Proposed Section 26a Permit, Harbor Limit Expansion, and License for Commercial Recreation on Norris Reservoir

February 16, 2021

TVA is considering a request by Manasa Marina Inc., for a license for commercial recreation purposes and a Section 26a permit for commercial marina facilities and expansion of harbor limits for Whitman Hollow Marina on Norris Reservoir. The license area will include 3.84 acres of TVA property fronting private land owned by Manasa Marina Inc. The proposal includes the reconfiguration of existing marina boat slips, the addition of two new covered boat slips, and the addition of dock space for a kitchen and a restaurant. The proposal will increase the harbor limits 7.9 acres to a total of 25.9 acres to accommodate the marina and floating cabin structures. The location is on Big Creek Mile 8.0 L at Clinch River Mile 83.0 R in Campbell County, Tennessee.

TVA is interested in receiving comments regarding the action’s potential to affect the environment or historic properties, and to identify any other issues associated with this request. Any comments received, including names and addresses, will become part of the administrative record and will be available for public inspection. All written comments on this proposed action must be received on or before March 19, 2021. Written comments may be mailed or emailed to the address below.


More information on this land action can be obtained from:

Aurora M. Pulliam
400 W. Summit Hill Drive
Knoxville, TN 37902