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Keeping the Fire Burning

TVA's coal plant operator training is a lot of work, but participants love it.

Davis Keeps His Eye on the Details

Davis investigates equipment needs at TVA's Power Service Shop

Kingston Slated for Retirement

As TVA leaders shape the site's future, workers reflect on a proud legacy of service to the people of the region.

Brandt Finds Creativity in Engineering

Laurel Brandt combines objectivity with ingenuity for creative problem-solving.

Restoring the Land

The prescription for healthy grasslands, good hay and habitat? Carefully controlled fires.

Camp Chronicles

TVA’s Camp-Right program helps set the bar for the region's sustainable campgrounds.

Powering Forward

A $1.9 billion battery manufacturing plant will lead Mississippi’s Marshall County into a new era of growth.

Think Like a Butterfly

How do monarchs see the world? Award-winning model ranks top TVA habitats for at-risk butterflies.

For the Love of Sturgeon

Passion drives TVA employees and their partners as they monitor this rare fish in reservoirs and rivers.

Into the Earth

To better understand at-risk bat populations, TVA zoologists delve deep underground.

TVA Investment Challenge Teaches More Than Investing

For two decades, students in TVA's Investment Challenge Program have learned the skills that employers value.

Student Stock Pickers Manage Millions for TVA

College students across the region gain real-world investing experience in TVA's Investment Challenge Program.

The Art of Restoration

A $39.9 million investment advances TVA Power Service Shops’ mission.

Just Keep Growing

Valued partnerships give rise to tree-planting projects throughout the Valley region.

The Matchmaker

An innovation scout links TVA and local power company partners to the latest breakthroughs. 

Flower Power

TVA showcases innovative solar power technology near Chickamauga Dam.

Winter Chills, Outdoor Thrills

Amid cooler temps, the Valley region has plenty on tap for adventure.

Mystery of the Mussels

Biologists partner to bring rare animals back from the brink of extinction.

A Mission to Innovate

Reliability analysis manager Timothy Fritch receives TVA’s Engineer of the Year award.

Balancing the Basin

Drought conditions linger, but spring rains could set the stage for a summer of great recreation.

Keeping the Fire Burning

TVA's coal plant operator training is a lot of work, but participants love it.

Davis Keeps His Eye on the Details

Davis investigates equipment needs at TVA's Power Service Shop

Kingston Slated for Retirement

As TVA leaders shape the site's future, workers reflect on a proud legacy of service to the people of the region.

Brandt Finds Creativity in Engineering

Laurel Brandt combines objectivity with ingenuity for creative problem-solving.

Restoring the Land

The prescription for healthy grasslands, good hay and habitat? Carefully controlled fires.

Camp Chronicles

TVA’s Camp-Right program helps set the bar for the region's sustainable campgrounds.

Powering Forward

A $1.9 billion battery manufacturing plant will lead Mississippi’s Marshall County into a new era of growth.

Think Like a Butterfly

How do monarchs see the world? Award-winning model ranks top TVA habitats for at-risk butterflies.

For the Love of Sturgeon

Passion drives TVA employees and their partners as they monitor this rare fish in reservoirs and rivers.

Into the Earth

To better understand at-risk bat populations, TVA zoologists delve deep underground.

TVA Investment Challenge Teaches More Than Investing

For two decades, students in TVA's Investment Challenge Program have learned the skills that employers value.

Student Stock Pickers Manage Millions for TVA

College students across the region gain real-world investing experience in TVA's Investment Challenge Program.

The Art of Restoration

A $39.9 million investment advances TVA Power Service Shops’ mission.

Just Keep Growing

Valued partnerships give rise to tree-planting projects throughout the Valley region.

The Matchmaker

An innovation scout links TVA and local power company partners to the latest breakthroughs. 

Flower Power

TVA showcases innovative solar power technology near Chickamauga Dam.

Winter Chills, Outdoor Thrills

Amid cooler temps, the Valley region has plenty on tap for adventure.

Mystery of the Mussels

Biologists partner to bring rare animals back from the brink of extinction.

A Mission to Innovate

Reliability analysis manager Timothy Fritch receives TVA’s Engineer of the Year award.

Balancing the Basin

Drought conditions linger, but spring rains could set the stage for a summer of great recreation.

Megawatts in the Megastorm

TVA’s winter preparedness shines as bitter cold snap fuels record energy demand.

Sandhill Cranes Reign on Reservoirs

This winter, visit the Valley region’s reservoirs to see the majestic migratory sandhill cranes.

Ackerman Ramps up Efficiency, Winterization

TVA teams are nearing completion on the enterprise’s largest improvement at a gas plant.

Baby, It Was Cold Outside

Extreme snowfall isn’t a frequent event in the Valley region – but it’s happened before.

Nifty and Thrifty

Free DIY Home Energy Assessment kits help homeowners and renters save on energy costs.

Warmer Together

Small steps help reduce energy use, saving you money and strengthening the region’s resiliency during peak demand.

Cold Snap Arrives

TVA’s Nick Austin shares a behind-the-scenes look at weather forecasting.

The Race at Cutoff Reach

TVA scientists embark on expeditions to protect globally imperiled plants and animals.

Build a New Year’s Green Routine

Explore expert tips for environmental stewardship in the new year.

Planning Ahead

Public webinar highlights latest information in TVA’s IRP process.

Rare Bird Graces Chickamauga Reservoir

Region's reservoirs welcome birds such as the ancient murrelet, a Pacific seabird that flew in from 3,000 miles away.

Watchers of the Watershed

TVA teams with Native Tribes on river stewardship.

Into the Woods

Recreation and Environmental Justice grants help bring people outside for learning and play.

This Area Is My Home

TVA crews work alongside local partners to repair tornado damage.

Buttoning Up the Winter To-Do List

TVA teams are wrapping up about 3,400 cold-weather upgrades at plants around the Valley region.

Storm Response Underway

Tornadoes and severe storms devastate communities in TVA’s North Region.

Shaping the Future

Integrated Resource Plan will guide energy and environmental strategies into 2050.

The Future at Bull Run

With retirement, this storied fossil plant can become an asset for greener energy.

A Shovel in the Ground

U.S. Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm signals Biden administration’s support for TVA’s Clinch River nuclear efforts.

Built for All

TVA partners on new docks and improved trail access for adventurers with disabilities.

TVA Trails are Top Picks for Bikers

Mill Creek and Loyston loops rated No. 1 and No. 2 among Tennessee spots.

Honoring a Generation

As TVA retires Bull Run Fossil Plant, employees remember the legacy they helped shape.  

Tim Rausch: Nuclear Excellence is a Journey

TVA’s culture of empowerment, safety and inclusivity helps light the path.

Plant a Pollinator Paradise

Top tips for growing native plants that attract birds, bees and butterflies.

Energy on Demand

New aeroderivative technology ensures Johnsonville can quickly generate on-demand power.

Sturgeon Stewardship

TVA and its partners work to reintroduce this rare fish into river system.

Paradise Adds Fast-start Turbines

TVA commissions gas-powered combustion turbines at combined cycle plant in Kentucky.

Swinging for STEM

TVA partnership with legendary baseball family expands STEM education in seven-state region.

Race Day on the River

A TVA-managed integrated reservoir system sets the stage for one of the world’s largest rowing events.

Through the Multiverse

The return of Loki on video streaming showcases an interdimensional connection between two TVAs.

An Honored Resting Place

TVA partners with volunteers in Sumner County, Tennessee, on the relocation of 121 historic gravesites.

Driving the EV Revolution

TVA and partners team with Ford Motor Co. on BlueOval City progress.

Preparing for Winter

As cold weather approaches, TVA’s massive summer effort helps ensure reliable power.

A Delicate Balancing Act

TVA River Management specialists harness the power of dams, weirs and generators to help manage river flows and water quality.

A Historic Partnership: Mexico's Visits to the Valley

For Hispanic Heritage Month, we look back on Mexico’s visits to the Valley to learn about TVA’s successful use of irrigation systems.

Rolling Out the Rebates

New TVA program helps homeowners save money while improving energy efficiency.

Catching Memories on Guntersville

CAST for Kids and TVA team to host a day of fishing for people with special needs.

Jeannette Mills: Moving Forward to a Clean Energy Future

TVA partnerships develop clean energy technologies and strengthen the nation’s energy economy.

The Eelgrass Battle

TVA and its partners are working to wrangle an invasive species of eelgrass at Guntersville Reservoir.

Giving Back to the Land

National Public Lands Day volunteers tidy up popular biking trails at Loyston Point.

Hands-on History

Fall festivals offer all ages an immersive experience in Native American culture.

TVA Helps Build Photo Ark

National Geographic aims to document 20,000 species worldwide—and the Valley region is fertile ground for exploration.

A Journey to Painted Bluff

Alabama political leaders visit Marshall County’s Native American prehistoric cliff art.

Working in Partnership

Partnerships and programs help small and diverse businesses connect with TVA specialists.

Traveling the Trails

TVA grant funds all-terrain wheelchairs to improve accessibility at state parks.

A Timeless Power

Since its earliest days, TVA has harnessed water resources to help generate the region’s electricity.

Living the Mission

Retired TVA team members helped shape a legacy of service to the people of the Valley.

Lifeblood of a Legacy

TVA helps farmers carefully manage water resources, ensuring a sustainable supply for generations to come.

A Day in the Forester’s Life

Managing rights of way and clearing trees is part of the job. Building meaningful relationships with landowners is the best part.

New Life for Transmission Lines

TVA launches project to evaluate advanced conductors that aim to reduce emissions and improve generation efficiency.

The Power of Reserve Generation

Natural gas fleet serves as a critical baseload and on-demand part of the diverse mix of electricity that energizes the grid.

Jeff Lyash: TVA is Committed to Meeting Your Energy Needs

As the Valley region continues to grow, TVA is ensuring it remains the best place to live, work and play for generations to come.

TVA Adds Natural Gas Generation to the Grid

TVA reached an exciting milestone with the commercial operation of three new units at Colbert Combustion Turbine site in North Alabama.

Trails for Trout

TVA partners with organizations to improve waterway access for native trout species at Wolf Creek.

Solar Smarts

Interested in installing solar power? Find objective information and qualified installers through TVA’s Green Connect program.

Eager Learners Venture Into Nature

TVA and Discover Life in America co-host the annual BioBlitz, where visitors young and old learn about the magic of plant and animal life.

Protectors of the Past

Discovery and preservation are hallmarks of archaeology. But modern archaeologists are also expert relationship builders, working with many partners to preserve the past.

Wilson Dam Legacy Lives On

Work on TVA’s largest hydro facility will extend the life of this longtime power producer.

Celebrating Winged Superheroes

TVA Natural Resources joins UT Gardens in generating a buzz about pollinator insects during National Pollinator Week.

Finding the Right Mix

TVA welcomes input as it works on new Integrated Resource Plan to find the right approach to ensuring a bright future.

A Tale of Two Upgrades

Melton Hill and Fort Loudoun dams will provide clean energy for years to come thanks to significant repairs.

Making Every Megawatt Count

TVA prepares for sizzling summer heat with a variety of springtime outages and business partnerships.

Outdoor Magic

TVA Natural Resources partners with Bridge Chattanooga to offer opportunities for youth to enjoy nature’s treasures.

Dams Take Center Stage

Experts gather to share knowledge about dam construction and operation as they focus on protecting communities.

Raccoon Mountain Upgrade Underway

Work continues on TVA’s unique pumped storage facility to ensure its clean power is available 24/7 and in extreme weather conditions for years to come.

TVA Police: A History of Service, Integrity and Excellence

Explore the TVA Police's long and storied history of serving and protecting TVA facilities and lands as well as the people of the region.

Fish are Friends

Those who enjoy fishing at Douglas Lake will soon have even better fishing stories to tell thanks to efforts to refresh and improve the underwater habitat.

Focusing on the Future

TVA seeks public input as it builds the energy system of the future with a focus on meeting the current needs of the Tennessee Valley region.

TVA's 90th Anniversary Day of Service: A Legacy of Powering Progress

As part of the company-wide day of service to celebrate TVA's 90th anniversary, our West Region team volunteered at Overton Park in Memphis to restore the park's beauty and maintain its facilities.

Construction Continues on TVA’s First Battery Storage System

TVA is developing its first owned and operated battery storage project near Knoxville, Tenn. Large-scale energy storage technologies, which capture power for later use, are critical for building the Grid of Tomorrow.

A Historic Day

TVA marked its 90th anniversary with the largest day of service in our history: More than 2,000 employees and 125 retirees volunteered in every corner of the region, logging 10,000 service hours.

TVA Asking for Public Input on Kingston Fossil Plant

TVA is conducting an environmental review for Kingston Fossil Plant to assess the potential impacts of retiring the site and building replacement generation to ensure continued reliability across the Valley.

Aiding Our Pollinator Friends

Look for a "Pollinator Habitat" sign next time you visit a TVA park of right-of-way. Pollinator areas provide a home for a variety of vital native species including bees, moths, beetles and butterflies.

Wild for Wildflowers

TVA's annual guided wildflower walks along the Clinch River near Norris Dam allow people to enjoy a nice hike while learning about native trees and plants and the region's biodiversity.

Answering the Call

TVA transmission crews, along with local power companies, rallied to aid communities first in Mississippi then in Tennessee devastated by a series of severe storms and tornadoes.

Bassmaster Classic Showcases Area Biodiversity

Attendees of the Bassmaster Classic Expo were treated to a close-up view of native fish species in TVA's 750-gallon mobile aquarium, highlighting the Valley's biodiversity and TVA's stewardship efforts.

TVA-Ford Partnership: A New Way of Doing Business

Ford partnered with TVA to create BlueOval City, the company’s first carbon-neutral manufacturing complex which will build next-generation electric F-series pickups and advanced batteries in west Tennessee.

TVA’s Trailblazing Treasurer

In honor of Women's History Month, we profile the trailblazing Florentine Goodrich, TVA's first treasurer and one of several women who held important roles within the New Deal.

TVA Celebrates Women’s History Month

In recognition of Women’s History Month, TVA is celebrating the women who contribute to our mission of service - starting with the three women who currently sit on our Board of Directors.

Protecting a Biodiversity Hotspot

TVA is partnering with The Nature Conservancy and other organizations to improve the water quality at Paint Rock River, Alabama’s most diverse watershed and home to several endangered species .

TVA’s Stephen Craven Named Federal Engineer of the Year

TVA's Engineer of the Year, Stephen Craven, was honored as the Federal Engineer of the Year for his work on designing a faster, safer, and more private communication architecture.

We Can Do It!

Meet the new generation of Rosie the Riveters as women across the region help fill the shortage of trades-and-labor employees and set themselves on the path to a six-figure future.

TVA Joins Junior Achievement Biztown Program

TVA is partnering with Junior Achievement to create Biztown, an educational space where children learn how energy is a part of their lives and their experience as citizens in the city where they live.

TVA Partners with MLGW to Provide $100,000 to Mid-South Food Bank to Help Reduce Food Insecurity

TVA and Memphis Light Gas and Water each contributed $50,000 to the Mid-South Food Bank to make additions to the mobile food pantries and help support a needed resource in the community.

LIDAR Technology Leads the Way in Measuring TVA Land

TVA relies on LIDAR, a surveying and mapping tool utilized by self-driving cars and iPhones, to help develop new substation sites, check the accuracy of transmission lines and build the Grid of Tomorrow.

TVA Joins Methodist Le Bonheur Healthcare to Improve Reading Literacy

TVA is funding literacy tutoring sessions as part of its partnership with Methodist Le Bonheur Healthcare to address reading comprehension and proficiency among Memphis students.

Stephen Craven Named TVA Engineer of the Year

Stephen Craven, an electrical engineer and third-generation TVA employee, was awarded TVA Engineer of the Year for designing a faster, safer, and more private communication architecture.

Celebrating TVA’s Great American Success Story

This year is a big one for TVA - we're celebrating our 90th anniversary with a focus on our mission of service including community projects, public tours of dams and exhibits at regional festivals.

Ethnobotanist Preserves Tribal History on TVA Lands

Roger Cain, a Cherokee ethnobotanist, discusses his efforts to preserve river cane and other native plants and partnering with TVA on future conservation efforts.

