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Wilson Reservoir Land Management Plan


Reservoir Land Management Plans (RLMPs) effectively guide land use approvals, private water use facility permitting, and resource management decisions on TVA-managed public land.

Wilson Reservoir is one of eight tributary reservoirs included in the Multiple RLMPs project, which was approved by the TVA Board of Directors on August 23, 2017.

Wilson Reservoir is an impoundment of the Tennessee River formed by Wilson Dam, which is located at Tennessee River mile 259.4. Wilson Reservoir is situated in Colbert, Lauderdale, and Lawrence counties in north Alabama.

The Muscle Shoals Reservation at Wilson Dam contains over 17 miles of paved and primitive walking trails, including Native Plant Gardens, Old First Quarters, Rockpile and Old Railroad Bridge. The Rockpile Recreation Area, which is near the dam, has several waterfalls, a trail to an overlook and a play structure modeled after the dam.


The scope of the Wilson RLMP is 1,223.4 acres of the 138,221.4 total acres of TVA public land in the Multiple RLMP. The Wilson RLMP contains a regional overview, information about the environment around the reservoir and descriptions of each parcel of land. Wilson Reservoir property is divided into 14 parcels, and each parcel is assigned a single land use allocation zone. Descriptions of the allowable land uses within each land planning zone are available here.

Wilson Reservoir Land Management Plan


Use the GIS Viewer Map to find individual parcels and land use allocations for TVA reservoir property.  Click on individual parcels to find out more information about a piece of TVA property.  Please note that parcel descriptions are included in the interactive map viewer for convenience, but may have been altered from the original description due to character length restrictions.  Please reference the appropriate Reservoir Land Management Plan for the complete parcel descriptions.  Also, please note that parcel descriptions are representative of the time in which the plans were written; some information may be out of date such as available facilities or names of commercial operations.

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Reservoir Land Management Plan Viewer

Land Allocation Acreage

TVA land around Wilson Reservoir has been allocated for certain land uses as indicated in the table below.

Allocation DesignationAcreage
Zone 2Project Operations1,072.1
Zone 3Sensitive Resource Management0
Zone 4Natural Resource Conservation0
Zone 5Industrial0
Zone 6Developed Recreation148.5
Zone 7Shoreline Access2.8

*Zone 1 is Non-TVA Shoreland with TVA land rights and does not change as a result of the lands planning process.

Environmental Review

TVA’s land planning methodology incorporates the environmental review process established under the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA). NEPA requires federal agencies to consider the effects of their proposed projects on the human and natural environment before final decisions are made.

Final Environmental Impact Statement

It is important to note that RLMPs are programmatic plans that designate potential allowable land uses as defined in the land use zone definitions and do not involve specific land actions. TVA would complete an appropriate site-specific environmental review prior to proposed development or activity on TVA public land.