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About TVA

What We Do

The Tennessee Valley Authority provides electricity for 153 local power companies serving 10 million people in Tennessee and parts of six surrounding states, as well as directly to 58 large industrial customers and federal installations. We don't get taxpayer funding; rather, our revenues come from sales of electricity. TVA also provides flood control, navigation, and land management for the Tennessee River system and assists local power companies and regional governments with their economic development efforts.

Our Service Never Stops

At TVA, we live by our values, strategic advantages, and priorities — and it shows in our results. Read about them in our Annual Report.


Who We Are

Our mission is just as relevant today as it was nearly nine decades ago when Congress created TVA: harness the potential of the rich resources in the Tennessee Valley region to make life better for the people who call it home. We are inspired daily to pursue new ideas and innovative solutions to improve our service to you. The 10,000 employees of TVA form an experienced, talented team committed — each and every day — to improve the quality of life for the approximately 10 million people we serve.

Find out more about our service commitment.

Our Leadership

Our executive leadership oversees all TVA strategy, policy, and operations on a daily basis. Learn about their service and dedication to the Tennessee Valley.

Board of Directors


TVA History

TVA has been a fundamental force in the prosperity of the Tennessee Valley since 1933. View our photo gallery to learn about its decade-by-decade impacts on the region.

Ethics & Compliance

Earning and maintaining trust is at the heart of how we fulfill our mission at TVA. Learn more about our ethical standards and values.

Guidelines and Reports

Find the latest reports published by TVA to keep you informed on today's most important topics, including our Annual Report, Sustainability Report, and more.


TVA & You

TVA is foremost a public power company, which means we care what you think. We value transparency and open communication, providing many ways for you to interact with us. We also strive to be good neighbors through corporate giving, employee volunteer efforts and programs providing assistance to those in need. Get involved, and be a part of our mission of service.

Advisory Councils

These independent committees were created by TVA's board of directors to provide an opportunity for the public and private sectors to give input on the region’s pressing energy and environmental stewardship issues.

Regional Energy Resource Council 
Regional Resource Stewardship Council

Get Involved, Stay Involved

We also want you to stay informed about the things we do and share your ideas and input. See upcoming meetings, and learn how you can make your voice heard.

Community Relations

Learn how TVA supports the social and economic well-being of the communities in the Valley through its efforts in STEM education, human services and community enrichment.

Volunteering at TVA

There are many ways to volunteer and get involved at TVA, to be a part of the Valley's unfolding success story. See how you can be a part of our mission to boost quality of life. 


For Kids & Teachers

Writing a school report? Looking for STEM activities or home school projects? Want a kids's view of TVA? Use these resources to learn about our history and mission of service.

  • TVA Kids has fun information about our history, how we make electricity and what we do to help the environment. Use the homework helpers in your next assignment!
  • Water Monitoring Lab lets you learn about water quality by working your way through our self-paced virtual program. 
  • TVA STEM has fun lessons and activities that meet Tennessee state academic standards. PLUS: Learn about STEM careers!
  • Currents of Change has interactive history lessons that follow the Tennessee Valley from the Great Depression through today. Lessons meet Tennessee and Alabama state academic standards.