TVA Approves Retirement of Cumberland, Replacement of One Unit With Natural Gas

Following a multi-year process which included public input, TVA approved the retirement of Cumberland Fossil Plant and replacement generation for one unit with a natural gas plant.

Hatchery’s Hail Mary Makes Homecoming Possible

Armed with snorkels and Super Glue, TVA and other members of a fish conservation partnership ventured into the Nantahala National Forest to help re-establish rare mollusks there.

We Are Delighted

TVA welcomes six new board members—from Tennessee, Alabama, Kentucky, Mississippi and Virginia—to complete our Board of Directors.

New Study Shows Walking in Nature Makes You Feel Better

Walking in nature not only lifts the mood and relieves stress, a new study shows it may help some with major depression. TVA maintains over 180 miles of trails for enjoyable, cost-free therapy.

Awards Season

For the 18th consecutive year, TVA's Economic Development team has been recognized by Site Selection magazine for its success in attracting jobs and capital investment to the Valley.

MLGW Stays With TVA, Ends RFP Process

The MLGW Board of Commissioners voted on Dec. 7 to conclude their nearly four-year evaluation of long-term energy supplier options and continue their relationship with TVA.

Honoring Veteran and TVA Security Officer Maria Bell

TVA Security Officer Maria Bell shares her three core values to protect and make personnel feel safe and secure at TVA's Sequoyah Nuclear Plant.

Cumberland Fossil Plant Decision Imminent, Environmental Review Complete

As part of its decision-making process, TVA issued an environmental impact statement on the potential retirement and replacement generation of Cumberland Fossil Plant.

New Opportunities for Drone Technology

TVA drones show promise for controlling vegetation on hazardous embankments, which helps prevent potentially hazardous dam safety issues.

Honoring Veteran and TVA Director Tony White

To celebrate Veterans Day, we follow one employee’s journey from a nuclear-powered submarine in the Navy to Watts Bar Nuclear Plant at TVA.

A Love for the Outdoors

Damien Simbeck is at the center of a delicate balancing act: managing public lands for recreational use while protecting and improving the Valley’s biological diversity and wildlife habitat.

How's the Water?

Hands-on water monitoring labs in virtual and in-person classrooms help spread TVA's environmental stewardship message one classroom at a time.

To the Stars and Back

TVA supports the latest U.S. space mission by keeping NASA’s energy costs down to earth while sustainability efforts take flight.

Trekking TVA Trails

Whether it's a walk or an intense hike, older adults enjoy both physical and mental benefits - as well as outdoor beauty - on more than 180 miles of TVA trails.

Taking the Driver’s Seat

TVA is partnering with Volkswagen of Tennessee to develop the country’s first fully electric made-in-America fleet vehicle, and is piloting a fully customized electric ID-4.

So Much More Than Fishing

TVA partnered with C.A.S.T for Kids, which provides fishing opportunities for children with special needs, to provide an amazing adventure on Guntersville Lake.

Threatened No Longer

The tiny snail darter, which was declared endangered in 1975, makes a big comeback thanks to a decades-long lift from federal biologists.

People Over Profits – That’s Public Power

For nearly nine decades, our public power model has not only provided reliable energy but also invested in communities by creating jobs, protecting the environment, and supporting local education and business.

Escaping the Trash: Keep the Tennessee River Beautiful Works to Improve the Valley

Help celebrate Keep the Tennessee River Watershed Beautiful Month by participating in a variety of cleanup events aimed at keeping litter out of the Tennessee River watershed.

Clay Guerry - A Day in the Life of a Recreation Specialist

If you enjoy the waters of the Tennessee River or have hiked, biked or camped near its banks, chances are that Clay Guerry had a hand in helping create part of your experience.

Addressing Climate Change

Former Vice President Al Gore and TVA CEO Jeff Lyash discuss TVA’s role in addressing climate change on a podcast hosted by former Tennessee Governors Phil Bredesen and Bill Haslam.

We Should Be Helping

Join local volunteers, with support from TVA, in celebration of National Public Lands Day by pitching in on clean-up efforts at Norris Lake and other natural areas in the Valley.

River Reinforcements

To prevent disruptions to the power supply as well as commercial navigation, TVA is investing $18M in upgrades to transmission towers which span the Tennessee River.

What Are They Saying About TVA?

TVA has been an important part of the Memphis and Shelby County community for more than 80 years.

Great Value

After a lengthy evaluation process, Memphis Light, Gas, and Water leadership has recommended staying with TVA as its energy supplier and adopting its long-term partnership proposal.

Ready, Set, Charge

TVA and our partners are kicking off Fast Charge TN, an initiative that will ultimately lead to fast chargers strategically located along well-traveled highways and byways throughout the state.

Into Elfin Territory

A father-son duo's discovery of frosted elfins, an endangered butterfly species, in a TVA right of way area is helping lead the way to grassland conservation efforts.

Nashville Eateries Get a Taste of Energy Efficiency

EnergyRight and Nashville Electric Service partnered in the Community Centered Growth program to help two neighborhood establishments cut their energy bills and keep serving up the good eats.

EV Tipping and Tailgating in Mississippi

Ride along with successful entrepreneur and a big-tipping TikTok sensation Lexy Burke and Daytona 500 winner Trevor Bayne as they tour Tupelo, Mississippi, in a Rivian R1T electric truck.

TVA Forecasts Lower Electric Bills

Scorching heat, record consumption, and volatile gas prices have increased power bills across the nation. TVA digs deeper into the causes of this summer’s higher bills and shares energy-saving tips.

Rich History of Success

Ocoee No. 2 dam, which has generated electricity, provided recreation opportunities and stimulated economic development for decades, inducted into Hydro Hall of Fame.

We're Still Here: TVA Supports Ongoing Disaster Recovery

In the past year, natural disasters have ripped through our communities, particularly in Kentucky and Tennessee. Most of those impacted areas are still in recovery, and TVA continues to support them.

Fighting Invasive Forces

TVA, and its partner organizations, are in an ongoing battle with invasive aquatic species such as eelgrass in order to protect native species and maintain biodiversity in local waterways.

Mantle Lures: A Freshwater Mussel’s Secret Weapon

Mussels have been using a secret weapon to "fish" for 400 million years. Annual surveys of these natural water filters, known as the sentinels of rivers, help ensure our tap water is safe to drink.

Seven Tips to Enjoy Wildlife Safely

Each year, there are dozens of bear attacks in various parts of the world. Following these seven tips from biologists will help to stay safe in the wild and enjoy nature for generations to come.

“Respect and Fame” Episode of EV Video Series Released

Ride along with Grammy winner John Paul White and Daytona 500 winner Trevor Bayne as they tour the Florence and Muscle Shoals in a sporty Audi e-tron.

Electric Bills Up Due to Rising Fuel Costs

Numbers on the thermometer are going up, and if you're not careful, on your electric bill too. TVA explains what is causing the higher bills and gives money-saving advice.

Better Place to Live, Work and Play

The waterways of the Tennessee Valley offer beauty, biodiversity and recreational opportunities for tourists and locals alike, while also providing an economic boost to the local economy.

Smiling From Ear to Ear

TVA is partnering with local organizations to provide accessible nature outings in which participants with special needs learn about native insects, birds, and plants.

Watch for Hammerhead Worms in Your Garden

A long, slimy flatworm with a weird-looking head sounds like something from a science fiction movie, but it’s real and it has been documented in the Knoxville area.

July is National Picnic Month – Let’s Go!

In celebration of July as National Picnic Month, we look back at how facilities for gathering and dining outdoors have changed at the almost 80 recreation areas which TVA operates.

Bring It On, Summer

Heatwave? No sweat. TVA managed record-breaking demand in June—with six days topping 30,000 MW in generation—while remaining stable, reliable, and resilient.

Hammock Camping - Living Small With Less Stuff to Haul

Want to enjoy the outdoors while being light on the land? Learn how to ditch the traditional gear and embrace simplicity through the growing practice of hammock camping.

Ember Anderson - A Day in the Life of a Watershed Representative

Natural Resources is more specialized now than when watershed representative Ember Anderson was hired two decades ago. She focuses on ensuring safe use of TVA public lands, such as replacing trail stairs.

Shannon O’Quinn Named Water Conservationist of the Year

The Tennessee Wildlife Federation honored Shannon O’Quinn, TVA Senior Water Resource Specialist, with the Water Conservationist of the Year award for his dedication to water resource management.

TVA and University of Tennessee Work Together to Plant Trees for the Valley’s Future

TVA has a long history of tree improvement programs. Our latest partnership with the University of Tennessee focuses on producing locally adapted, genetically improved seedlings.

Metro Nashville Public Schools Harness the Power of Demand Response to Meet Savings Goal

Nashville public schools use EnergyRight Demand Response program to reduce energy consumption and invest savings in infrastructure improvements.

First Video of Popular “In Charge: Life with an Electric Vehicle” Second Season Released

Host Trevor Bayne and special guest Michael Oher put a Ford Mustang Mach-E through its paces in Memphis.

The Power to Protect: Keeping Osprey From Energized Equipment

TVA is collaborating with a number of partners to catch, tag and band osprey in order to help protect both the birds and transmission structures.

Levi Yancey - A Day in the Life of a Watershed Representative

Levi Yancey, watershed representative for the Valley’s Western Region, sees a direct impact from the work he does to manage TVA land including invasive vegetation control.

Nat Geo Photographer "Exposes" Duck River's Rare Aquatic Creatures

With a little help from TVA scientists, a noted National Geographic explorer swings by the Tennessee Valley to photograph endangered aquatic life as part of a worldwide collection of rare species.

Public Art Restored at Boone Dam

A historic mural by Robert Birdwell in the Boone Dam overlook building has been restored just in time for the dam's public reopening.

Putting Knowledge to Work

For more than two decades, TVA’s Investment Challenge Program has augmented business curriculum at the region’s top universities. According to Dr. Floyd Tyler, the program teaches students interpersonal, team-building and analytical skills that employers are looking for.

The Big Comeback

Once an endangered species, the Snail Darter is now enjoying new-found fame, thanks to TVA and other friends.

Celebrating Our Monumental Architecture

In recognition of Preservation Month, and TVA's 89th birthday, we celebrate TVA's historic dams and other monumental architecture across the Valley.

Rain, Rain Come Our Way

Three of TVA’s reservoirs in upper East Tennessee are running behind on the spring fill; here’s what that means and why you should get out and play anyway.

TVA Funds Breakfasts at Oakhaven High School

As part of our ongoing community investment, TVA partnered with Oakhaven High School in Memphis to provide breakfast for students each morning prior to standardized testing.

West Region STEM Grant Presentations

TVA has awarded more than $200,000 in STEM grants to teachers in our West Region, which includes Memphis and all of West Tennessee, to develop science, technology, engineering and math education projects.

Memphis High School Students Tour Allen Combined Cycle Plant

Seniors from a Memphis prep school recently visited Allen Combined Cycle Plant to learn about the history and function of the plant as well as discover the range of job opportunities at TVA.

Study: TVA is Good for Business in Memphis

A new study from the Greater Memphis Chamber makes it clear – TVA is good for business in Memphis. Read how TVA's economic development efforts have financial, societal and growth implications for the area.

Two TVA Scientists Recognized for Pollinator Documentary

Two TVA scientists received an EPRI award for their documentary film Power for Pollinators, which showcases how power companies are working to conserve pollinator species and habitats.

Getting the Facts on the TVA Proposal - Mark Yates

Regional VP, Mark Yates, discusses TVA's proposal to supply electricity to Memphis and why TVA is the best choice not only as an energy provider, but as a community partner, energy advisor and job creator.

Building the Pipeline of STEM Talent in Memphis

Students at Power Center Academy in Memphis know a little more about energy, environment and economic development, following a recent career day held at the school.

Four New Bike-Optimized Trails Added in Bristol as Part of $125,000 Project

TVA celebrated the completion of a new South Holston trail system this week, which provides the Bristol, Tennessee/Virginia community with expanded access to trails that are accessible for all ages and skill levels.

Keeping Memphis Glowing and Growing

TVA’s commitment to low-cost, reliable and clean energy keeps the lights on Beale Street ablaze while economic development attracts jobs and capital investment to the region.

Starkville Sunshine

A new solar development in Mississippi is infusing a small college town with affordable, reliable and renewable power and reducing the city’s local carbon footprint by about 15%.

TVA’s Newest Directly-Served Customer

Sinova Global, a Canadian-based manufacturing company, announced its new silicon metal plant in Lake County, Tennessee – making it TVA’s newest directly-served customer.

The Eagles Have Hatched: Keep an Eye on Live EagleCam

You can now stream a 24/7 live video of two eagle nests, viewable via TVA-sponsored live EagleCams.

Energy Renovation at Historic Theater Enables Funding of Sheffield Arts Programs

The future is brighter for the historic Ritz Theatre in Sheffield, Ala. thanks to energy-saving upgrades from an EnergyRight community pilot.

Ken Weisz - A Day in the Life of a Watershed Representative

Watershed representative Ken Weisz, who has issued more than 2000 permits, suggests that thinking both technically and creatively is helpful when envisioning shoreline construction projects.

Endangered Bat Makes Reappearance During TVA Cave Survey

A return to pandemic-paused field work led a group of TVA terrestrial zoologists to an unexpected discovery.

TVA and Job Corps Partner to Train Next Generation of Line Workers

TVA is partnering with a job corps center in Memphis to provide professional training to students and establish a pipeline of skilled workers for TVA’s seven-state service area.

Secrets Inside the Mountain

Eric Edwards is a TVA Dam Safety Engineer whose job as an inspector takes him into places that are encased in history — like an 18-foot-wide steel tube that’s shrouded by more than 8 miles of limestone.

Home Uplift Gives Customers a Hand Up

“Home Uplift is someone going the extra mile for someone else because they know there may come a time for all people when they face their own obstacle.” — James Pardue, Home Uplift participant

Chris Saucier Named TVA Engineer of the Year

Chris Saucier, technical director at the Boone Dam Remediation Project, is the winner of the 2022 Ike Zeringue Engineering Award, TVA’s highest honor.

TVA Rebuilds Tornado-Ravaged Transformers

TVA’s Power Service Shops is a jack of all voltages when it comes to refurbishing obsolete transmission equipment, or in this case, 61 residential transformers that were damaged by the Kentucky tornados.

The "Superb Owl" - In Time for the Big Game

While millions prepare to tune in to the Big Game, take a moment to find out more about the "superb owls" that live close to you in the TVA region.

Ryan Cook - A Day in the Life of a Watershed Representative

Ryan Cook, watershed representative for western North Carolina, reminds applicants to have their permit in hand before purchasing any materials or installing anything like a dock.

Primitive Fish Reveal Evidence of Healthy Fishery

Each year, TVA Fisheries biologists conduct fall fisheries sampling across the Tennessee River watershed.

Species to Look Out For

A variety of dangerous insects, plants and other organisms have been introduced into the Valley, each making its mark on the ecosystem. Here are just a few you may encounter.

New Rocky Trail Provides Adventure, Challenge

Options for a wintery hike or bike ride just got greater in East Tennessee with the opening of a new 6.7-mile, multiuse trail at Loyston Point Recreation Area on Norris Reservoir.

Who’s Hibernating in the Valley?

Most bears don’t truly hibernate—but other creatures do. Read about them here.

Drive Happy

TVA and partners unveil the first chargers in the Fast Charge Network that will be deployed across the Tennessee Valley to encourage electric vehicle adoption.

“He Had TVA”: Supporting Impacted Communities Post-Storm

The destructive storm in early December 2021 left more than 254,000 valley residents without power. Once it was safe, TVA deployed helicopters and ground crews to assess the damage and begin repairs immediately.

TVA Biologists Hook 53-inch Lake Sturgeon

TVA biologists landed a number of lake sturgeon on a set of trotlines near Kingston Fossil Plant as part of an annual sturgeon survey.

TVA is Here to Serve and Support – a Message from President & CEO Jeff Lyash

TVA is here to serve and support our Valley neighbors impacted by devastating storms, says CEO Jeff Lyash

Knoxville’s Sun Sphere

TVA is partnering with KUB to make Knoxville--home of the Sunsphere--the number one city in the southeast for solar investment.

