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Recreation on Undeveloped TVA Public Lands

Recreation on Undeveloped TVA Public Lands

The United States of America owns, and TVA manages about 230,000 acres of land Valleywide (TVA public lands) as part of our mission of service. Much of this is undeveloped land, meaning just that—wildland available for informal recreation, free from modern facilities. Popular activities on these lands include hunting, hiking, birdwatching, camping, and other informal pursuits.

Our interactive map (link below) shows undeveloped recreation areas near you. This map is intended as a guide only; its content is subject to change without notice. The lands depicted are generally open to the public; however, public use restrictions may apply due to public safety or to protect threatened and endangered species or unique natural features, and lands may be temporarily closed due to specific management activities. The map should not be interpreted as representing legal property boundaries. TVA is not liable for any improper or incorrect use of this map or for any direct or indirect damages suffered related to the use of this map.

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Rules for the use of Undeveloped TVA Public Lands

You might be surrounded by nature in its most pristine state—but that doesn't mean you can just go wild. There are some basic rules you need to follow to help TVA protect these lands and preserve them for future generations. Check out the rules.

How TVA Helps Protect Undeveloped Lands

Although undeveloped, these areas need protection and improvement to ensure a good experience for users. Through its stewardship work, TVA makes sites more accessible, especially those areas that receive intensive use, remove litter and invasive plants, and take steps to minimize user impacts.

How Our Partners Help

TVA partners year-round with user groups, community groups, and state and federal partners on projects such as river clean-ups, wildlife habitat enhancement initiatives, trail building, removal of invasive exotic plants, access improvements to public lands,     and general maintenance activities.

TVA strives to strengthen its partnerships in providing informal recreation opportunities. If your organization is interested in becoming a TVA partner in recreation, contact our Public Land Information Center.

Recreation on TVA Developed Lands

Looking for a place with recreational amenities to come and play for the day? You can't do better than TVA developed public lands. From swim beaches and fishing berms to playgrounds and picnic pavilions, the options for fun are nearly endless. You can read more about these opportunities on our Recreation Areas page.

NOTE: To the extent permitted by law, TVA disclaims liability for any injury to any person or property or loss of life or property related to the use of TVA land for recreation activities.

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State Agencies

Hunting and fishing are allowed on TVA public lands and waters consistent with TVA rules and applicable state regulations.