Located in Georgia near the border of North Carolina, Nottely is on the southeastern edge of the Tennessee River watershed, amid the mountains and valleys of the Chattahoochee National Forest.

The reservoir features a swim beach and camping area and is a popular place for viewing wildlife. Nottely Reservoir serves a number of purposes other than recreation, including flood damage reduction and power generation.

Nottely: Facts + Figures

  • Nottely Dam was built during World War II. Construction began in 1941 and was completed in 1942.     
  • The dam is 197 feet high and stretches 3,915 feet across the Nottely River.
  • Nottely Dam is a hydroelectric facility. It has one generating unit with a summer net dependable capacity of 19 megawatts. Net dependable capacity is the amount of power a dam can produce on an average day, minus the electricity used by the dam itself.     
  • In a year with normal rainfall, the water level in Nottely Reservoir varies about 20 feet from summer to winter to provide seasonal flood storage.
  • The reservoir has a flood-storage capacity of 61,600 acre-feet. 

More Information on Nottely Reservoir

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Built for the People

The Unified Development of the Tennessee River plan stressed TVA was to provide flood control, navigation and electricity for the region. TVA’s dams are tangible evidence of its primary mission: improving life in the Tennessee Valley. We’re celebrating the plan with an in-depth look at 32 of the dams it comprises.

The Quiet Beauty of Nottely

The secret is out: Nottely Dam and its reservoir, tucked away in the mountains of North Georgia, provide some of the most gorgeous scenery and best fishing in the Southeast. Read more about Nottely here.