TVA, MLGW & Partners Celebrate 500th Home Uplift Milestone

Five hundred Memphis residents have lower energy bills thanks to the TVA EnergyRight Home Uplift program, a partnership of TVA, MLGW and the City of Memphis.

Tiger Tailgate Celebrates 87th Anniversary of TVA/MLGW Partnership

How a Tigers football game became a celebration of TVA and MLGW.

Independent Study – Memphis Utility Bills are Among the Nation's Lowest

A new study from an independent online bill payment company includes some good news for Memphians.

TVA/Kids – A Fun Place to Learn While School’s Out

“I’m bored!” Put a stop to hearing this (again) during the holiday break. Just because they’re not in school, your kids don’t have to stop learning about the world around them. Let help!

TVA Earns Multiple Awards for People-Focused Culture

TVA has been recognized with nearly 10 national awards this year, each a reflection of our commitment to creating a workplace focused on people, inclusion and diversity.

Abbie Casey - A Day in the Life of a Watershed Representative

Watershed representative Abbie Casey, who reviews 100 applications a year, has some tips for success: submit a complete application package and be flexible. “It can mean the difference in an approval or a denial.”

TVA Partners with Memphis NAACP

The NAACP Memphis Branch and TVA have a history of partnering to help the community.

Getting Back to Our Roots

Reforestation has been a priority for TVA since its inception. A new partnership with the University of Tennessee includes planting red oaks at Norris Reservoir for generations to enjoy.

Veterans Find Home After Service at TVA

TVA has recently been recognized with four awards that highlight our organization’s support for military and veteran employees, their families, and veteran-owned businesses in the communities we serve.

TVA Named a Most Loved Workplace by Newsweek

TVA has been recognized by Newsweek as one of the Top 100 Most Loved Workplaces in America for 2021.

Whom the Guns Salute

One of TVA's most-decorated veterans, Gunnery Sergeant Charles Sweeney, died after a fatal car crash in October. We remember both his service and some of his best stories.

Fifth Episode of “In Charge: Life with an Electric Vehicle” Video Series Released

Host Raven Hernandez explores Knoxville in a Chevy Bolt and chats with local politicians and an EV manufacturer.

Sewing a Legacy

Seminole Nation member’s hand-sewn traditional clothing featured in museums and on TV.

Celebrate November 6 With TVA

Celebrate TVA’s history in Memphis and learn about the history of November 6 street.

TVA Addressing Higher Winter Energy Costs

TVA is proactively working to address commodity price increases to reduce the impact on Valley power bills.

TVA and Tribal Archeologists Reconstruct Ancient Native American Village via Unique Map

Electromagnetic radiation and millions of magnetic frequencies are helping TVA, state and tribal archeologists build a nonintrusive, subsurface map of a Native American archeological site that was first recorded in the 1930s.

Please – Leave No Trace When You Camp

The weekend is coming, and you plan to spend it with friends at an inviting, dispersed-camping area on TVA Public Land.

Jori Chatman - A Day in the Life of a Watershed Representative

As a watershed representative, Jori Chatman enjoys interacting with applicants. “I simply talk to them the way I want to be talked to. I try to be straightforward with information.”

Ford Motor Co. Announces $5.6 Billion Investment at Memphis Regional Megasite

Ford Motor Company has announced it will be locating its electric vehicle and battery manufacturing plant in West Tennessee, specifically at the TVA-certified Memphis Regional Megasite in Haywood County.

TVA Supports 2021 Southern Heritage Classic Cultural Weekend

The Classic has become much more than a platform where two of our historically black colleges and universities come together in Memphis. 

TVA Biologists Find Rare “Livers of the Rivers”

TVA biologists ended the summer by surveying the livers of Elk River tailwaters. Click here to read about their rare find.

TVA is Hosting Virtual Community Meetings to Visit with Our Neighbors about the Allen Restoration Project

TVA is hosting a series of virtual community meetings to visit with our neighbors about the retired Allen Fossil Plant restoration project and our efforts to protect the Memphis aquifer.

Fourth Episode of “In Charge: Life with an Electric Vehicle” Video Series Released

Put the pedal to the metal with host Raven Hernandez and NASCAR driver Trevor Bayne as they test a Porsche Taycan on the Bristol Motor Speedway!

TVA Named Among Forbes Top 10 Best Employers in Tennessee in 2023

In 2023, TVA ranked No. 8 among the top employers on Forbes’ list of America’s Best Employers by State for the state of Tennessee.

Emily Collins - A Day in the Life of a Watershed Representative

When friends or family ask Emily Collins what she does for a living, the watershed representative keeps it simple. “Rocks and docks,” is her initial reply. But it’s a bit more involved than that.

TVA Implodes Coal Plant for Cleaner Energy

TVA leveled the stacks and a portion of 50s-era landmark as part of a $43 million demolition initiative that will clear the Tuscumbia site for future development and cleaner energy.

Hydro Remote Control System Gets a Reboot

TVA is investing $20 million to upgrade the systems that are crucial to operating our generating fleet and managing flood control.

Raccoon Mountain Adds Another 20 MW With Turbine Replacement

TVA’s most unique hydro asset – Raccoon Mountain Pumped Storage Plant – is undergoing a major turbine replacement in each of its four units.

Rail Museum to Preserve Rare Locomotive From TVA

A rare Fairbanks-Morse locomotive has a new home at the Tennessee Valley Railroad Museum in Chattanooga, Tenn., courtesy of TVA.

TVA Invests in Low Rates and Community Assistance

It’s that time of year when our thoughts turn to how to stay cool in the Memphis heat, and the freeze of February seems like a distant memory. It’s also that time when our power bills likely go up every year as we run our air conditioners to the max.

TVA Announces Fleet EV Plan

We are accelerating plans to incorporate EVs into the TVA fleet, with a goal of 100 percent light-duty and 50 percent medium-duty vehicles of the fleet by 2030.

Employees Celebrate 5-Year Seismic Update to Strengthen Pickwick Dam

TVA employees and contractors alike are proud that the five-year project to strengthen the dam against seismic events is nearly complete.

Third Episode of “In Charge: Life with an Electric Vehicle” Video Series Released

Explore the outer limits of electric vehicles with host Raven Hernandez and influencer/blogger Sarah Jade as they travel to the US Space and Rocket Center!

Ultraviolet Germicidal Irradiation Gives Area Businesses Light and Hope Amid Pandemic

From restaurants to car assembly plants, UV rays are providing a sense of safety.

Debunking 4 Myths About TVA’s Plans for Natural Gas

Despite its track record as a valuable technology, natural gas still has its critics. For those uncertain about its use, here are four common myths debunked.

TVA is Ready for Another Year of Partnership with SCS

As Shelby County Schools students head back to the classroom, safety is more important than ever.

Our Continuing Commitment on the Allen Site

We believe in the value of relationships & partnerships. That’s why we’re taking more time to engage with our community partners on our Allen restoration project.

Second Episode of “In Charge: Life With an Electric Vehicle” Video Series Released

In the second episode of our video series on electric vehicles (EVs), join host Raven Hernandez on a road trip to Chattanooga with BMX legend Corey Martinez.

Retirees Remember Johnsonville, TVA Evaluates Coal’s Future

The plant generated its first electricity in 1951 and its last on New Year’s Eve of 2017.

The Heat is On and TVA is Ready

TVA continually monitors weather forecasts, has processes in place to adjust generation and transmission resources to meet expected demand, and continues to invest in further strengthening the resiliency of our system.

Better Than Plastic: TVA Land Grows Grass for Biodegradable Bowls, Plates

TVA Natural Resources and Genera, Inc. are partnering on a project with multiple benefits: more diverse plant communities, wildlife habitat, and eco-friendly by-products.

Stealing or Preserving History? What to Do if You Find an Artifact

The Tennessee Valley is rich in Native American history. Here's what to do if you find an artifact.

New Species of Ginger Documented on TVA Land With Help From Cell Phone Technology

When a professional plant photographer stumbled upon an unfamiliar patch, he made an unexpected discovery on a routine wildflower walk. His cellphone helped confirm it was a species new to the Valley.

New and Improved: TVA’s Natural Resources Never Stops “Housekeeping”

Although it seems much of the world was shut down in the past year, TVA’s Natural Resources group was still busy at work for you, repairing and improving recreation areas on our public lands and waters.

Renewables All the Rage? We’ve Been Doing It Since 1933

Everyone is talking about renewables being the future of energy. TVA is the original green power since 1933 – using 29 power-generating dams and the pumped storage plant near Chattanooga, Tenn.

TVA Launches “In Charge: Life with an Electric Vehicle” Video Series

The five-episode video series busts myths and explores the benefits of electric transportation. Take a road trip throughout the Tennessee Valley and see how electric vehicles (EVs) can fit any lifestyle!

TVA’s Clean Energy Future

TVA recently announced the potential retirement of the coal fleet by 2035, and is taking steps to supply cleaner energy without impacting reliability, while maintaining some of the lowest power rates in the nation.

Beyond the Visual Line of Sight: The Next Generation of Drones

Researchers are looking for ways for unmanned aircraft systems (UAS) to be safely flown beyond the line of sight of a pilot.

New TVA L.I.F.T. Program to Take Future Line Workers to New Heights

Some of the most important men and women in the energy industry are the ones you don’t often see unless there’s a problem.

Gift of Cypress Grove Keeps on Giving

Many benefits come to Charleston, Tenn. from some pesky mosquitos and one TVA employee’s idea for a solution - a grove of cypress trees.

TN Valley Robotics and TVA Sponsor First MATE ROV Competition in Memphis

TN Valley Robotics and TVA sponsored the first MATE ROV underwater robotics competition in Memphis to encourage young STEM enthusiasts.

Alvin C. York Institute Makes the Grade in School Uplift Pilot Program

York Institute was invited to join 10 other schools for TVA EnergyRight’s School Uplift pilot in February 2020.

First Valley Partner Solar Project Under TVA Generation Flexibility Program Breaks Ground, Will Provide Clean Energy to Schools

The 9-megawatt facility will be named Martin Solar Farm and is expected to be operational before the end of the year.

TVA Supports Local Museum Reinvention at Bessie Smith Cultural Center

After more than a year of closure to the public, the Bessie Smith Cultural Center is reopening its door—and sharing its vision for an exciting reinvention, with support from community partners like TVA.

Stay Cool and Win Big: TVA’s Great Indoors Summer Sweepstakes Is On

Temperatures are rising across the region, air conditioners are working overtime, and increased energy use and the resulting cost is on every homeowner’s mind. Start saving energy today to lower your monthly bill with free or low-cost energy savings tips and resources from TVA EnergyRight®.

TVA’s Stream Access Points Bring a Stream of Benefits

Recreation on the water, like paddling, brings measurable benefits to physical and psychological health. Now, a new TVA study shows it brings economic health as well—millions of dollars worth.

Jessica Hogle Named TVA Vice President, Federal Affairs

Jessica Hogle has been named as the vice president of TVA Federal Affairs to lead efforts to inform and engage D.C. stakeholders.

More Than a Career — Valley Students Explore Engineering at Summer STEM Camp

For high school sophomores Emily Gasser and Kyle Landreth, engineering is more than a career choice — it means family and good memories.

The Future of Coal at TVA

TVA recently shared a set of guiding principles that aspire to achieve net-zero carbon emissions by 2050, including plans to potentially retire TVA's entire coal fleet by 2035.

TVA’s Maierhofer Named North Region Vice President

Justin Maierhofer has been named as a regional vice president to help lead TVA’s new approach to building strong partnerships as it serves the people of the Tennessee Valley.

Virtual Glasses Provide Innovative Inspection Solution During Pandemic

Adapting to mask wearing happened early on, but another unexpected accessory proved to be helpful in stopping the spread.

Harnessing Solar Power for the Valley

Thanks to a partnership among TVA, Nashville Electric Service (NES) and Vanderbilt University, more large-scale solar power will be harnessed for the Valley.

First All-Electric School Bus Hits Valley Roads

A new all-electric bus will be picking up school kids in Washington County, Tenn., this fall.

Promise and Progress

Norris Dam, built in 1933, is a dam of firsts. Now you can take a look inside, through a virtual tour. Just click here.

Powered by People You Know: Steve Cole

Working within TVA’s Cultural Compliance Department, Steve Cole ensures TVA projects respect the rich history residing within the Valley’s veins.

Stop! Don’t Pick Up an Axe until You Pick Up the Phone

Before cutting trees or undergrowth on or near a TVA reservoir, a property owner’s first call should be to TVA. We’ll answer questions and help you avoid possible costly mistakes.

TVA Names Regional VPs for East, South Regions

Two TVA managers have been named as regional vice presidents to help lead TVA’s new approach to building strong partnerships as it serves the people of the Tennessee Valley.

Boating This Summer? TVA Tugboat Crew is Keeping You Safe

If you’re like most recreation enthusiasts, you may not think much of the bright red and green buoys that dot the sparkling Valley waters. But the crew of TVA’s tugboat Sideview knows they’re vital to keeping the navigation channels safe.

Memphis Non-Profit Sees the Value of Partnerships

TVA understands the importance of reliable, affordable electricity to the Mid-South region.

A Message From Mark Yates: My First 100 Days at TVA

Here, Regional Vice President of External Relations, Mark Yates shares his thoughts on his first 100 days at TVA.

Shelby County Lands TVA, Facebook Solar Site

The Memphis and Shelby County community is already home to the blues and barbeque; now Shelby County also will be home to one of Tennessee’s largest solar farms.

Now You See 'Em

With a little help from TVA scientists, a noted National Geographic explorer swings by the Tennessee Valley to photograph endangered aquatic life as part of a worldwide collection of rare species.

TVA Turns 88

In our 88th year of service, TVA continues to make life better for the people of the Tennessee Valley in new and important ways.

Stop! Call Before You Cut

Before cutting trees or undergrowth on or near a TVA reservoir, a property owner’s first call should be to TVA. We’ll answer questions and help you avoid possible costly mistakes.

TVA’s Energy System of the Future

In the wake of the recent winter storm that caused energy blackouts and reliability issues across several states, many have asked if it could happen across TVA’s seven-state region. We caught up with Jacinda Woodward, TVA senior vice president, Power Operations, to find out why reliability matters and how TVA is both investing in and building the energy system of the future – making that event very unlikely to happen here.

Cicada Rythm

2021 marks the emergence of the 17-year cicada in the Tennessee Valley. VIDEO: Here’s what nature lovers can look for.

Gleason Unit 3 Silencer Still ‘Right Thing to Do’ for Local Community

After six months in reserved shutdown, Unit 3 at TVA’s Gleason Combustion Turbine Plant will soon be back online after the planned spring outage, complete with a brand new exhaust stack silencer for continued noise reduction.

Rebuilding Better

The wildfires of 2016 burned many Sevier County homes. But contractors are rebuilding better and smarter, thanks to TVA's EnergyRight.

10th Anniversary of 2011 Tornado Outbreak

April 27, 2011 started like any other mild spring day. But after three waves of severe storms and tornadoes struck the area, entire communities in the TVA region were devastated and the TVA system sustained the worst damage in its history.

Keeping Tabs on Local Carbon

A new partnership is aiming to help Tennessee Valley communities both better understand and act on their carbon emissions for the good of our environment.

Uplifting the Underserved

TVA’s award-winning Home Uplift program has helped more than 1,700 Valley residents to afford their energy bills while living comfortably — and the program has now been awarded for its efforts.

Ornamental but Invasive

Whether sprouting along a fence line or filling the cracks in sidewalks, you’re sure to come across them — non-native invasive plants. Did you know that many of them were initially welcomed as ornamental garden plants?

New TVA Sportfish Survey Reveals Healthy Catch

TVA fisheries biologists are performing a sportfish survey that's showing plenty of wall hangers and helping to track the progression (or lack thereof) of Asian silver carp.

DIY Volunteering on TVA Trails

Through a pandemic, TVA public land has saved our sanity. On Earth Day, it gives us a chance to make sure we are taking the best care possible of the place we call home — one volunteer at a time.

The Original Renewable Power

Clean hydro power is a big benefit of TVA’s longstanding River Management function. And though hydro power benefits are the same as they ever were, the way we manage the river has evolved significantly through the years. Here’s how.

