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Allen CCR Documents (East Area)

Surface Impoundment - East Ash Disposal Area


Closure - Post-Closure Plan

Alternative Closure

    No documents at this time.

Closure Plan

Post-Closure Plan


    No documents at this time.


Closure Status

NOI to Initiate Closure


Design Criteria

Emergency Action Plan

Hazard Potential Classification

History of Construction

Liner Design


    No documents at this time.

Safety Factor

Structural Stability


Groundwater Monitoring

Annual Groundwater Report

Assessment Monitoring

Corrective Measures

Detection Monitoring

    No documents at this time.

Groundwater Instrumentation


Location Restrictions

Fault Areas

Placement Above the Uppermost Aquifer

Seismic Impact Zones

Unstable Areas



Operating Criteria

Air Criteria

Inflow Design Flood Controls

Inspection Requirements