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Land Action Public Notices

Public input is an important part of TVA’s review process when considering new ways to use the public lands and shorelines it manages.

Here's where you can learn about projects open for public comment, concessionaire requests for proposals and pending and final decisions—and about how and when you can participate to make your voice heard.

Open For Public Comment

Proposed Section 26a Permit on Fort Loudoun Reservoir for Doc’s Place Marina

TVA is considering a Section 26a permit application from Michael Gaddis to construct a new marina and associated amenities over approximately 2 acres on Fort Loudoun Reservoir at Tennessee River Mile 606 (left bank), lat/long 35.757174, -84.191033, in Loudon County, Tennessee.

Proposed Deed Modifications and Section 26a Permit on Chickamauga Reservoir

TVA is considering a deed modification request from William Thomas over approximately 8.15 acres on Chickamauga Reservoir.

Recent Land Actions

Deed Modification and Commercial Recreation Easement on Watts Bar Reservoir

TVA is considering a request for deed modification over approximately 9.8 acres and a 30-year commercial recreation easement over approximately 24.6 acres on Watts Bar Reservoir at the mouth of King Creek at Tennessee River mile 552.9, in Roane County, Tennessee.

Proposed Commercial Recreation License and Harbor Limits for Emory Cove Development on Watts Bar Reservoir

TVA is considering a request for a commercial recreation license and a Section 26a permit for commercial recreational facilities and establishment of approximately 0.3 acre of harbor limits for Emory Cove Development, on Watts Bar Reservoir in Roane County, Tennessee.

Proposed Recreation Easement and Road Easement on Great Falls Reservoir

TVA is considering a request to grant a 40-year public and commercial recreation easement over 367 acres at Rock Island State Park, currently under a license agreement, on Great Falls Reservoir at the confluence of Caney Fork River and Collins River in Warren and White Counties, Tennessee.

Proposed Section 26a Permit and Harbor Limit Expansion for Harbor Cove Marina on Hiwassee Reservoir

TVA is considering a request from The Dam Boat Dock, LLC for a Section 26a permit and harbor limit expansion for commercial recreational facilities for Harbor Cove Marina, on Hiwassee Reservoir in Cherokee County, North Carolina.

Proposed Section 26a Permit for Modifications to an Existing Commercial Marina on Guntersville Reservoir

TVA is considering a Section 26a application request from Snug Harbor Marina, LLC for the expansion of commercial marina facilities and harbor limits for Snug Harbor Marina on Guntersville Reservoir.

Proposed Slip Additions to King Creek Resort on Kentucky Reservoir

TVA is considering a request for a Section 26a permit to add twelve new floating boat slips at King Creek Resort on Kentucky Reservoir.


View pending and final TVA decisions on previous land use and 26a requests.

Review process

TVA is the steward of 293,000 acres of public land, which it manages by carefully balancing public needs and agency goals. Land use requests from the public or private sectors can be submitted to any TVA's Regional Offices. Major requests, when they’re in accord with TVA’s integrated resource management mission, will be submitted to the TVA Board for approval. The watershed offices can handle minor requests.

TVA’s rulings are governed by the National Environmental Policy Act, which requires that decisions take into account the proposed actions’ environmental impact and their effect on cultural and historical properties and artifacts.

Go to Environmental Reviews for information on environmental impact statements and assessments, and other related documents.