Four Ways to Be More Eco-friendly

Looking for ways to go green for Earth Day this year? Consider adopting one or more of these eco-friendly practices and you'll do good while saving money.

Allen Timeline is Separate from Power Supplier Discussions

The following is a letter to the editor running in the Commercial Appeal as TVA’s response to a recent letter from U.S. Rep. Steve Cohen questioning our commitment to remediate the former Allen Fossil Plant site in Memphis.

TVA’s Mark Yates Honored by BMOM

On April 9, members of the 100 Black Men of Memphis (BMOM) honored several members who were recently recognized by the Memphis Business Journal in the Power 100 ranking of most influential business leaders.

Bald Eagle Population Quadruples — Thanks in Part to TVA Conservation Efforts

TVA has played a role in the restoration and conservation of the bald eagle throughout the Valley, particularly through efforts in water quality improvement in the Tennessee River where bald eagles forage for food.

Pickled Fish Spawn Eco Clues

Scientists at the University of Tennessee are exploring the guts and gills of pickled fish for answers to a pressing question: Do microplastics in the world’s freshwater streams pose a risk to public health and aquatic life?

TVA and NES to Aid Nashville Bombing Victims

The Christmas day bombing in Nashville damaged dozens of downtown buildings, affecting thousands of lives. See how NES and TVA are teaming up to provide assistance to qualified residences and businesses.

TVA’s CADNet Students Meet Telework Challenges with Success

TVA secured enough laptops and other equipment to ensure that CADNet could meet and exceed their customer’s expectations and students began working from home during the pandemic.

Watch: Melton Hill Dam Replaces 400k-Pound Turbine

TVA’s Power Service Shop hydro field team removed a 394,600 pound turbine at Melton Hill Dam last week as part of a scheduled upgrade to increase energy efficiency.

The Nuclear Option

TVA President and CEO Jeff Lyash explains why nuclear energy will become increasingly important to decarbonization, low rates, and high reliability. 

Tour the River Towns

Imagine a trail network that captures the natural beauty and unique history of the Tennessee River and its riverfront communities. A trail that puts you on the water, on a bike, hiking through the shoreline woods and stopping for a meal at the place the locals frequent.

Beyond the Numbers

Students participating in TVA’s Investment Challenge Program will remember 2020 for more than a pandemic. For many, it was a year they successfully navigated a global economic crisis to beat the S&P 500 Index. We caught up with Murray State professor Dr. Sunayan Acharya to learn more.

Powering On

In a greener energy future, clean nuclear plants will play a key role. That’s why TVA takes good care of its three-plant nuclear fleet. Here’s a window into the world of upgrades at Browns Ferry Nuclear Plant.

Reliability Matters. Last Month's Storm Shows Why

"Severe weather requires preparation, planning, and resources. TVA and its partner, MLGW, plan for events like last month and feel that reliability is at the core of our service." -TVA Vice President Western Region Mark Yates

TVA Donates Over 245,000 Bottles of Water to the Mid-South During Crisis

Many in the Mid-South were without drinking water last month. Hearing the call to action by members in the community, Yates pulled together a team and coordinated the delivery of 80,000 bottles of water in two semi-trucks

Former U.S. Olympic Athlete Sable Otey Joins the T.E.A.M.

The former U.S.A. Olympic bobsled athlete Sable Otey is the inspiration for superhero Solar Sally in TVA's new coloring book for kids.

Mark Yates Op-Ed: TVA’s Service During Recent Winter Weather Speaks for Itself

Mark Yates is the West Region Vice President for the Tennessee Valley Authority. This text originally appeared in The Daily Memphian.

TVA Nuclear Marks Decade of Progress Since Fukushima

In the ten years since the March 2011 Fukushima disaster in Japan, the U.S. nuclear energy industry has added safety and protective measures to prevent a similar incident at a U.S. facility.

Paradise, Reinvented

Three generations of employees experience the changes at TVA's Paradise plant.

Home Uplift Helps First-Time Memphis Homeowners Shoulder Utility Bills

TVA's Home Uplift program is helping homeowners keep the lights on.

TVA Champion Eleanor Roosevelt Becomes the Newest Barbie

Former first lady Eleanor Roosevelt is remembered fondly in history books, but a new endeavor is aiming to bring her into the homes of kids across the world.

Jeff Lyash Op-Ed: TVA Dedicated to Supplying Memphis with Reliable and Sufficient Energy in any Condition

Jeff Lyash discusses his commitment to supplying Memphis with reliable energy at any time.

TVA Donates Water for Memphis-Area Residents

In conjunction with local elected officials, community partners and businesses, TVA is donating over 80,000 bottles of water to support MLGW customers who are currently under a boil water alert due to local water pressure concerns.

Rising Waters and Anticipation

On March 15, TVA will incrementally raise the water level at Boone Dam by about two feet per week. By mid-summer, the lake is expected to be at or near the usual summer pool level as it existed prior to 2014. This marks the beginning of a testing period before returning the lake to normal operations in July 2022.

TVA Prepared for Unusual Weather

The weather in Memphis has been anything but normal. TVA is prepared and responding to current weather conditions and keeping the heat and lights on for Memphis and Shelby County.

Highlighting TVA's Value

Looking for the best value from your electricity provider? An independent assessment says TVA’s public power model is it!

TVA Ranked #2 Utility on Forbes 2021 Best Employers List

TVA has been named a top place to work on Forbes 2021 America’s Best Large Employers list. From the thousands of companies considered for this honor, only 500 made the final list with TVA debuting in the top 25% overall and second in the utility industry.

50 Years Later, How Would You Answer This Question?

In 1970, TVA’s Office of Information debuted a quarterly magazine, Tennessee Valley Perspective, for employees and retirees to report and interpret the changing nature of the region.

Community Care Fund is Powerful Outreach

From sanitizing equipment to children’s books, TVA's Community Care Fund is making a difference. TVA has partnered with 136 local power companies so far, supporting 415 organizations across our service territory with a combined total of $7.5 million in assistance.

More Charging Stations Help EV Owners

Tennessee’s planned installation of 50 new fast-charging stations is a big step for electric vehicle makers, manufacturers and EV owners, like Hannah Harper, who travels the state’s roadways.

Weekend Warriors Restore Power to 15,500

A traffic accident knocked out power to more than 15,500 in Oak Ridge, Tenn. TVA crews sprang into action, making high-voltage repairs, rebuilding transmission towers and resotring power within 48 hours.

A True Power Partnership

TVA is committed to bringing a system of recreational trails to the Tennessee Valley that stretches the entire 652-mile length of the Tennessee River.

Q&A With Mark Yates

A few questions and answers with Mark Yates, TVA’s regional vice president for the West Region.

Champions 4 Seniors NAACP Event a Success

When seniors needed help, a partnership between TVA and NAACP Memphis Branch brought the newest addition to Champion's Pharmacy into a Memphis neighborhood.

Life-Changing Comfort

Memphis resident Keisha Robinson found out how TVA’s Home Uplift helps families live comfortably by lowering power bills and improving energy efficiency.

TVA’s 2021 Engineer of the Year

TVA proudly recognizes the leadership and expertise of Ian Grant in awarding him the 2021 O. J. “Ike” Zeringue Engineer of the Year.

Vital Upgrades for a Lifetime of Memories

TVA’s Home Uplift program helps manufactured homeowners live more comfortably while improving their quality of life.

Colossal Crayfish Collection

Crayfish, crawdads, mudbugs, ditchbugs, mountain lobsters, or good eats. No matter what you call it, crayfish are an important bellwether species that TVA studies to measure aquatic health.

TVA Partnership Awards $64,000 in STEM Grants to Shelby County Schools

TVA, in partnership with Bicentennial Volunteers Incorporated, a TVA retiree organization, announced this week the award of $64,000 in grants to Shelby County educators in public schools to develop science, technology, engineering, and math education projects.

Spin, Spill and Sluice

Forget about a white Christmas; in the Valley, we had a wet one. In fact, the entire month of December was record-breaking in terms of rain. Thankfully, the River Forecasting Center was on hand to manage the raging river and prevent flooding.

Don't Look Down!

Inspectors climbed each of the 1,000-foot stacks at Kingston Fossil Plant in December to check the condition of the structure. This inspection is part of TVA’s Civil Inspection Program that ensures the integrity of infrastructure at the site.

Champions 4 Seniors Helps with Pharmacy Needs

TVA collaborated with Champion’s Pharmacy and Herb Store in South Memphis to bring the Champions 4 Seniors project to senior citizens to help with their pharmaceutical needs.

TVA Names Mark Yates as Regional VP for Memphis, West region

Mark Yates of Memphis will be TVA’s regional vice president for the West Region. He brings experience and expertise in business, finance, industrial relations, economic development, government, and community relations.

If This Bridge Could Talk

Every day for more than a century, thousands of cars have passed over the historic Wilson Dam bridge. After 102 years of weather, wear and tear, it’s no wonder the bridge was finally in need of repair.

A Record Year for Rainfall

The Tennessee Valley recorded 70.36 inches of average rainfall as of Dec. 31, 2020, making 2020 its wettest year in history.

Recycle that Christmas Tree—The Right Way

There are numerous ways to recycle your live Christmas tree, but don’t just chuck it in one of our reservoirs! There’s a right way and a wrong way to dispose of it.

Coat Drive Helps Memphis Children

TVA and Nation Enrichment Projects hosted a holiday drive-thru coat giveaway, providing 650 new winter coats to elementary-aged children.

Driving Innovation

Did you know the average EV driver can save up to $1,000 in fuel costs every year? Read more about how TVA's EV Initiative anticipates growing the number of EVs across the Valley to over 200,000 by 2028.

Another 2020 First—Wettest Ever

2020 is now officially the wettest year ever recorded in the Tennessee Valley. TVA has now managed three straight years of record rainfall.

A Better Nesting Place

Ospreys will have new, safer places to nest near Watts Bar Nuclear Plant this spring, thanks to an ongoing project to move them away from nesting on TVA structures.

Holiday Help for Veterans in Need

Just in time for the holidays, TVA staff delivered essential facility needs, $25 Superlo Grocery food cards, and other supplies to Alpha Omega Veterans Services to support veterans housed at their five facilities in Memphis.

Thanksgiving Care Cards Given to Neighbors in Need

The TVA Memphis and Allen Fossil site teams worked with local community partners to families and community members in need during the holiday season.

Donation and Volunteers Make Holidays Brighter

TVA staff delivered a donation for $10,000 and volunteered at a Memphis Toys for Tots location, supporting local efforts to spread holiday cheer.

New Podcast: Clean Energy and Rural America's Economic Rebound

Representatives from TVA, Google, and Origis Energy recently came together for an episode on the Currents Podcast from Norton Rose Fulbright.

Permitting Success

In the Tennessee Valley, the Section 26a permitting process serves as a vital link between TVA and property owners on the Tennessee River. Read more about the TVA staff supporting this work.

The Final Stack Falls

As part of the ongoing Widows Creek Fossil Plant demolition project, the final and largest stack, topping 1,000-feet, was safely imploded on Dec 3, 2020.

Provide Feedback on Next Steps at Allen Fossil Plant Site

TVA invites you to review its pre-recorded virtual public open house on the next steps regarding the safe removal and long-term storage of coal ash from the Allen Fossil Plant.

3D Printing Goes Nuclear

TVA will load four new 3D-printed fuel assembly brackets at its Browns Ferry nuclear power plant next spring. The brackets will be the first of their kind loaded into a commercial reactor and demonstrate the latest innovations in additive manufacturing and artificial intelligence.

More Than $40 Million in 2020

Despite challenges from the pandemic, TVA delivered cost savings and community support totaling more than $40 million for the people of Memphis so far this year.

Keeping it Small, Keeping it Local

TVA remains committed to its mission of serving the people of the Tennessee Valley, even in the toughest of times. Supporting small, diverse and local businesses is part of that commitment, and TVA spent more than 46% of its supplier spend with small and diverse businesses in fiscal year 2020—a total of more than $1.2 billion.

Know Your Boundaries

TVA manages 293,000 acres of public land, so it’s important that its 6,200 miles of boundaries be easily identified. Learn more about how we make our boundaries more visible.

High-Speed Fiber Blitz

TVA is stretching 2,700 miles of high-speed fiber across the Tennessee Valley in an effort to build a modernized electric grid. The $300-million investment is enhancing both transmission capability and security through the integration of emerging technologies.

Coming Home to Oxford

More residents can find affordable housing in Oxford, Mississippi, thanks to a partnership with the city, builder, local power company and TVA.

Fly Fishing’s Unlikely Following

Millennials are described as being multitaskers who are achievement-oriented. Fishing, specifically fly fishing, was partly an answer to social distancing prompted by COVID-19. The sport has seen a surge among young anglers in the Tennessee Valley.

Protecting What's Left

The term Native American often evokes images of the Cherokee tribe and its history throughout the Tennessee Valley. But there are more than 20 Native American tribes that once called this region home, like the Muscogee Creek Nation.

Join the EVolution

TVA is taking a big step toward enabling more people to confidently choose electric vehicles in the Tennessee Valley. Supporting the development of EVs fits right in with TVA’s mission of service to the people who live and work in the region.

Stewardship of Sacred Sites

TVA’s archaeologists and federally recognized Indian tribes worked to develop a plan for conducting limited archaeological excavation of a site located in Jackson County, Alabama.

TVA Donation Supports Minority Contractor Training Program

TVA has awarded $871,000 to Tennessee Urban League Affiliates to continue offering the Building Futures Minority Contractor Training program in 2021. The program helps recruit and train interested minority contractors on improving home energy efficiency.

Colorful Kindling Sparks the Need for Campfire Safety

Saying “goodbye summer, hello fall” shouldn’t lower caution for fire hazards — it should increase it.

Minority Report

TVA uses small veteran- and minority-owned securities firms to sell its bonds, and gains a more diverse investor base as well as fresh perspectives.

Reconnecting With the Past

An upcoming project to safely relocate coal ash around Gallatin Fossil Plant is also offering a rare opportunity to help reconnect family members to loved ones who are buried in cemeteries around the fossil plant property.

Doing the Right Work

Despite the challenge of a pandemic and the need to keep everyone safe and healthy across the Valley while effectively operating the power system, employee efforts made FY20 a best ever performance year for TVA customers.

Creepy Tunnel at Norris

Just in time for Halloween, researchers at Norris have uncovered a spooky tunnel replete with spider webs, dark corners and mice.

One Bee at a Time

Trotter Bluff Small Wild Area is a perfect place for a short, wooded hike along the water. It soon will have another claim to fame as a home to a colorful collection of flowers and grasses that will help feed hungry pollinators.

Your Favorite Places Need Your Help

On nice days in the Tennessee Valley, individuals and families flock to TVA public lands to enjoy nature, but many of them also check the condition of their favorite place, and perhaps pick up trash, trim up branches and lend nature a helping hand. These are the volunteers of TVA’s Adopt a Spot and Adopt a Trail programs, and there’s room for you.

TVA Invests in Local Communities

TVA’s unique, long-standing mission of service focuses on much more than just energy. TVA and its more than 10,000 employees are committed – each and every day – to improving the quality of life for communities and people across the Tennessee Valley.

Partnership Helps Customers and Communities

Knoxville Utilities Board issues resolution highlighting the partnership with TVA on COVID-19 response in support of Valley residents and businesses.

TVA Refurbishes Historic Source of Green Power

When TVA restores one of the hydro units inside it's storied hydroelectric fleet, it adds green megawatts in the process. Take a look inside Pickwick Dam.

TVA Legal Pros Help Residents off ‘Treadmill of Trouble’

TVA attorneys help Tennessee Valley residents expunge their records of minor infractions of the law, such as speeding tickets. The hope? To help beneficiaries get and keep good housing and good jobs.

TVA’s Solar Champion

One of our own — Chris Hansen — has been recognized by the Tennessee Solar Energy Industries Association with its 2020 Solar Champion Award.

TVA’s Pro Bono Legal Services Help Memphians in Need

TVA recently announced that it has launched its first pro bono program, Generating Justice, to provide free legal assistance in local communities.

STEM Grants for K-12 Tennessee Valley Educators Now Open

STEM Classroom grants are back for the 2020-21 school year. Applications are open now and close October 16.

