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Gone Fishing

Kids Fish Free event introduces youth to TVA river, love of fishing.

Caribbean of the South

Outdoor adventurers flock to the clear, blue waters of Norris Reservoir.

Following Her Yellow Brick Road

RaSharon King's outreach role combines her passion for service and education with her day job in natural resources.

Running the Line

Ocoee River whitewater rafting generates big thrills for visitors – and big business for area’s outfitters.

Protecting the Public

TVA dam engineer sweats the small stuff, even moles, to keep structures safe.

The Oil Change

Innovation contest winner upgrades transformer maintenance system.

Let the Sun Shine

The project is the first of three renewable energy projects Origis plans for the Magnolia State, bringing 550 MW of solar power and 150 MW of battery storage into operation.

Powered for Summer

As warm weather arrives, TVA is ready to keep you cool and comfortable.

A Legacy of Service

Employees celebrate TVA’s 91st year by volunteering across a seven-state region.

The Water, the Weir and the Island

Five-year rebuild of Hibbs Island improves weir function, bolstering biodiversity in Clinch River.

Zero to 60

Mercer’s career path required shifting from working with his hands to a managerial role.

Dancing with Nature

TVA's river management team readies the reservoirs for summer recreation.

Fly-Tying Friends

Spring cicada emergence offers awesome opportunities for fly fishing on TVA rivers and reservoirs.

Catch the Trail Magic

Join the National Trails Day fun with volunteer events and a TVA scavenger hunt.

Back From the Brink

TVA and its partners work to protect rare species and their habitats in a biodiversity hotspot.

Nature Counts

Record number of volunteers join BioBlitz on Raccoon Mountain hiking trails.

Half a Century at TVA's ROC

The Regional Operations Center reflected the modernization of the TVA system.

Casting Lines, Shaping Lives

TVA fosters a love of fishing and conservation in younger generations – one tournament at a time.

People Saving Places

National Historic Preservation Month spotlights TVA’s archaeologists, historians and cultural resources specialists.

Dive Into Snorkel Trails

Snorkelers can discover underwater wonders at a series of aquatic trails.