Connected Communities Pilot Projects

Pilot Projects Happening in the Valley

Together with our partners, TVA is funding solutions to equitably improve our communities in the Valley through innovative solutions with broad-range opportunities and applicability. Learn about current projects happening in each of the three Connected Communities focus areas below.

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Economic Empowerment


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Economic Solutions Through Solar Innovation

The Cheatham County School District (CCSD) will construct a 50kW solar array with a Tesla Powerwall backup which will create energy cost savings and project-based learning opportunities for Career and Technical Education.

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Base Camp Coding Academy

Base Camp Coding Academy in rural Mississippi will expand its successful software development career training program to serve a greater and more diverse population of youth and adults

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Building the Future of East Tennessee’s Workforce

To introduce early learners with the STEM skills and jobs in the Valley, East Tennessee PBS will produce a series of videos and curriculum to raise awareness and engagement of regional opportunities.

Equitable Access to Services


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Connectivity & Health in Orchard Knob

Uniting public WiFi connectivity with residential energy improvements, Orchard Knob Collaborative is creating a healthier, safer and more economically viable community.

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Tech Upgrades at City of Knoxville Recreation Centers

By making tech upgrades at 15 recreation centers across the City of Knoxville, the Parks & Rec Department is reducing the digital divide within disadvantaged communities.


Providing WiFi Access & Education to New Affordable Housing Projects

By providing WiFi hotspots to low-income residents, Murfreesboro Housing Authority is improving the livelihood of individuals and expanding access to services.

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ACTNow (Access, Connectivity, Tools)

To address the digital divide, the Columbus Housing Authority will provide access to digital literacy, connectivity to internet service and the tools needed for residents to successfully engage in the digital space.

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Community Hotspots

With the goal of expanding high-speed internet access to rural Giles County communities, Pulaski Electric System Energize will install public WiFi hotspots across the county.


Connecting MHA

Expanding on the Building Wi-Fi Access & Education to New Affordable Housing Projects pilot project, Phase II will further explore the benefits of connectivity and its relationship with smarter energy management.

Energy & Environmental Justice


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Alerting Elders to Air Quality Health Risks

To improve the health and wellness of under-resourced elders, Three3, Inc. is implementing strategies to improve resiliency to indoor and outdoor environmental health risks.

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Home Energy Management System Platform

Through smart home controls powered by an innovative, free platform and app, we are exploring a future where our homes are more resilient.

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Johnson City Smart Poles

By evaluating the use of smart lighting and sensor technologies, Johnson City is exploring how to save energy, make public areas safer, manage parks more efficiently and improve the overall community.

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Living Building Certified Education Center

Great Smokey Mountains Institute at Tremont will retrofit an existing brick home and barn to meet the requirements of the Living Building Challenge and increase program capacity with a focus on underserved students.

Enhanced Community Resiliency



Synthetic Modeling on Human Impacts of Widespread Outages

RUNWITHIT Synthetics (RWI) will apply synthetic modeling to forecast human impacts as a result of a widespread outage to help the City of Nashville with future planning.