Residential Programs

Today’s residential customers are savvier than ever about the potential of renewable power. That’s why TVA partners with your local power company to offer multiple ways for you to get information and take action when you want to go green. Whether you want to invest in renewable energy for your home or have an existing system and want to sell power back to TVA, we have programs to help.

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I want to make a monthly investment in green energy.

For homeowners and renters, the simplest way to invest in green energy initiatives is to participate in the Green Switch program.

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I am considering installing a rooftop solar system.  How can TVA help?

The Green Connect program provides you with free resources for the safe and reliable installation of solar panels or solar with batteries. 

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Virtual Solar Education is a one-stop, self-service platform that allows users to learn about solar energy and residential solar systems at their own pace and convenience. Additionally, it provides information about solar generation, metering requirements, and current TVA Green programs.

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I have an existing solar energy system and want to sell power back to TVA.

You may qualify for participation in the Dispersed Power Production program. Through DPP, TVA allows qualified facilities generating up to 80 MW or less whose primary energy source is renewable (hydro, wind or solar), biomass, waste, or geothermal resources to sell part or all of the power it produces to TVA at TVA’s avoided cost.

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Want to go deeper into a Green Invest project?

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Contact your local power company

See if you’re eligible for additional renewable energy options. Look up participating local power companies here.