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Dear Fellow Stakeholders,

The strength of TVA is its people, committed— each and every day—to improving the quality of life for communities and people we are privileged to serve.



People Advantage

Together with…
Our People

Inclusion is at the Heart of Who we are at TVA


In 1933, TVA was created as a force for good – to make life better for communities and people across the Tennessee Valley.

Inclusion is at the heart of who we are at TVA. We have purposefully added Inclusion to our Core Values. These fundamental values – Safety, Integrity, Inclusion and Service – define how we should interact with our customers, communities and – most importantly – each other.

The strength of TVA is its people. Our strength lies in our collective power. And a large part of that strength stems from the diverse knowledge, experiences and perspectives that each individual brings to the table.

At TVA, we are building a culture that truly values inclusion with diversity. Inclusion is a sense of belonging – valuing all voices. It is intentionally creating an environment where all individuals can thrive and fully contribute to our success.

Diversity is what makes us unique. It’s about respecting and appreciating our individual differences. We aim to define our company’s culture and character everywhere we go and in everything we do...not just within TVA, but in the communities where we live and work – to create better outcomes for all of the people across our seven-state territory.

Inclusion with diversity leads to better discussions, decisions and outcomes for the communities and people we are privileged to serve. We are committed to a TVA that truly values inclusion with diversity, that treats people with respect and dignity and where everyone can do their best work and be their best self every day.

TVA was built for the people...all the people.


More Than


employees are the backbone of the workforce



of the workforce are Veterans



of employees are represented by unions



unions represent TVA employees and contractors

Watch our Mission of Service videos to hear employees share how TVA’s mission of service translates to being included in the TVA family. TVA’s Inclusion with Diversity Initiatives and TVA’s Employee Resource Groups celebrate diversity, embrace inclusion and encourage each individual to develop to their full potential.

Learn more about career opportunities for veterans and TVA’s partnerships with the Helmets to Hardhats and Troops to Energy Jobs programs.


Powerful Partnerships

Together with…

We are Building a Clean Energy Economy


As businesses, industries and government organizations are setting carbon-free energy goals, they need partners who can provide low-cost, reliable and clean energy.

TVA is a regional leader in carbon reduction, but we can do more. We’re committed to increasing our carbon reduction while maintaining our commitment to delivering reliable, low-cost energy. TVA is partnering with local power companies to expand our region’s clean energy economy of the future—one that creates jobs and new investment to grow our Valley economy, while helping organizations meet their performance and environmental goals.

TVA is an industry leader in developing innovative technologies that will help decarbonize our economy. We aspire to achieve net-zero carbon emissions by

2050 and make substantial progress by 2035 by establishing decarbonization milestones, renewable energy expansion, and power grid modernization and pursuing innovative technologies. We’ve also created nationally recognized programs like Green Invest and provided local power companies the flexibility to generate up to 5 percent of their own energy to help meet consumer demand for new renewables.

Strong partnerships are creating the innovative, clean energy solutions that help our communities and our region continue to grow and thrive.


Nation’s Largest Public Power System

partnering with 153 local power companies that supply electricity to approximately 10 million people across seven Southeastern states and 57 directly served customers, including 50 industrial customers and 7 military and federal installations


80,900 Jobs

Over $8.8 Billion Capital Investment across our seven-state territory through economic development in FY 2021 alone


$9 Million

provided through the Community Care Fund by TVA and LPC matching since FY 2020


$3 Million

donated to organizations across the Valley in addition to the Community Care Fund


1 Million Meals

distributed through Feeding America partnership in FY 2021

Learn more about some of TVA’s many Powerful Partnerships in our Communities and with Economic Development. Also, learn about TVA’s Green Invest Program that is bringing new, renewable energy to our seven-state territory.

Operational Excellence Icon

Operational Excellence

Together with…
Our Partners

We are Delivering Sustainability, Reliability and Value

What does excellence look like from your energy partner?