Serving the Valley - Your Child’s Profession Awaits

Spending time outside is fun, but it can be educational, too. Read about three TVA employees who turned their passion for the outdoors into rewarding careers stewarding the Valley's natural resources.

Happy Rain Year!

TVA experienced record rainfall for fiscal year 2020—and we’re on track for a calendar year record, too.

Fall into Energy Savings with EnergyRight

With temperatures dropping, we turn up thermostats to stay comfortable in our homes and businesses. That makes it a great time to think about how to keep electric bills low.

Jobs Rising as Emissions Fall

Facebook, Amazon and Volkswagen are some of the well-known job creators that have located operations inside the Tennessee Valley. TVA's clean energy mix can supply these businesses for the long haul, creating jobs and economic growth.

Building the Future

TVA will participate in a diverse partnership opportunity of utilities and research organizations, joining the EPRI Low-Carbon Resources Initiative. The group will advance clean power and decarbonization technologies for the 2030 to 2050 timeframe.

TVA: A Top Employer in Tennessee and Beyond

TVA is at the top of Forbes magazine's 2020 list of best employers in the State of Tennessee — it's a great place to work.

Logs and Tires and Trash, Oh My!

The ongoing construction project at Boone Dam is nearing a major milestone—the rise of the reservoir levels for the winter. Hundreds of volunteers supported the annual cleanup day to get the reservoir ready for more water.

Better Than Before

Excess materials from a TVA Dam Safety project saved one Tennessee county more than $70,000 in construction costs at an area school.

I Spy Biodiversity

TVA helps protect the Valley’s waterways and biodiversity by monitoring water quality. Teams of biologists also provide educational outreach that teaches Valley residents about the incredible aquatic biodiversity in their backyards.

Social Distancing Meets Autumn Travel

Ready for some social distance? Use the Tennessee River Valley MapGuide to plan your next adventure and add some new places in the Valley to your fall travel traditions.

Proudly Keeping Score

For the 15th straight year, TVA tops the list of utilities for its economic development success. Site Selection magazine has honored TVA in its annual recognition of the country’s leaders in economic development

TVA Upgrades Its Gas Fleet

TVA's gas fleet “changes its tires” starting with new system upgrades at Magnolia Combined Cycle Plant.

Retirees Donate to Feed More Memphians

The TVA Retirees Association, Memphis Chapter, made a donation of $10,000 to the Mid-South Food Bank. This donation builds off the $100,000 contribution TVA made last fall to create six Healthy School Pantries in local schools.

Coping With COVID — Outside

After COVID-19 hit the U.S., it became evident that TVA’s 11,000 miles of shoreline and numerous recreation areas were providing more than just economic benefits to the Valley.

Hunger in the Time of COVID

Food insecurity is tough and affects thousands in the Tennessee Valley each month. Add a global pandemic and food banks are struggling to keep up with those who need help. TVA employees are pitching in to help.

Look but Don’t Touch Artifacts on TVA Public Lands

Three years of record rainfall have caused extensive erosion and flooding along the Tennessee River banks and public lands. TVA reminds public lands users to leave artifacts right where they are.

You, Naturalist

TVA participates in the BioBlitz to identify and add new species to the amazing biodiversity already found in the Tennessee Valley. We can't do this work alone, so download the iNaturalist app and join us!

Let's Meet Again—Virtually

TVA is building on the success of its first virtual open house about Bull Run Fossil Plant with another virtual community event on September 24, 2020.

TVA Statement on the RFP Process

TVA respects and supports MLGW’s decision to pursue an RFP as it looks to its long-term energy supplier. We are excited about the opportunity to put the facts on the table and prove that our partnership with MLGW is the best option.

Innovative Inspections

Using lightning fast drone technology, the scrubber at Cumberland Fossil Plant was inspected in a matter of hours, not weeks--saving time and money for critical maintenance.

The Carp are Jumping!

Asian silver carp — known for jumping in large schools when stimulated by watercraft vibrations — can multiply quickly and disrupt river ecosystems. The invasive species is already established in Kentucky and Pickwick reservoirs.

Welch in Memphis Business Journal's 40 under 40

TVA is pleased to announce the selection of Community Relations Program Manager, Latrivia Welch, into the Memphis Business Journal’s 40 Under 40 class of 2020!

The Not-So-Common Harebell

Hovering 200 feet over the Tennessee River, TVA uses new technology find a centuries-old species new to the region, and a new way to survey sensitive species in their native habitats.

TVA Response to Executive Order

We understand and support today’s Executive Order. We want to ensure that U.S. employees have good opportunities through our employment and supply chain practices. We look forward to working with the White House, continuing a dialogue and supporting future policies in this direction.

Virtually Viewing the Valley

Virtual site tours allow business leaders from as far away as Japan, Germany and California to consider location options in the Tennessee Valley without ever boarding a plane.

Snakes on a... Transformer?

Dealing with wildlife is a big part of transmission and substation maintenance. TVA addresses issues with snakes, squirrels, birds, rats or raccoons to keep the power flowing.

Flexible Generation Grows Throughout the Valley

TVA has planted the seed of flexibility throughout the Valley, and is now watching new projects flourish within the public power model as local power companies move to create their own generation.

TVA Launches Another Virtual Tool to Stay Engaged with Communities We Serve

TVA is hosting its first ever virtual open house to share information regarding our efforts at the Bull Run Fossil Plant as we prepare for closure in 2023.

Partners in Sustainability

Sustainability remains a key area of focus at TVA. Read the new Sustainability Report for a progress report on the partnerships that build a stronger, more sustainable future.

Bull Run's Future = Economic Development

TVA brings its expertise in economic and community development to imagine the possibilities for the future of the Bull Run Fossil Plant.

Modernizing TVA's IT Organization

Computers and how they are used to manage our lives and businesses have changed significantly over the past 30 years. TVA's IT organization is evolving to best take advantage of that innovation.

Supporting Virus-Killing Technology

TVA will provide incentives to businesses and schools to install UV-C germicidal lights that remove viruses, like COVID-19, and bacteria from indoor air.

There's TVA History in Your Garden

Today's flourishing "Victory Gardens" can trace their roots to the very beginnings of TVA, and its work to help the Tennessee Valley's farmers get back on their feet in the '30s.

More Value for Memphis

Memphis is important to TVA. We are prepared to act on TVA’s proposals and partner with MLGW and the City to deliver up to $2 billion of value over the next 20 years to the people and businesses of Memphis.

Meet Beth Jenkins: Watts Bar Nuclear’s New Plant Manager

Watts Bar Nuclear Plant gets a new female manager in Beth Jenkins, a nuclear engineer with plenty of good experience and the support of her mentors and teammates.

Choose Savings, Not Rate Increases

TVA estimates MLGW would end up spending approximately $261 million a year more if it leaves TVA, likely boosting rates by over 20%.

A Race Against Time

TVA mentors worked with students from Chattanooga Preparatory School in a literal race against time and COVID-19 while designing and assembling an electric car to race in the Green Spaces Chattanooga Grand Prix.

Summer Adventure? Check; Trash Bag? Check, Check!

Headed to the lake for some summer adventures? Remember your trash bags and gloves for the #trashtag challenge!

Solar, Solar Everywhere

In an unprecedented move, TVA opens the door for local power companies to generate their own electricity to meet unique customer needs, paving the way for a new solar boom.

New Coal Ash Storage on Hold at Bull Run

TVA is withdrawing its permits for a new dry storage landfill at Bull Run Fossil Plant. Future storage needs will center around closure options for the existing ash and gypsum.

Trailing into Summer

In honor of National Trails Day, TVA spotlights its many miles of trails throughout the month of June.

There’s an App for That

Want to know what’s happening on the Tennessee River system? Need lake information at your fingertips? You’ve got it: just download TVA’s Lake Levels ap

TVA Dams Avert $1.6 Billion in Flood Damages

The numbers are in. TVA’s River Forecast Center estimates about $1.6 billion in flood damages were averted while the Tennessee River swelled due to the wettest February in TVA’s recorded history. PLUS: Video stories from the heart of the flooding.

TVA Employees Teach Girls to Be UnBought and UnBossed

Two TVA employees — Nicci Brewer and Kayla Verner-Dingle — were honored by Girls Inc. at the UnBought and UnBossed Awards.

Nolichucky Upgrade

A new spill gate at one of TVA’s oldest dams will allow better access and greater safety through more accurate inspections.

Asian Carp: It’s What’s for Dinner

We’ve all heard about Asian carp and know the nuisance these flying fish can be in our lakes and rivers. But step back for a moment and think of Asian carp in a whole new way—as tasty table fare.

TVA Celebrates 100th Home Energy Uplift in Nashville

In January, Beverly Truett of North Nashville became the 100th homeowner to receive energy upgrades through the Home Energy Uplift (HEU) pilot program aimed at providing whole-home energy improvements to low-income families in the Nashville area.

Highway to…. Hellbender!

While conducting fish sampling in Cane Creek, a tributary to Great Falls Reservoir, TVA biologists found and collected a baby salamander known as a hellbender.

TVA Opens New Gates at Nolichucky Dam

A newly constructed spill gate at TVA’s Nolichucky Dam is allowing TVA to lower the reservoir behind the dam to conduct more thorough dam safety inspections.

Green is the Future of Airports

For over 10 years John Naylor, Chattanooga Airport Authority vice president of Airport Planning, has been quietly leading the renewable energy revolution in the aviation industry — and achieving a first-in-the-nation sustainability milestone.

Wall-Crawling Robots Something out of Science Fiction

Innovative robotic technology is aiding TVA's generation outage inspections in new ways, generating accurate readings while saving the company time and money.

Safer, Swifter Dam Inspections

New sonar technology lets Dam Safety inspectors see on and around dams to identify potential problems without ever leaving the boat.

The Weather Channeler

TVA’s senior program manager of Short-Term Load Planning and in-house meteorologist Jeff House keeps the agency’s operations lean and mean by accurately reporting the hourly weather 24 hours in advance.

Caution: Dam Dangers

With the record rains of the last week, reservoirs levels are high and many dams in the TVA system are spilling water, creating potentially dangerous conditions for heedless recreational users.

Sharing Secrets of the Past

From rock art to historic buildings and burial sites, the Tennessee Valley is full of reminders that it has been a great place to live for thousands of years.

Weatherproofing Works

TVA’s Extreme Energy Makeovers program has made a big difference in the lives of low income ratepayers. Now, thanks to involvement from local power companies, communities and federal programs, the good work will continue.

More Air Down There

TVA is upgrading oxygen diffuser systems at several of its large power-producing dams, which will benefit fish and mussels, and may allow for the reintroduction of some threatened and endangered species.

Getting Voltage Just Right

TVA has embarked on an ambitious conservation voltage regulation (CVR) program. Sound like technical jargon? Maybe. But this acronym’s out to save you money on your energy bills.

TVA Employees Are Ready to Respond

TVA’s robust Emergency Response Training program — housed in a new multipurpose training center — ensures that employees are ready to deal with fires, hazardous materials leaks, health crises, accidents and more.

Ocoee Whitewater Rafting Open for Recreation

COVID-19 is not throwing cold water on the 2020 Ocoee whitewater rafting season.

TVA Lakes Dominate Bassmaster’s Top 25 Bass Fisheries in Southeast

Clean water, careful management, aquatic plants and southern hospitality create the perfect recipe that make Tennessee Valley lakes some of the best bass fisheries in the nation and across the entire Southeast.

Machinist Apprenticeship Program at TVA Fills Skills Gap

Electricians, pipefitters, boilermakers — almost every trade has an apprenticeship program at TVA. But when we had trouble finding machinists, TVA partnered with Northwest-Shoals Community College and Johnson Contractors to start a new training program.

Rare Orchids Get a Health Check

White fringeless orchids — a threatened species — were given a new lease on life on a TVA power line right of way earlier this year. When scientists paid a recent visit to the site, they found flowers blooming.

Preparing for the New Operations Center in Georgetown, Tenn.

Taking TVA into the future, the new operations center will offer technological innovation and power reliability in a changing marketplace.

TVA Water Trail Maps Now at Bass Pro at the Pyramid

Vacation planners in the Memphis area can find inspiration for a beautiful getaway by checking out TVA’s set of water trail guides, which can now be found stocked at the downtown Bass Pro.

Duck, Duck Goose

The Tennessee Valley—located as it is in the east coast migration flyway zone—is the perfect place for hunting waterfowl. Here, five TVA hunting experts share their best tips for bagging the birds.

Solar Is Shining in the Valley

With a slew of recent solar growth, TVA stands poised to triple its solar portfolio by 2021.

TVA Partnership Safely Relocates Osprey Nest

When osprey built a nest atop an electric pole in Guntersville, Alabama, and endangered both newborn chicks and power service for customers of Arab Electric Coop, TVA and partners took swift action to save the day.

TVA Releases Ancient Fish into Tennessee Waters

The Lake Sturgeon of North America coexisted with the dinosaurs — and thrived in the Tennessee Valley until the 1960s, when it went nearly extinct in local waters. Now, it's making an amazing comeback.

Count the Birds This Christmas

Think beyond swans a-swimming, geese a-laying, calling birds, French hens and turtledoves—join the Audubon Christmas Bird Count and do your part for citizen science this year.

Power to the People

In line with its mission of service, TVA is making up to $1 billion of credit support available to the Valley's local power companies to help keep power flowing to those affected by COVID-19.

Plan a Safe Spring Adventure With MapGuide

Although COVID-19 has triggered cancellations of festivals and gatherings for now, spring continues to unfold… and you can still enjoy it!

Tornado Damage Repair Continues

TVA crews continue repairing and rebuilding transmission structures while supporting our neighbors after deadly tornadoes occurred in Middle Tennessee on March 3, 2020.

TVA Spruces Up UL, NAACP Buildings To Boost Home Uplift Program

TVA’s EnergyRight® group is working with non-profit agencies in Memphis, supporting efforts to bring more weatherization services to town through the Home Uplift initiative.

Safe and Smart About Coal Ash

TVA is doing more than ever before to monitor and protect groundwater near its coal ash storage sites, including at the Cumberland Fossil Plant—TVA’s largest coal-fired plant.

Walking in a Winter Wonderland

Winter land condition assessments help TVA’s Natural Resource group discourage illegal and destructive behavior while planning positive actions that will improve the environment.

TVA Adopts the Code of Excellence

TVA and the Trades and Labor Council for Annual Employees of the Tennessee Valley Authority are proud to adopt the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers’ Code of Excellence.

Modern Pricing = Lower Bills in Extreme Weather

Who doesn’t want to save money? With TVA’s upcoming rate change, you may well be paying less during the hottest and coldest months of the year.

Understanding EV Charging Patterns

TVA, along with Nashville Electric Service (NES) and Middle Tennessee Electric Membership Corporation (MTEMC), are collaborating with Fleetcarma to better understand electric vehicle charging through a two-year program called Smart Charge Nashville.

TVA Launches STEM Website for Teachers, Students and Lifelong Learners

The workforce of tomorrow will demand more education in science, technology, engineering and math. To help young students engage in STEM learning that will see them through a lifetime, TVA has launched a new website: STEMready.

TVA Highlights Resolute Forest Products for Environmental Excellence

Resolute Forest Products in Calhoun, Tenn., and Grenada, Miss., were recognized recently by TVA for significantly lowering their carbon emission rates in calendar year 2016.

TVA Helped Make the Digital World Possible

TVA, quartz and computer chips. What do they have in common with the digital revolution? Without TVA you might not be reading this article—or anything else—on your laptop, iPad or mobile phone. Learn more.

TVA Employees Train to Fight Fire

In the energy business, the threat of fire is all too real. But highly trained teams of TVA employees are on hand in powerhouses to thwart threats before they turn into major incidents.

Topwater Time on the Tennessee

It’s topwater time on the Tennessee—the wonderful fish-slamming window where amateur and professional anglers can dance topwater lures across the surface to take advantage of bass feeding frenzies.

Top of Her Class

TVA’s Heidi Smith, general manager of global business for TVA, has been named among the top 50 economic developers of the year for her unflinching commitment to not only success, but service too.

The Power of Community

What once was a landfill off I-65 is now the site of Nashville’s first community solar park, aptly named “Music City Solar.”

