Gallatin Cemetery Relocation

An upcoming project to safely relocate coal ash around Gallatin Fossil Plant is also offering a rare opportunity to help reconnect family members to loved ones who are buried in cemeteries around the fossil plant property.

The planned $640-million project will move 50 years of coal ash from the fossil plant’s current impoundments and into an expanded, 100-acre state-of-the-art lined dry landfill onsite. The project is a safe, long-term solution that will benefit the environment and local community by eliminating the need for heavy truck traffic on public roads. But the project will require the relocation of six cemeteries dating from 1810-1950. Most of those cemeteries are currently not easily accessible for families due to ongoing projects and work at the site.

For the last year, TVA has been conducting research and outreach to identify families with connections to these cemeteries. Throughout the process, we have been and will continue to be guided by the following values:

  • A deep appreciation and respect for the individuals interred in the cemeteries.
  • A desire to identify all known descendants and to keep them informed throughout the process.
  • Provide a quality, permanent resting place that is accessible by descendants and members of the public for visitation.
  • A desire to capture as much history of the process and the remains as possible and share this with the descendants and historians.
  • A removal and re-interment process that is carried out with proper care and respect by qualified professionals.

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