's citizenship policy.

Individuals interested in claiming veterans’ preference should read the information for claiming veterans’ preference.