The Man Who Made the Digital World Possible

In 1951, in a tiny corner of North Carolina, geologist Mason K. Banks filed a patent on behalf of TVA for a new method of mining mica and feldspar. His discovery would lead to the development of the microchip.

Sharing the Talents of TVA with Students

Over the next seven months, employees from Generation, Construction, Projects & Services will host a group of Chattanooga Girls Leadership Academy (CGLA) students with monthly mentoring opportunities.

Serving the People of the Valley and Beyond

More than 80 TVA employees came to the aid of Duke Energy in the wake of Hurricane Florence, helping to restore power to 1.8 million Carolina residents hardest hit by the storm.

Rembrandt Conservator Works to Restore Historic TVA Mural

In preparing Norris Dam for an influx of visitors during its 80th anniversary, TVA employees uncovered a beautiful—but very damaged—Robert Birdwell mural. Now efforts are underway to restore it.

Powering Jobs

Greg Goza, winner of TVA’s 2018 Ike Zeringue Engineer of the Year award, knew at an early age that he was born to be an engineer. Today, he puts his skills to work helping to bring thousands of high-paying jobs to our region.

Norris Mural Makes an Amazing Comeback

When a heavily damaged mural by Robert Birdwell was discovered at Norris Dam in 2016, it was unclear whether the painting could be saved. It could, and it was, in an amazing process that restored the work of art to its former glory.

MTEMC Breaking Solar Barriers

Middle Tennessee Electric Membership Corporation (MTEMC), the second-largest electric co-op in the nation, is building a cleaner future by eliminating solar barriers for their members. Learn more.

More Stable Rates in the Valley

TVA is proposing a new rate structure that will help families by making power rates more stable.

Memphis Thanks TVA at Allen Event

TVA's newly dedicated state-of-the-art Allen Combined Cycle gas plant represents a $1 billion investment in—and commitment to—the greater Memphis/West Tennessee area.

Ingenuity Wins

Faced with a cranky 1930s substation in need of service, two TVA employees get creative about how to keep power flowing so repairs can happen.

Helping Farmers Thrive

TVA’s EnergyRight Solutions program is offering incentives for farmers to trade their diesel irrigation systems in for electric ones. One farmer who did saw a 250 percent increase in his crop yield.

Fort Loudoun Dam Project Completes TVA Nuclear Flood Protection Work

TVA teams have worked together to complete a multi-year, multi-division project that increases public safety, dam safety and nuclear safety if the most extreme of weather events ever hits the Tennessee Valley.

Duck River’s Community Solar Vision

What started with 111 people has grown into a community solar solution that 1.4 million Valley residents can enjoy. Learn more about Duck River EMC’s solar leaders.

Doing Our Part to Help Others

It’s been 50 years since the loss of the visionary leader, Martin Luther King, Jr., but his words still ring true. “Life’s most persistent and urgent question is: What are you doing for others?” We take that question to heart.

Cold Weather Makes Valley Waterfowl Hunting Red Hot

The Tennessee Valley—located in the Mississippi Flyway Zone—is the perfect place for hunting waterfowl. Get out and enjoy time with your family and friends.

Get a Handle on the Heat

Summer temperatures in the Tennessee Valley are sweltering. Will we have enough electricity to beat the heat? The TVA manager in charge of forecasting electricity load says: “Absolutely.”

Busting the Top 5 Rate Myths

As the marketplace evolves, TVA will continue to keep the 9 million people of the Tennessee Valley at the center of all we do. We have to set the record straight by debunking some of the myths surrounding this rate change.

Boiler Makers

TVA’s elite group of problem-solving boiler inspectors travel the Valley, working in small spaces to offer big support to the generation fleet.

A Green Turn of Events

Big or small, the Electric Power Board of Chattanooga can help make your wedding, reunion or convention eco-friendly. Learn how you can use EPB’s Solar Share to protect the environment and have a great, green event.

A Bright Future for the Tennessee Valley with Facebook

TVA announces a large solar build out for new renewable energy to support Facebook’s $750 million data center in Huntsville, Ala.

MLGW & TVA Partner for $400,000 Donation to Memphis COVID-19 Response

TVA and MLGW will partner with Memphis-area nonprofit organizations to donate $400,000 in support of initiatives that address hardships created by the COVID-19 pandemic.

TVA Taps Distilleries for Hand Sanitizer

Distilleries around the world are blending alcohol into hand sanitizer and disinfectant spray. To keep employees safe on the job, TVA has tapped the region’s distilleries, securing thousands of gallons of cleaner and hand gels.

Celebrate More Than 80 Years of TVA Lake Fun

On May 18, 2020, TVA celebrates its 87th anniversary. Read more about how outdoor recreation in the seven state region has evolved since the early days of TVA.

On the Road to a Greener Future

General Motors teams with TVA to power its Spring Hill manufacturing plant with solar energy.

Questions and Answers on the Future of the Bull Run Fossil Plant Site

In 2019, TVA’s Board of Directors voted to retire the Bull Run Fossil Plant by the end of 2023. Read TVA’s answers to recent questions about the future of the site, including the storage of coal combustion residuals (coal ash and gypsum).

Economic Development Success in Memphis

Helping businesses to locate, stay or expand their operations in the Memphis area is part of TVA’s mission. Since 2012, TVA has worked with Memphis to help attract or retain 40,300 jobs and over $5 billion in capital investments.

Time to Choose Facts, Not Wishful Thinking

TVA believes the public power model is the best value and most affordable option for electricity in Memphis and across the Valley. We are committed to making sure Memphians have all the facts, despite promises of savings from others.

A Chance to Help and Have Fun, Too!

Are you bored at home? Looking for a creative and interesting outlet? Maybe it’s time you signed up to become a Citizen Archivist.

Help for Memphians with High Energy Bills with LIHEAP

TVA EnergyRight® has joined with local power companies to launch a resource that helps Memphis families in need find information more easily about federal funds available through the Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program.

Find Help with Energy Bills

TVA EnergyRight has joined with local power companies to launch a resource that helps Valley families in need find information more easily about federal funds available through the Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program.

Cybersecurity: The New First Line of Defense

In the face of ever-increasing cybersecurity threats worldwide, TVA operates a state-of-the-art Cybersecurity Operations Center within its Chattanooga office complex.

Breathe Easy on Earth Day

On Earth Day … and every day … TVA strives to reduce carbon emissions. Now we're leading the industry in carbon reductions, competitiveness and accounting. Read more about what we're doing to keep air clean.

Site Selectors Agree: Best States for Doing Business Are Located in the Valley

TVA’s Senior Vice President of Economic Development, John Bradley, explains why Tennessee Valley states consistently offers the best environment for doing business.

Make a Green Switch for Earth Day

We’re celebrating the 20th anniversary of the Green Switch program by making more available for less — now you now can buy 200 kWh blocks of renewable energy for just $2 apiece.

New and Improved Kentucky Lock on the Way

TVA and the Army Corps of Engineers are cooperating to build a modern lock at Kentucky Dam that’s tailored to today’s barge traffic.

Hunters Welcome!

Looking for a place to pursue your passion for hunting? TVA's undeveloped lands are great places to pursue the time-honored sport—and build memories that will last a lifetime. Here are hunting tips from TVA experts, who tell you how to get the most from your trip.

Never a Better Time to #thankalineman

TVA's linemen and women work day and night in sunshine and shadow bring power to nearly 10 million people in the Valley. We commit to thanking them -- today and every day.

COVID-19: How TVA Is Helping the Valley

Since the TVA Act was first signed in 1933, our job has been to help the people of the Valley through times of trouble. Now, we’re doing what we can to help stop the spread of COVID-19.

Watts Bar “Bee-Team” Saves Swarming Hive

When a swarm of bees descended on Watts Bar Nuclear Plant, one beekeeping employee knew just what to do. Thanks to his know-how and connections, these important pollinators are surviving and thriving today.

Wintertime Transmission: Bag the Sag

Polar vortexes and arctic blasts are winter conditions that bring dangerously cold temperatures to the region. But for TVA’s 16,000 miles of transmission lines, frosty weather carries an offsetting benefit—more capacity.

You Can Rely on Her

Marjorie Parsons—the first woman to be named Ike Zeringue Engineer of the Year—is a vigilant guardian of the transmission system, working hard to maintain reliability for the people of the Valley and beyond.

Saving Rare Beauties

The Tennessee Valley's sheer biodiversity means it includes endangered and threatened species. TVA helps care for such species in many ways. Here's an example: a rare, lovely orchid.

Cold Air, Tall Plume

How cold air causes coal-fired power plants to operate at optimum efficiency. PLUS: An experiment you can try for yourself at home.

Saving America’s Great Southern Grasslands

Prior to the 1930s, the Southeast was a mosaic of forests, woodlands, wetlands and grasslands — some covering millions of acres. The loss of these open habitats is a threat to biodiversity. Learn about a new partnership to study and expand Southern grasslands.

Rings of Truth

The work of Dr. Florence Hawley, a 30s-era TVA dendrochronologist, gains new relevance as TVA and University of Tennessee scientists draw on her work to assess future weather impacts in the Tennessee Valley.

Let this “MapGuide” Lead You to Lovely New Places

Looking for Tennessee Valley fun? We suggest you visit National Geographic's Tennessee River Valley MapGuide, a web site dedicated to the best places to see, stay and eat in the region.

Growing Strong

TVA Natural Resources professionals are working together with the University of Tennessee on a partnership project that is reminiscent of a hallmark piece of TVA’s original stewardship mission: reforestation.

Friendly Fire

Spring and fall are prime time for prescribed fires across the Tennessee Valley. Any fire may look alarming, but TVA carefully uses these controlled burns to improve our region’s wildlife habitat.

Bees and Butterflies Find New Native Habitat

Pollinators — beautiful, important links in our food chain — find themselves welcome at the Collins River Prairie, a peaceful oasis beneath power lines.

Matching Millions for Communities in Need

TVA and the Valley's local power companies announce a new initiative designed to provide matching funds to new or existing initiatives designed to support or sustain quality of life in our region.

Kingston – A Legacy of Promises Kept

When a coal ash impoundment at Kingston Fossil Plant ruptured 10 years ago, TVA responded immediately — and made a commitment to the Kingston community to restore the area to as good or better as it ever was.

Hike into the New Year

We all do it—we make a resolution vowing to improve our health habits in the new year. What better time to get started than on New Year’s Day? Here’s how to have fun and stay safe while hiking.

Whither the Weather

For a meteorologist at the nation’s largest public utility, there’s a lot riding on the line. Forecasts help determine which generation assets go online so you can stay warm—at the lowest cost—on the coldest days.

The “Plugged In” City

It’s the little city that’s driving big change. Find out how Chattanooga, Tenn., is becoming a model for electric transportation in the Tennessee Valley and—perhaps—across the country.

The Perfect Wave

TVA has long been known for keeping the lights on reliably 99.999% of the time. Theo Laughner, TVA’s 2017 Ike Zeringue Engineer of the Year, sets a new standard of excellence that keeps industry coming to the Valley.

Making Life Better

TVA’s mission is to help make lives better. And how do they do it? We sat down with TVA Chief Financial Officer and Executive Vice President John Thomas who had the answer: “Low rates.”

How Green Is Our Valley?

With sustainability becoming more important as an economic development recruiting tool, TVA amps its region with the Valley Sustainable Communities program.

Colorful Autumn Hikes

The Tennessee Valley is at its best when fall brings out glorious color in the trees. Here are six spectacular hikes that even the most jaded leafers will absolutely love.

Clean Water, New Fish

Welcome to the Valley! TVA aquatic biologists introduce a new fish species in tributary streams to the Duck River in middle Tennessee: the Tennessee Logperch (Percina apina).

Barging In

Wondering what the safest, cleanest and most economical mode of industrial transportation is? It's the barge—and the waters of the Tennessee River provide safe passage for billions of dollars of goods each year.

Valley Sustainable Communities

What does it mean to be a Valley Sustainable Community? It means meeting a triple bottom line: healthy environment, thriving community and economic prosperity.

Stay Cool, Save Money

Temperatures are on the rise, but that doesn't mean your electric bill has to go up in lockstep. Get smart about your energy use to keep your AC running and your bill under control.

TVA’s World-Class Wonders

Among the lands and lakes TVA manages lie five shining gems: recreation destinations that draw visitors from around the world. Here’s why they deserve a spot on your bucket list.

TVA Shops Small

When you’re the nation’s largest public power company, you do a lot of purchasing. To boost the Valley economy, TVA stayed focused on procuring goods and services from small businesses in 2016—over a billion dollars’ worth.

TVA Prepares Rural Leaders to Bring Home Jobs

How TVA Economic Development is making a difference for the Valley’s smallest and most challenged communities by training a field of educated and informed pros ready to recruit new business.

How You Can Help to Conserve Water

With much of the Valley experiencing a heat wave, conserving water is more important than ever. You can reduce your family's water use by up to 35 percent by following these simple steps.

Gearing Up for Success

Today, the Tennessee Valley is ranked as one of the best places for general manufacturing. Why? Is it the low cost of living? Tax-friendly environment? Skilled workforce? Competitive utilities? Try all of the above.

Bringing Back the Bats

Several species of bats are flying onto the threatened and endangered species lists at alarming speed. That’s why TVA has installed artificial roost habitats intended to boost bat populations in the Valley.

Delivering Reliable Power 24/7

As communities take action to slow the spread of COVID-19, one thing 10-million people across seven states don’t have to worry about is having clean, reliable low-cost electricity from the TVA and its employees working around the clock.

More Rain in March

TVA River Management continues to perform critical functions amid the COVID-19 outbreak due to ongoing above-average rains following the second-wettest February on record.

TVA IT on Frontline for Pandemic Safety

A safe, reliable electric system is critical to help mitigate the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic. TVA's team is on the frontline to keep employees safe and electricity flowing.

High Flying Training

New operators are honing their skills on 3D printed drones before graduating to more advanced aircraft. TVA’s cutting-edge training program incorporates best practices from universities and other power producers.

What's the Point?

Sophisticated 3D images based on millions (and millions) of data points save time, money and injury risk for plants across the Valley.

The Power of 13

TVA has been named by Site Selection magazine among the top 10 utilities in the nation for economic development for its 2017 scorecard: $8.3 billion in corporate investment and 70,000 new jobs for the Tennessee Valley

It's Always Earth Day at TVA

TVA cares for the Earth every day. Learn what we do to care for the land, water, forests and birds of the Tennessee Valley region.

Gallatin Reduces Plant Footprint with New Water System

A new water management system for coal combustion residuals will reduce the future plant footprint of Gallatin Fossil Plant from 435 acres to three — a key step in transitioning from traditional wet ash handling to a state-of-the-art dry handling and storage landfill.

Record-Breaking Rains

The Tennessee Valley has received rainfall for the first three months of 2020 breaking records dating back to 1891, and TVA continues to manage a staggering amount of water.

Savings on TVA Fuel Costs Shared with Consumers

If you’ve ever flipped on a light switch in the TVA service area, then you are a part of the equation that determines what TVA pays for the fuel—like natural gas and coal—that runs our power plants.

The Backbone of the Valley

TVA’s large directly served customers—from steel mills to paper manufacturers to chemical companies—contribute jobs and stability to the Tennessee Valley. Here’s how TVA supports them.

Public Power Heart

From educating children about electricity to helping the less fortunate afford to pay their bills, this community relations coordinator from Middle Tennessee Electric Membership Corporation truly lives to serve.

Get Out and About

Just because you're practicing social distancing doesn't mean you have to stay cooped up indoors. Now is the perfect time for a solo trip out into nature.

A Stroke of [Economic Development] Genius

Once again, TVA tops the list of utilities for its economic development prowess. This is the 14th year in a row it has been honored by Site Selection magazine for being in the top 20.

Hometown Hero

He’s a championship fiddler, a reserve sheriff’s officer, city councilman, doting grandfather—and, oh yes, an electric operations assistant who keeps Warren RECC service crews working safely.

Energy + Industry = Syngery

Most people recognize that economic success is driven greatly by the availability of reliable, affordable energy. Throughout TVA’s long history, we have delivered just that to our customers across the Valley region.

Stoking the Engine of Industry

TVA’s large directly served customers—from steel mills to national research facilities to military installations—contribute jobs and stability to the Tennessee Valley. Here’s how TVA supports them.

