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Tools to Understand Your Community Needs

Understanding where to start on your connected community journey depends on a variety of elements. From having baseline factors in place that support success, to knowing the needs of your specific community, to identifying what funding is available, the resources below will help you determine how to start your journey.


Key Success Factors for Connected Communities

After researching and learning from communities across the country, we have identified four key success factors that are foundational to becoming a more connected community.

 vision governance and community planning efforts Icon

Vision, Governance and Community Planning Efforts

Communities have relevant documents, policies, plans and partnerships that aid a community in setting and achieving goals. Read the topic brief for more information on community planning and examples of comprehensive planning across the TVA service region.

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Assets and Infrastructure

Systems and materials are in place that enable communities to make progress in other areas. These assets may include affordable housing, smart meters, broadband and solar, among others.

TVA-CC-Website-Icons funding and resource access

Funding and Resource Access

Funding and other resources to support action are available and accessible.

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Skilled and Engaged Community

There is an active network of stakeholders to inform and support activities. Skilled people are available to support projects and foster a culture of locally sourced innovation. Read the topic brief for more information regarding workforce development and highlights from our region in this resource.

Data and Guides


Connected Communities Guidebook

Communities can use this Guidebook to work through the process of developing a Connected Communities strategy.

Funding Opportunities Database

Funding Opportunities Database

The Funding Opportunities Database provides information from federal, state and local levels on available funding options. Communities can use this database to see what funding opportunities can be used for projects.

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Mapping Resource

Mapping Key Data for Connected Communities Focus Areas

These maps provide insights into current conditions related to the four Connected Communities focus areas across TVA’s service region. Communities can use this data to identify gaps that may exist and opportunities for improvement.

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Reference Materials

We conducted assessments and research to better understand opportunities to support communities in TVA’s service region in utilizing technology and data to create positive outcomes. Topic areas include broadband, community challenges and support areas, funding opportunities, preparedness of communities and more.

Broadband Assessment

Broadband Assessment Report

This report summarizes the current state of broadband offerings in TVA’s service region and offers a deep dive into opportunities for TVA to help improve equitable access to broadband and digital literacy.

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Funding Access Barriers Assessment and Support

Funding Access Barriers Assessment

This assessment is an exploration and highlight of the barriers to funding that many of TVA’s local communities experience. Funding opportunities as of November 2022 are explained, insights called out and areas of support identified.

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Community Readiness Baseline Report

Community Readiness Baseline and Best Practices Assessment

This report provides a snapshot of TVA communities’ readiness to pursue projects related to the Connected Communities focus areas and how conditions in TVA’s service region compare to other parts of the country.

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Community Conversations

Community Conversations

Based on conversations with community representatives that took place during August and September 2022, these findings provide a high-level window into the current conditions and views of communities in TVA’s service region.

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