Is it 99.999 percent reliability regardless of extreme heat or record cold? Is it knowing you have low, stable energy costs in the years ahead because your provider continually invests in a diverse, robust generation portfolio that protects you from price volatility? Is it ongoing investments in a transmission system that ensure we provide power reliably when and where it’s needed? Or is it being a leader in carbon reduction and having a defined path to a clean energy future that doesn’t sacrifice reliability and cost stability?

At TVA, we believe the answer is “all of the above”—and more. We are investing in our power grid to make it more robust and resilient. We are investing in our generation portfolio as we move to a cleaner energy portfolio, while ensuring assets are available when they’re needed most. And we are strengthening dams that have protected families and communities for decades to withstand even the most extreme natural events.

At TVA, operational excellence means finding more ways to deliver value from the energy assets that serve you.



Top Quartile Utility

in renewable energy-production in the Southeast


One of the Largest

high-voltage transmission systems in North America


3rd Largest

electricity generator in the nation based on total electric generation in 2020


3rd Largest

nuclear fleet in the United States, providing over 40% of TVA energy

To learn more about TVA’s energy system of the future and path to net-zero visit

Solar Energy Icon

Igniting Innovation

Together with…

We are Investing in Innovative Energy Solutions

Innovation is the fuel that powers a more efficient, reliable and clean energy future. It involves reducing the costs and carbon intensity of transportation through electrification and promoting the creation of clean transportation-related jobs.

It drives a transmission system that proactively prevents outages, supports growing renewable generation, and advances power generation, energy storage and other technologies that move us to net-zero carbon emissions; and it is investing in students who will continue to make life better for the people of the Valley for generations to come. Decades ago, TVA brought the first electric lights to rural communities and remote farms. Today, our customers and communities are counting on that same innovative spirit to deliver the clean, low-cost and reliable energy they expect and deserve. At TVA, we are building the energy system of the future by embracing a diverse portfolio of clean energy sources, advanced technologies and broad electrification in transportation and other sectors of the regional economy.

Can we plug-in instead of pumping gas to power our vehicles? When the sun shines, can we store solar energy for a rainy day? Can the next generation of nuclear energy be even more safe and less expensive as it helps eliminate the need for carbon-producing energy sources? Can we help Valley kids prepare to drive the next generation of innovations by building robots?

At TVA, we are igniting tomorrow’s innovations today.


Signature Transformation Innovation Initiatives


To learn more about TVA’s plans to move from today’s 14,000 EVs in the region to over 200,000 EVs on Valley roads by 2028, visit To locate EV charging stations on your travel route or calculate how much money an EV could save you, check out

Learn more about TVA’s Signature Transformative Innovation Initiatives at

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Financial Strength

Together with…
Our Stakeholders

We are Investing in Your Future


At TVA, we work hard to deliver strong financial performance. Our financial strength and stability has enabled us to provide one of the most important benefits as the nation’s largest public power provider: the ability to invest more resources back into benefiting the people, communities and businesses we serve across the Valley.

In recent years, we’ve continuously invested in a cleaner and more diverse power system. Since 2013, TVA has sustained reductions to operating expenses, reduced fuel expenses and lowered debt by almost $7 billion dollars. Our current debt position coupled with long-term partner commitments has allowed TVA to plan for stable base rates through 2030.

We are returning a 3.1 percent wholesale bill credit annually to our long-term power partners, amounting to $189 million in fiscal year 2021 alone. In addition, TVA’s financial strength has contributed to the creation of a two-year Pandemic Relief/Recovery Credit, which gives customers 2.5 percent back on their monthly wholesale bills.

Rather than pay dividends to stockholders, we believe the strength of the public power model is reinvesting value back into making the Valley a vibrant place to live, play, work and do business.



Flat, Stable, and Low

effective wholesale rates


$800 Million

annual operating cost reduction


$20.5 Billion

are the lowest level in over 30 years



since 1999

To learn more about TVA’s financial strength visit and to learn more about TVA’s sustainable financing framework visit