TVA Helps Keep Your Power Bill Low

Sixty-nine percent of the top 100 utilities charge more for electricity than we do in the Tennessee Valley. Why? Here’s the lowdown from TVA Chief Financial Officer and Executive Vice President John Thomas.

Hiwassee Dam’s Unit 2 Pumps It Up

After five years of inactivity, Hiwassee Dam’s groundbreaking Unit 2 reversible generator/turbine unit is fully back in action, allowing TVA even greater flexibility to generate electricity—or remove it from the grid when needed to help balance base load.

Meet the Dam Doctor

You may think drilling into a dam embankment is an odd way to check its health. To Kristen Smith, TVA senior program manager, core drilling is sometimes necessary to provide her with soil data to ensure that TVA dams will be healthy for decades to come.

TVA Celebrates More Ways to Reduce the Energy Burden for Memphis Residents

TVA and key representatives from the community participated in a ribbon-cutting ceremony celebrating the opening of TVA’s Mobile Unit Weatherization Training Lab.

Attorneys Show Lower-Income Memphians ‘Where There’s a Will, There’s a Way’

Attorneys and other professionals recently partnered to help qualifying lower-income individuals in the Memphis area with estate planning.

TVA Partners with Greater Memphis Chamber to Support Supplier Diversity

An important part of TVA’s mission of service is maintaining a competitive, diverse supplier base that is reflective of The Tennessee Valley region.

TVA Invests in Memphis-area Transmission Project

Reliable power is what we depend on for home, work and school. It brings businesses and jobs to our area.

Amazon Creating 1,000 New Jobs in Memphis with State-of-Art Facility

A new state-of-the-art Amazon fulfillment center in Memphis will create 1,000 new full-time jobs, thanks in part to the partnership between the State of Tennessee, local governments and organizations, economic development agencies, MLGW and TVA.

Memphis Leaders Attend Allen Tour and Info Session

Community leaders from all corners of Memphis gathered on a cold January day recently to get a first-hand look at the old Allen Fossil Plant site and its surrounding coal yards, now empty and quiet.

Environmental Investigation Underway at Allen Fossil Plant

TVA is doing what it takes to find the source of arsenic found in shallow groundwater wells at its Allen Fossil Plant near Memphis, and—with human health as the top priority—will do our share to clean up the contamination.

TVA Is Committed to Protecting Human Health and the Environment

TVA is sharing results of new groundwater monitoring samples taken at its coal combustion residual (CCR) sites to identify areas for more study and possible action. TVA has been transparent about its groundwater monitoring programs for years.

Women in TVA Help Teach Girls About STEM

The explosion in the popularity of handheld devices and other technologies is phenomenal; yet, few American girls are gaining expertise in science, technology, engineering and math—STEM—fields.

Location Matters in Coal Ash Storage

TVA wraps up studies to determine whether coal ash impoundments and landfills at its current and former fossil plants are in compliance with the CCR Rule. With one exception, they are.

Bill Johnson Retirement Announcement

Retirement announcement of TVA President & CEO Bill Johnson.

What’s Going on at Allen Fossil Plant?

For a retired asset, there is still a lot going on at Allen Fossil Plant in Memphis, and some decisions to be made about the future of the property. And TVA wants your input.

Getting Ozone Out of Our Valley

Mission accomplished! With Shelby County, Tenn., in compliance, the entire Tennessee Valley now meets the Environmental Protection Agency’s 2008 standard for ozone.

TVA Dam Safety Responds to Earthquake

When a magnitude 4.4 earthquake rumbled across east Tennessee on December 12, 2018, near Watts Bar Nuclear Plant and Watts Bar Dam, TVA safety and inspection teams leapt into action, only to find no impacts to any TVA generating facilities or dams.

After the Flood

Did the high water leave litter and debris on your property or in your Tennessee Valley community? Are you seeing shoreline erosion? Find out what you can do.

What Lies Beneath: “Hidden Rivers” Premieres

A TVA-sponsored nature movie goes beneath the surface of the Tennessee Valley’s waters and takes you on a close-up tour of the astonishing variety of life in the water.

Underground Discovery

A long forgotten, 85-year-old underground structure representing a unique piece of TVA history has been discovered at TVA’s Norris Engineering Lab Complex.

Use our MapGuide to Plan a Fall Road Trip

Nothing beats an autumn road trip in the Tennessee River Valley when the seven-state region is blanketed with bursting color and cooler weather. Let TVA and National Geographic help you plan your agenda.

“Fall” for Fishing

Looking to catch monster crappie? There's no time like the present! Here, fishing guides from around the Valley share their top tips for reeling in the three-pounders.

Signs of the Times

Using a painstaking process allowed TVA to restore the unique maps and other plaques installed at TVA dam reservations decades ago. Now their information is available for future generations.

Browns Ferry Competes for Global Energy Award

The Alabama nuclear plant is a finalist for the Global Energy Award after completing a project that allows the plant to safely power an additional 280,000 homes.

TVA Managing Flows From Record Rain

TVA’s River Forecast Center is continuing flood operations and managing lake levels to minimize downstream flooding after record rainfall and heavy runoff over the past weekend.

Green on the Go

When three new EPB-branded electric cars rolled onto Chattanooga streets this week as part of a citywide car share program, it was the culmination of a highly successful partnership to drive change by changing the way we drive.

Turning Memphis Wastewater into Energy

TVA is capturing methane gas from Memphis' T.E. Maxson Wastewater Treatment Plant and transporting it to adjacent Allen Combined Cycle natural gas site where it will be used to help generate clean energy.

Tiny Typo Makes a Big Difference

Backpacks with a misprinted TVA logo find their way to students in need in Lawrenceburg, Tennessee. Now they're carrying crayons and textbooks instead of executive training materials.

TVA Gives Tullahoma Aquatic Exhibit an International Flair

Now, thanks to a STEM investment from TVA, a new exhibit at the Hands-on Science Center (HOSC) in Tullahoma, Tennessee, will add a species with exotic flair—the Mexican Walking Fish.

One Great Place to Work

We’ve always known that TVA is a terrific place to work. Now it’s official: TVA has been recognized by Forbes magazine as one of the best large employers in America.

Developing People and Saving Millions

TVA is investing in training its people on in continuous improvement to cut waste and improve quality and performance. The results are nothing less than phenomenal.

Caring Coworkers

When Andy Mobley was diagnosed with cancer, he was stunned, of course, and faced with a common problem: not enough sick leave to stand up to treatment. Luckily, caring coworkers stepped in to donate leave time to help him regain his health.

TVA Sponsors Eagle Cams

TVA’s favorite pairs of eagles are back in the spotlight. Thanks in part to TVA, you can watch them care for their eggs and hatch their eaglets in real time.

Find “Lucky Shamrocks” and Many Other Wildflowers on TVA Lands

Several wildflowers fall under the “shamrock” moniker, including white clover. Sporting small white or pink-tinged blooms, it thrives from spring to late summer in the Tennessee Valley.

TVA is Setting the Industry Standard for Safe Coal Ash Storage

For decades, coal plants helped power economies and communities across our nation. Now, we must work collectively to manage the legacy of those plants in a safe, responsible and comprehensive way.

Contractor Named to Build Boone Dam Cutoff Wall

TVA has selected Treviicos-Nicholson Joint Venture, comprised of Treviicos South Inc. and Nicholson Construction Company, to build the underground cutoff wall at Boone Dam.

Retrieving a Twisted Tower

TVA sonar technology helps find and retrieve a fallen transmission tower in the Cumberland River.

Helping Our Neighbors Stay #Tennesseestrong

TVA crews are assessing damage and supporting our neighbors after deadly tornadoes occurred in Middle Tennessee on March 3, 2020.

Groundwater Monitoring Results Highlight TVA’s CCR Commitment

TVA is sharing results of the latest groundwater monitoring samples taken at its coal combustion residuals sites to identify areas for additional study and possible corrective action.

TVA River Forecast Center Hustles as Water Flows

TVA river forecasters race to do what they can to minimize flooding across the Tennessee River Valley as heavy rainfall and runoff continue across the system.

TVA Updates Anderson Co. on Bull Run

TVA is committed to providing up-to-date information as we work with the community in Anderson County on the future of Bull Run Fossil Plant. The Tennessee Valley is our home and we remain committed to protecting the communities we serve.

Caution: Wild Waters

With the heavy rains this month, reservoirs levels are high and many dams in the TVA system are spilling water, creating potentially dangerous conditions for heedless recreational users.

Something Greater Than Ourselves

Regardless of which branch they serve, TVA's 100 employees who serve in the Active Guard Reserves are often activated to support wars, conflicts, humanitarian efforts and other situations requiring a military show of force.

Preserving the Legacy

As fossil plants are decommissioned, employees comb through materials in each facility, finding items to repurpose in other plants and creating a bridge to the future from TVA's past.

Winter Adventures Start with MapGuide

Chilly weather is a good time to snuggle under a blanket, but it’s an even better time to explore the wonders of the Tennessee River Valley. Use the MapGuide to plan your next winter activity.

Extreme Turbine Makeover

The recent outage at Kingston Fossil Plant offered a rare glimpse inside turbine and told the story of a rebuild that required more than 35,000 combined man hours from TVA’s precision craftsmen.

NRC Approves Clinch River Nuclear Site for Potential Small Modular Reactors

TVA becomes the first utility in the nation to successfully obtain an early site permit to potentially construct and operate small modular reactors – a carbon-free energy alternative that aligns with TVA’s mission to pursue innovative technologies.

Innovative Research Feeds Elderly in Need

The Fresh Electric Farm is an indoor hydroponic farm that could one day change the way residents select fresh greens--greens grown without the need for soil.

Salamander Surprise!

Searching for bats in a Boone Lake cave yields a surprisingly healthy population of salamander species.

VR Simulation Gets Real

Crane operators train with virtual reality gaming technology without threat of expensive and dangerous mistakes.

Electrifying New EV Models Amaze Test Drivers

As more and more auto manufacturers are giving the green light for the production of electric vehicles (EVs), TVA and the region’s local power companies are doing their part to put more people in the driver’s seat of these new, leading-edge vehicles.

Partnership Produces More Solar in the Valley

A new 6MW solar facility at the Naval Air Station in Meridian, Mississippi includes more than 15,000 solar photovoltaic panels on approximately 38 acres that will produce enough energy to power 750 homes.

Fiber Optic Installation Sheds Light on Valuable Partnership

A project to install fiber optic cable to increase bandwidth and data transmission speeds between dams and locks shows how two federal agencies can partner to reduce costs and improve communications.

TVA Keeps an Eye on Its Ash

TVA monitors its coal ash 24/7, 365 to ensure there are no safety or environmental issues. To that end, it developed the Advanced Technology for Impoundment Monitoring center to immediately identify and respond to any coal ash issues before an emergency can happen.

Paws Up for This Crime Fighting Duo

Crime detectors by day, energetic teddy bears by night: TVA’s new police dogs are on the job, one paw at a time. Their canine sense of smell make Harley and Bronson a valuable addition to the TVA Police team.

Valley Lakes Worth Billions

A study from TVA and the University of Tennessee shows that the annual value of recreation on the Tennessee River reservoir system for the region is nearly $12 billion.

Nearly $1 Billion in Rainfall Damage Averted in February

TVA's skillful management of the Tennessee River system helped avert major damage to the Valley's towns and cities. Read more for insights from the River Forecast Center.

Be Our Guest

April ushers in spring showers—and open house at several of TVA’s dam visitor centers. Come see us to learn more about our history, operations and mission.

Carbon Competitiveness

With climate change increasingly making news, companies are competing on the strength of their carbon footprint. TVA’s Senior Program Manager for Climate Policy Karen Utt is doing groundbreaking work in helping Valley companies more accurately account for the carbon in the electricity they use to establish a competitive edge. Here, she talks about her work.

Trout Fishing the TVA Tailwaters

Like to fish, but bass aren’t your bag? Try the more meditative art of trout fishing. Here’s a Q & A guide to where and how to safely fish for trout in the Tennessee Valley.

An App for Anglers’ Advantage

Join with savvy anglers and download the TVA Lake Info app, and learn to work with the Tennessee River system’s currents. It’s an essential tool for every tackle box.

Big Ones Below Norris

The tailwater below Norris Dam offers outstanding trout fishing and perfect conditions for paddling—and A.D.A. access to boot. Fun for everyone!

Creating Family Fishing Traditions on TVA Lakes

From trophies worthy of hanging on the wall to the simple joys of a bluegill on a little girl’s line, TVA lake fishing creates memories that cross generations. PLUS: 10 family-friendly destinations for fishing from the shore.

Casting a Wide Net

TVA joins with TWRA to help fund the Etnier Ichthyology Endowment at the University of Tennessee in support of funding research on and improving aquatic diversity among the fishes of Tennessee.

Lake Sturgeon Make a Comeback

This ancient fish, once extinct in the Tennessee River system, has made a comeback thanks to a savvy reintroduction initiative by TVA and its partners.

The Secret Ocoee

There’s more to the Ocoee River than world-class whitewater rafting. We caught up with an experienced guide to find out what other secret adventures the Ocoee has to offer.

Catch Those Carp!

TVA is working with the Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency to promote fishing of Asian carp to reduce populations of this invasive species in the Valley’s reservoirs.

Why Did the Trout Cross the Road?

Because TVA and its partners made it possible by restoring a stream beneath a bridge in Unicoi County, Tenn., to more natural conditions, opening up miles of habitat for native brook trout.

Fish are Having a Ball on TVA Lakes

TVA and TWRA are joining forces to create fish habitat in the Valley’s reservoir system by adapting an innovative technology originally created to help regenerate coral reefs in salt water.

Kids Playing Hooky

Here's how to fish with kids—to help them be successful, keep them safe and get them hooked for life on one of the Valley's most popular summertime sports.

Fast Current Changes Grass Game on Tennessee River

TVA lakes are known for their aquatic weeds — a.k.a. grass — a real attraction for bass and those who are out to catch them. But due winter's rushing waters, the growth patterns have changed this year.

East Meets West in Memphis

“We are so glad that TVA chose to spend a Day of Service with our teachers and students!” — Angela Meekins, Porter-Leath Academy’s Engagement Manager

TVA Celebrates Memphis’ 200th Birthday at Community Event

Partygoers of all ages hugged, danced and took selfies with Louie, including City of Memphis Mayor Jim Strickland, Shelby County Mayor Lee Harris and Shelby County Commissioner Willie F. Brooks Jr.

Memphis Mom Enjoys “Warm Blanket” of Home Uplift

“It feels like a warm blanket has been laid over my home.... It’s a peace of mind that people come together and give, and you can’t put a price tag on it.” — Erica Warren, Home Uplift participant

TVA Delivers Strong Financial Results, Strengthens Partnerships in FY 2019

“Building the sustainable, flexible system that will make this region competitive for generations takes the commitment of our workforce, and I appreciate that they've delivered that.” —TVA President & CEO Jeff Lyash

What Does TVA Offer Memphis? CEO Lyash Explains

TVA President and CEO Jeff Lyash spoke with the MLGW Board of Commissioners at its meeting today, and his topic was the Value Proposition that TVA brings to Memphis.

TVA Staffers Bring Cheer Along with Expert Advice to Students

Memphis-based TVA employees spent the morning with children at the Power Center Academy Elementary School as part of their Career Day.

Hyosung Heavy Industries to Locate First U.S. Production Facility in Memphis

TVA and MLGW congratulate HICO on its decision to establish operations and create job opportunities in Memphis. Helping to foster economic growth is fundamental to TVA’s mission of service to the people of the Valley.

Donated Backpacks Provide Much Needed Resources for Memphis Youth

On Friday, December 6, 2019, a TVA employee pulled up to Whitehaven High School in Memphis with one mission in mind: to help make a difference in young people’s lives.

TVA Donates Allen Benches to Riverview Elementary

Some pieces of history from the decommissioned TVA Allen Plant are now providing new usefulness for children at Riverview Elementary School.

TVA Afternoon of Service Helps Uplift Memphis Communities

Nearly 70 TVA employees from the Memphis area recently rolled up their sleeves for an “Afternoon of Service” in Memphis. Spread across the Bluff City, the group gathered at several locations with one objective in mind – uplifting people and neighborhoods.

