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Allen Fossil Plant

TVA is committed to serving our communities through our mission of service providing low-cost reliable power, environmental stewardship, and economic development.

This commitment also includes the safe, responsible management of coal combustion residuals, or what is commonly referred to as CCR or coal ash – which is the byproduct of burning coal for electricity.

Until its retirement in 2018, the Allen Fossil Plant burned coal to provide energy to homes and businesses throughout Shelby County and Memphis. During its operation, coal ash was generated and stored on the Allen site in two locations: the East Ash Disposal Area and the West Ash Disposal Area.

As part of the closure process and in preparation for the future re-use of the site, TVA has conducted environmental investigations under the supervision of the Tennessee Department of Environment and Conservation (TDEC).  TVA has prepared a proposed plan to remove the coal ash from the onsite storage units to a permanent offsite location, as well as address environmental groundwater conditions.

This project is expected to take up to nine years with site preparation slated to begin in late 2020 or early 2021.  

Below are important documents with more information.

Ensuring the Continued Protection of the Memphis Aquifer


Remedial Investigations

TDEC Investigative Process

One of the core missions of TVA is taking care of the environment and natural resources. TVA works with regulators to ensure our actions are safe and effective and that our customized, science-based monitoring and management plans for coal ash sites across the Tennessee Valley meet or exceed regulatory requirements set forth by the Tennessee Department of Environment and Conservation (TDEC) and the  Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

As part of its compliance with the TDEC Commissioner's Order, TVA has conducted environmental studies at the former Allen Fossil Plant. Learn more about the TDEC Order.

TDEC Order Horizontal


View data and reports

Note: Environmental investigations are currently being conducted at the site. Conclusions about the presence or absence of risk at a CCR unit cannot be made based on the individual data results posted on this website. The collective data will be reported and evaluated in the Environmental Assessment Report (EAR). This will be used by TVA and TDEC to determine if further study is necessary. Conclusions about actions to be taken at the site will then be addressed in a Corrective Action/Risk Assessment (CARA) plan, after being made available for public review and comment.