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Transmission System Right of Way Easements

Want to use TVA right of way easement land for a specific purpose? Start by reading this list of guidelines and restrictions, then follow the link to our online Application for Use of TVA Easements. If you have any questions, get in touch with your TVA Transmission Right of Way team to discuss your needs.

Application Attachments

Please have your attachment(s) ready to submit before completing the application. One attachment may be added during the application process; it must be in .PDF, .CSV, or .TXT format. To send additional attachments, including AutoCAD files, please send an email to [email protected] after you have successfully submitted your application. Please ensure your AutoCAD files are saved in AutoCAD 2017 or earlier versions.

If you are requesting a foreign line crossing and do not have engineered drawings, please fill out  TVA Form 6573 and attach it to the application. For your reference, there are examples of station angles and station offsets.

If you are requesting to attach to and jointly use TVA structure(s) or remove attachments and do not have engineered drawings, please fill out  TVA Form 6593 and attach it to the application.

Please include your confirmation number in the subject line of the email you send to  [email protected] containing your additional attachments.

Application Fees

TVA charges an application fee for certain right of way use requests. Please see the schedule of fees below. Once you have submitted your application, you will receive a confirmation number.

Accepted Payment Methods:

• Bank account (ACH)
• Amazon account
• PayPal account
• Debit or credit card

No Application Fee
  • Landowners requesting a review of personal use (private driveways, ponds, fencing, utilities, etc.) within a TVA transmission line right of way. Reviews may take 45 days or longer.
  • Requests from TVA power distributors. Reviews may take 45 days or longer.
$500 Application Fee
  • Utilities requesting a review of an underground or aerial crossing (water, gas, sewer, fiber, cable, etc.). Reviews may take 45 days or longer.
  • Grading, infrastructure, and developments affecting a TVA transmission line right of way, 3 spans or less. Reviews may take 45 days or longer.
$2500 Application Fee
  • Large or linear projects (pipelines, fiber or cable attachments, grading, developments, etc.) that affect multiple spans of a TVA Transmission Line right of way (>3 spans of right of way). Reviews may take 45 days or longer.
  • Any project that requires blasting near a TVA transmission line.

General Guidelines and Restrictions

The following is a general list of right of way (ROW) guidelines and restrictions for TVA’s rights of way. This list does not include all restrictions or situations. Any activity within the ROW which may affect TVA’s operations or easement rights must be reviewed by the TVA Right of Way team and written approval obtained. Please contact the Right of Way team if you have any questions. TVA’s no objection to using the property encumbered by a transmission line ROW does not in any way diminish or reduce the easement rights acquired by TVA. TVA’s no objection does not render an opinion as to the ownership of the underlying fee or relieve anyone from the obligation to obtain appropriate landowner, environmental, land-use, regulatory, or other approvals.

  • Any structures, buildings, mobile homes, retaining walls, septic systems, tanks (above or below ground), flammable material, trees, and all other objects which, in TVA’s opinion, interfere with the right of way or operation of the transmission line(s) present are not allowed within the limits of the TVA easement.
  • Fences and gates must be installed more than 25’ from any pole, tower, guy wire, or guy anchor and must be approved by the Right of Way team before installation. Gate openings should be at least 16’ wide. If you wish to lock the gate, please contact the Right of Way team so that TVA may also install a lock.
  • Irrigation systems used for farming that travel across TVA ROWs or under TVA transmission lines must be approved before installation.
  • All plans for grading activities on TVA’s ROWs must be submitted to TVA for approval before construction begins.  Activities that may require grading include but are not limited to: roads, driveways, parking lots, ponds, underground utility lines or facilities, drainages, etc. Minimal grading is allowed 25-75’ from a transmission structure (tower, pole, guy, or guy anchor); however, topography, structure type, structure configuration, other obstacles, etc., will determine TVA’s needs for access and maintenance of assets. No grading or excavation is permitted within 25’ of any transmission structure. Grading plans should be submitted in both .pdf and .dxf formats.
  • TVA ground clearance to transmission line conductors (wires) must not be violated.
  • Storage or stock-piling of dirt or other materials on TVA ROWs is not permitted.
  • Sedimentation control, re-vegetation, and restoration are required for land-disturbing projects.
  • No equipment should be operated within the TVA ROW that would endanger the transmission line or nearby persons or property. All applicable laws, including state and Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) requirements, must be followed, including those related to construction activities near energized electric facilities.
  • TVA shall be given at least 14 days' notice before any blasting or crane operation on or near the right of way. If blasting is performed on the right-of-way, TVA’s lines shall be protected against blast damage. Contact this office at [email protected] or (844) 812-2626 between the hours of 7:00 a.m.– 2:30 p.m. CST Monday –Thursday. This will allow us to schedule a TVA representative to be present and to take appropriate precautions, if necessary. Damage to TVA’s facilities must be fully reimbursed.
  • Any underground lines or pipes must be buried deep enough that they will withstand repeated crossing by heavy equipment. TVA will not be responsible for any damage to a buried pipe or line. All buried pipes or lines must be identified by permanent markers at regular intervals along the ROW.
  • Systems, cathodic or otherwise that could interfere with or damage the transmission line towers or foundations may not be installed.

Application Process

Review times vary depending on the nature of the project. Some reviews may take 30 days or longer for review. We make every attempt to ensure the application process is as timely as possible. The process will go faster if TVA receives a complete application from the beginning. If your application is not complete, we may have to return it or ask for more information.

To apply for a crossing or joint use of a TVA ROW, please fill out the Application for the use of TVA Easements. Additional information on TVA rights of way can be found here.