Earth Day: Making the Investment

Making an investment means putting resources and efforts toward an endeavor that provides future value. At TVA, we're investing in our planet every day, working to create a sustainable future. That means ensuring our ability to provide the people of the Tennessee Valley with clean, low-cost, reliable electricity, a healthy environment, and a prosperous economy.

Learn how TVA is making the investment and how you can, too.

Melton Hill solar

Five ways TVA invests in our planet:

  1. Strengthening the region’s sustainability by ensuring low-cost electricity, a healthy environment and a prosperous economy.
  2. Adding 10,000 MW of solar by 2035 – we’re almost 25% of the way there.
  3. Paving the way for EVs with a Fast Charge Network across seven states.
  4. Managing and improving 293,000 acres of public lands and 11,000 miles of shoreline.
  5. Leveraging TVA's biological expertise to protect the Tennessee River system – one of the most biodiverse in North America.

female volunteers doing trail maintenance

Six ways you can invest in our planet:

  1. Reduce your energy consumption and monthly bill by signing up for a free home evaluation.
  2. Learn about rooftop and other solar options with our Virtual Solar Education platform.
  3. Volunteer to protect our natural resources or archaeological sites.
  4. Minimize your impact on the land and Leave No Trace when you camp.
  5. Teach kids how to save energy with a virtual grade school or high school workshop at your school.
  6. Use native plants around your home to enhance pollinator/wildlife habitats and reduce invasive plant species.

Three ways TVA Employees invest in our planet:

Shannon O'Quinn

Shannon O’Quinn – Sr. Water Resources Specialist

“I get to invest in the planet everyday by working with other organizations to improve water quality and aquatic habitat in our streams and reservoirs across the Tennessee Valley. One way I do that is by planting trees.”

Ruchie Singhal Earth Day

Ruchi Sighal, – Sr. Program Manager, TVA EnergyRight

“I love being part of the Federal Energy Services Program because I get to talk to facilities people every day and learn what some of their energy efficiency goals are and why they want to reduce carbon.”

Jon Mollish in stream

Jon Michael Mollish – Fisheries Biologist

“From the water we drink and the air we breathe to the medicines that heal us and the food that fills us, biodiversity is a measure of our quality of life. It is the connection to sustaining the Valley for future generations.”