TVA Partners with the Mid-South Food Bank to Create School Pantries

Six Shelby County schools and more than 250 families will benefit from a new partnership with TVA that creates Healthy School Pantries in local schools.

Memphis Chamber Group Welcomes TVA’s Lyash

Before the TVA Board meeting, the Greater Memphis Chamber Chairman’s Circle hosted TVA CEO Jeff Lyash for breakfast. He shared TVA’s priorities for Memphis, emphasizing the ongoing commitment to the city.

TVA Prepares for Future of Allen Fossil Plant Site

Public comments welcomed through November 25.

TVA Opens Doors of Former Allen Fossil Plant to Memphis Leaders

The latest news and updates around TVA’s decommissioned Allen Fossil Plant were the topics of discussion during a recent media event and luncheon for local elected officials.

TVA Presents EIS To Memphis Community & Encourages Feedback

TVA leadership held a public information meeting at Mitchell Community Center in Southeast Memphis to speak with local residents about their hopes and concerns surrounding the Allen Fossil Plant.

Fall Home Energy Workshops Help More Memphians Save Money

I learned so much! The workshop was wonderful. I didn’t know that some devices and appliances left plugged in – like cell phone chargers – still use electricity, even if you’re not there.” — Memphis homeowner Kathy Scales

TVA Welcomes Valero and MLGW to Allen Gas Plant in Memphis

“We took a pretty thorough tour of TVA’s plant, and it’s very impressive.... Our partnership with TVA is long-standing, and we value the relationship. TVA does a lot for us, and we appreciate it.” — MLGW Systems Operations Manager Reggie Bowlin

TVA Celebrates HOPE at Memphis Urban League Anniversary Gala

“We appreciate TVA for believing in the mission of the Memphis Urban League and for supporting our work,” — Memphis Urban League President and CEO Tonja Sesley-Baymon.

Employees Put the ‘IT’ in CommunITy Service

“We wanted to show gratitude to the first responders who protect the people of the Valley.” — Sabrina Trimmier, TVA

Give us Your Feedback on Plans for Coal Ash at Former Allen Fossil Plant

TVA is moving forward with plans to remove coal ash stored at the former Allen Fossil Plant and to demolish the plant structures. We invite the public to comment on a draft Environmental Impact Statement which will look at the environmental effects of various options.

TVA Donates Backpacks, School Supplies to Local Students

“What started off as a reading tour last year has spawned into other partnership opportunities, which shows that TVA has a sense of duty toward students’ success and the community.” — Illeanette Rosado-Wilson, Shelby County Schools

TVA and Memphis Urban League Help to Build Futures of Minority Contractors

"This program represents an increase of opportunities to create economic pathways for families. Individual business owners will also get the business enhancements and skillsets they need...." — Eugenia Gray, Memphis Urban League

City’s First Golf Classic: A Hole-in-One for Memphis Youth

"To have companies like TVA to come onboard, to support the efforts of the Memphis Office of Youth Services, it really speaks volumes,” — Memphis Office of Youth Services Director Ike Griffith

Watch Now: – How TVA is Protecting Memphis Drinking Water

As a member of the Memphis community, TVA is taking action to ensure its operating and legacy facilities help protect the city’s prized drinking water quality.

TVA Talks Economic Development with Memphis City Council

“TVA is the only public power utility that carries a congressional mandate to advance economic development in the areas it serves.” —John Bradley, TVA

T.O. Fuller State Park Campers Explore STEM Careers at TVA’s Allen Gas Plant

“The tour was really good, and the plant was a good place for us to learn how the utility industry works. I think it will help us find careers and explore what we can do in life.” — 18-year-old participant Michael Foster

TVA Sponsors Memphis Public Libraries’ Summer Reading Program

“Along with our sponsor, the Tennessee Valley Authority, Explore Memphis is dedicated to providing enriching opportunities to enhance the educational experiences of our children of the Mid-South.” – Memphis Mayor Jim Strickland

Residents Lower Their Utility Bills Despite Summer Heat

“The workshop was wonderful! I learned so much. I didn’t know that some devices and appliances left plugged in – like cell phone chargers – still use electricity, even if you’re not there.” —Kathy Scales, workshop attendee

TVA Celebrates Memphis’ Bicentennial with Memorable Memphis in May Events

“Each day was a great experience and a wonderful example of collaboration and unification. The volunteers and their commitment to sharing TVA’s value to Memphis were stellar.” — Mark Creech, TVA

Stay Cool, Keep More Cash

The heat is on in Memphis, but you don’t have to break a sweat! Stay cool and keep more cash with TVA’s money saving tips.

Memphis Matters to TVA, Lyash Tells PSAT

“The partnership between MLGW and TVA gives Memphis robust, reliable, and low-cost power, with local control right here in Memphis. That’s the beauty of public power.” — Jeff Lyash, TVA President & CEO

TVA’s New Leader Looks to the Future with Memphis

“I hope that we work through the current issues in Memphis, and I look forward to the day when we’re talking about what the future looks like, instead of the past because there is lots of opportunity,” — Jeff Lyash, TVA President and CEO

TVA’s New Memphis Office Welcomes Friends, Stakeholders to Open House

“Events like this one let people know that TVA is here. Tonight, we gave our stakeholders a glimpse into our world, and they commented on how nice people at TVA actually are.” — Latonya Sneed, TVA

TVA Brings STEM Learning to Sharpe Elementary

“To see them get excited about learning…that was really cool. They get really excited when they know what’s happening, and when they see something they didn’t expect to happen you can see them all cheer.” — Jonathan Poulder, TVA

TVA Is Protecting Your Drinking Water. Here’s How

TVA wants you to have a clear picture of our work to protect Memphis drinking water. A new video shares a 3-D view of our remediation efforts at the Allen Fossil Plant in Memphis.

TVA Partners to Provide Energy Upgrades to Aberdeen Federal Courthouse

“Pursuing a Utility Energy Services Contract with TVA positions this building for long-term operational efficiency and will provide a productive work space for employees and visitors.” — John M. Dennis, U.S. General Services Administration

Good Stewardship Unites TVA and Local Cub Scouts During Allen Gas Plant Tour

“We’re teaching our Scouts to be thrifty, clean, reverent, respectful of clean energy and resourceful .... So, we wanted to come and see how energy is made and the steps TVA has taken to be better stewards of our resources.” — Abbay Milnor, Webelos Den Leader

Memphis City Council Members Tour TVA Facilities

“We are both hopeful and confident that MLGW and the City of Memphis will find TVA’s overall value proposition in energy and economic development will continue to provide the greatest benefit to Memphians.” — Mark Creech, TVA

New Board Member Joins TVA in West Tennessee

“TVA’s priorities remain a critical part of the formula that drives success in the Tennessee Valley: reliable energy at low cost, responsible stewardship and being an active partner in economic development.” — John Ryder, TVA Director

TVA and Shelby County Schools Launch Literacy Tour for Black History Month

“In our community in particular, it is so important for young men and women who will become our future leaders to see what they can become. You cannot be what you cannot see.” — Ileanette Rosado-Wilson, Shelby County Schools

Women in TVA’s Memphis Office Empowered and Uplifted

“Progress for women is progress for everyone. When one woman walks through a door, that door is opened for other women. We have to help each other.” — Gale Jones Carson, MLGW

TVA Highlights STEM Champs at West Tennessee Competition

“Robotics has taught me to work with other people, to respect everybody’s ideas and to express my own ideas.” — Emma Caesar, Shining Stars Robotics Team

TVA and MLGW Partner in Service for MLK Day in Memphis

"You’re giving back now, and people are going to remember that; people remember when you care." — Rev. Ellis Confer Sr., Memphis

Winter Weather Saving Strategies

There are things you can do to keep you power bill under control. Start lowering your thermostat—for every 1 degree you drop it, you’ll experience an up to 3 percent savings.

TVA CEO Highlights Service Over Self

“Service is what Franklin Roosevelt had in mind in 1933, when he created TVA.” — Bill Johnson, TVA

Memphians Voice Opinions, Learn About Allen Environmental Studies

“We appreciate everyone who attended and who offered their feedback. Thank you!” — Marcey Wright, TVA

Memphis Gives TVA Big “Thank You” at Allen Plant Dedication

"TVA has put their money where their mouth is, and their quality, reliable, low-cost energy helps us to recruit and retain businesses.” — Memphis Mayor Jim Strickland

TVA Expands Memphis Home Weatherization Funding

“We are changing people’s lives one home at a time. By investing in home energy upgrades, we are helping our neighbors save money on their power bills, live healthier and enjoy a better quality of life.” — Frank Rapley, TVA

TVA and NAACP Team Up for Winter Weatherization Workshop in Memphis

“Home weatherization is extremely important. A lot of people think their utility bills will be high no matter what, but if your home is weatherized, it will have a direct impact on your utility consumption, which will reduce your energy bill.” — Gale Jones Carson, MLGW

TVA Celebrates ‘Light’ at Freedom Awards in Memphis

“It’s a great honor to have national heroes being recognized here in Memphis. This is a great Civil Rights story with all the honorees, and we are just glad to participate.” — J.T. Young, MLGW

TVA Fosters Next Generation of STEM Experts in Memphis

“TVA is proud to partner with MLGW for such an awesome event benefiting Memphis youth, who are the workforce of tomorrow.” — Mark Creech, TVA

Johnson Talks Reliability, Rates with Memphis Business Leaders

“My job description is to produce electricity at the lowest feasible rate. Together (with MLGW), I think we’re doing a pretty good job!” — Bill Johnson, TVA

TVA and MLGW Power Memphis Communities Through Service

TVA EnergyRight Solutions employees team up with MLGW to volunteer at the Mid-South Food Bank in Memphis. Last year, Mid-South Food Bank distributed more than 13 million pounds of food to over 220,000 people.

TVA Is Vibrating Its Ash

TVA is taking coal ash safety to a whole new level. Check out how the company is pioneering new technology to become the utility industry leader in safe coal ash storage

TVA Begins Prep Work for Construction at Pickwick

TVA is beginning exploratory work this week at Pickwick Landing Dam in preparation for upcoming construction to fortify the dam against potential impacts from a severe earthquake.

Modern Archaeology Was Shaped by Women

TVA archeologist Michaelyn Harle was recently featured in the Tennessee Council for Professional Archeology (TCPA) blog. Her article focused on the role women have played in shaping the modern study of archeology.

TVA Shops Local

To help boost the regional economy, TVA focused 80 percent of its spending on Valley-based businesses in 2017. Read about TVA’s ongoing commitment to small, diverse and local businesses.

TVA Invests in Home Weatherization Program for Memphis

There’s new hope for those with limited incomes coping with high power bills. Thanks to a unique partnership, more than 400 Memphis homeowners will get a life-changing home makeover.

Fishing for Scholarships

Valley-based Bethel University broke new ground by offering scholarships for bass fishing athletes. Now it’s a collegiate fishing powerhouse.

TVA Guards Coal Ash Against Seismic Events

While TVA dams and nuclear plants garner much public attention around earthquakes, the utility also goes to great lengths to protect their coal combustion residual (CCR) units [coal ash] from the region’s seismic activity

Uganda Public Power Visits TVA—Serving the Valley, Teaching the World

Recently, TVA hosted visitors from Uganda, where the nation’s sole public power provider uses hydroelectricity harnessed from the Nile River to generate roughly 80 percent of their energy portfolio.

Set up for Success

Ready to work for TVA? You’re in for a treat: All new hires go through New Employee Experience, a fun “onboarding” crash course on everything TVA, from its history and culture to its mission and vision.

TVA Tax Equivalent Payments Total Nearly $548 Million in 2019

TVA provided nearly $548 million in tax equivalent payments in fiscal year 2019 to state and local governments served by its energy generation or in areas supporting TVA properties.

Low-Carbon Heroes

TVA has announced the names of those who earned this year’s Carbon Reduction Award for businesses served by local power companies.

Country Fair Connects Rosemark to TVA Through the Three Es

On Saturday, September 28, 2019, Tennessee Valley Authority participated in the Country Fair held in the heart of the Rosemark Historic District in North Shelby County.

On the Fast Track

TVA’s EnergyRight Solutions for Business + Industry and Memphis Light, Gas and Water team up to help railroad company grow in Memphis.

Generous TVA Contribution Will Help Knox Area Poor

A generous contribution of $250,000 by TVA to the United Way of Greater Knoxville will help support more than 56 United Way partner agencies in the Knoxville area during the holiday season and into 2019.

Delivering on Our Commitment to Supplier Diversity

In FY18, TVA set a new supplier diversity record, spending more than $445 million with diverse businesses—those owned by women, people of color, veterans and those located in historically underutilized business zones (Hubzones).

TVA, EPB and the Urban League Partner to Focus on Minority Workforce Development

TVA, Electric Power Board of Chattanooga and the Tennessee Urban Leagues Affiliates recently teamed up to pilot a job skills training and minority candidate recruitment effort for positions supporting home construction and improvement. Every participant received a job offer

November is National Native American Heritage Month

TVA partners with 18 federally recognized tribes on a government-government basis. Here's the story of one of them.

TVA Internships Foster the Next Generation of Employees

Internships give students a firsthand look at what comes after college—the experience can carve new career paths and inspire an unexplored interest.

TVA Celebrates Innovation, Inclusion

TVA is committed to innovation, continuous improvement and inclusion, and a recent event highlighted all three. TVA’s Innovation Insights event, sponsored by employee resource groups Ignite and Spectrum, celebrated the way each notion plays together.

Girls Powered

TVA’s Transmission and Power Supply group hosts a summer 2018 STEM camp for high school girls—to rave reviews!

Fishing for Smiles

Children with special needs experience the thrill of “fish on” thanks to TVA and the CAST for Kids Foundation.

Pulling Together

TVA promotes Asian Pacific American Heritage Month at Chattanooga Dragon Boat Festival for Children’s Hospital.

TVA Wins Diversity Award

Thanks to its involvement with students at Alabama A&M University, TVA has been recognized for its efforts to support and promote diversity in the workforce.

AABE Provides Network for Minorities in Energy

The American Association of Blacks in Energy provides encouragement and support for people of color who want to make a career in the energy field.

Keeping the Fire Burning

TVA's coal plant operator training is a lot of work, but participants love it.

Davis Keeps His Eye on the Details

Davis investigates equipment needs at TVA's Power Service Shop

Kingston Slated for Retirement

As TVA leaders shape the site's future, workers reflect on a proud legacy of service to the people of the region.

Brandt Finds Creativity in Engineering

Laurel Brandt combines objectivity with ingenuity for creative problem-solving.

Restoring the Land

The prescription for healthy grasslands, good hay and habitat? Carefully controlled fires.

Camp Chronicles

TVA’s Camp-Right program helps set the bar for the region's sustainable campgrounds.

Powering Forward

A $1.9 billion battery manufacturing plant will lead Mississippi’s Marshall County into a new era of growth.

Think Like a Butterfly

How do monarchs see the world? Award-winning model ranks top TVA habitats for at-risk butterflies.

For the Love of Sturgeon

Passion drives TVA employees and their partners as they monitor this rare fish in reservoirs and rivers.

Into the Earth

To better understand at-risk bat populations, TVA zoologists delve deep underground.

TVA Investment Challenge Teaches More Than Investing

For two decades, students in TVA's Investment Challenge Program have learned the skills that employers value.

Student Stock Pickers Manage Millions for TVA

College students across the region gain real-world investing experience in TVA's Investment Challenge Program.

The Art of Restoration

A $39.9 million investment advances TVA Power Service Shops’ mission.

Just Keep Growing

Valued partnerships give rise to tree-planting projects throughout the Valley region.

The Matchmaker

An innovation scout links TVA and local power company partners to the latest breakthroughs. 

Flower Power

TVA showcases innovative solar power technology near Chickamauga Dam.

Winter Chills, Outdoor Thrills

Amid cooler temps, the Valley region has plenty on tap for adventure.

Mystery of the Mussels

Biologists partner to bring rare animals back from the brink of extinction.

A Mission to Innovate

Reliability analysis manager Timothy Fritch receives TVA’s Engineer of the Year award.

Balancing the Basin

Drought conditions linger, but spring rains could set the stage for a summer of great recreation.