Frequently Asked Questions

Sourcing Processes

How does TVA choose suppliers?

Generally, TVA considers several factors in making contract awards such as safety record; price; depth and breadth of inventory; just-in-time delivery capability; technical knowledge and expertise; experience; customer satisfaction; ability to competitively furnish “green” products and services; financial stability; and innovative ideas that result in the lowest total cost of ownership.

What is TVA’s sourcing strategy?

The objective of the TVA Sourcing group is to reduce TVA’s total cost of ownership by strategically identifying the best suppliers in the industry to provide products and services that meet TVA’s requirements. In order to accomplish this, TVA Sourcing follows a general five-step process: (1) assessing the opportunity; (2) developing a strategy; (3) conducting negotiations; (4) implementing the contract; (5) managing the performance of the contract. While each sourcing event may vary depending on a range of factors (scope, the anticipated value of the contract, etc.), these steps are used as a roadmap for executing contracts that reduce TVA’s total cost of ownership.

What Is Purchased

What kinds of goods and services does TVA purchase?

TVA purchases a wide variety of materials and services, including equipment, repairs, professional services, and more. Major categories include facilities, energy efficiency, and travel; fuel, byproducts, and steel; information technology; logistics; modifications and engineering services; maintenance, repairs, and operations; major plant/transmission equipment and services; marketing and media services; and travel, meetings, and fleet. Click here for a more complete list.


What is TVA’s mileage reimbursement rates?










Does TVA provide a rental car discount to TVA contractors?

Yes, contractors traveling for TVA business may use their TVA Contractors Account for discounted rates on rental cars through Enterprise Holdings: Enterprise and National brands.

View account number and details.


Where can I buy TVA’s surplus?

View Sales and Auctions for surplus material, equipment, vehicles, and real estate.


Can I communicate about our company’s relationship with TVA or TVA’s use or purchase of the company’s product or service?

As a corporate agency of the U.S. government, TVA prohibits the use of its name in ways that appear to endorse any product, service or supplier relationship. Suppliers must review the Public Communications section of their contracts, which states (in relevant part) that they (and their subcontractors, if any) must obtain the written approval of TVA’s Contracting Officer before making any types of public disclosures or communications relating to or referencing TVA or their contract with TVA, before using TVA’s name, logo or quotations attributable to TVA or its employees in any public communication. TVA, in its sole discretion, may approve or reject a proposed public communication or disclosure, except to the extent that it is specifically required by applicable laws. Further, Suppliers are subject to additional restrictions on the communication of any TVA confidential information to third parties.

Transportation Planning

TVA recognizes the importance freight and transportation plays in the procurement of goods and services.

  • Domestic: Each domestically sourced contract or purchase has negotiated freight terms that either place shipping responsibilities on the Supplier (Prepaid/Destination) or on TVA (Destination or Origin/Collect). TVA does not allow Prepay/Add. Questions regarding domestic shipments can be directed to TVA Transportation Planning at [email protected] or (423) 751-6561 during normal business hours.
  • International: Internationally sourced items have negotiated terms of either Ex-Works (TVA routed) or Delivered Duty Paid (vendor routed). TVA’s Import/Export provider can be contacted directly at (855) 671-9885 for all International freight and Customs Clearance requirements.
  • Supplier Expectations: The TVA PO# must be included on all inbound documents, including freight BOL’s. If TVA is responsible for arranging transportation, the sourcing representative will provide a Supplier Routing Guide outlining how to ship by mode (parcel, LTL, or truckload). Supplier, or tiered sub-supplier, must adhere to agreed-upon freight terms and if applicable, follow the Supplier Routing Guide for arranging transportation. If there are questions or concerns, they must be addressed with TVA prior to shipping. Failure to follow shipping instructions can lead to monetary penalties (as outlined in the Terms and Conditions).
  • Emergency Shipment: Reasonable accommodations must be provided in making arrangements to prevent undue strain on delivery requirements or additional costs. However, in the event of an emergency shipment, and with the proper authority given by a TVA sourcing representative, TVA has a 24-hour hotline service provider that can be reached at (800) 462-5815. The name of the authorizing TVA sourcing representative, along with the TVA PO#, will be required.

Revising Company Information

How do I revise company information, such as company name, tax identification, address, company contacts, etc.?

Please contact your TVA sourcing representative for instructions to complete the required documentation.

How do I revise my company remittance email or EDI information?

Please contact your TVA sourcing representative for instructions to complete the required documentation.

Integrated Supply Program

What is an Integrated Supply Program?

Our Integrated Supply Program is a sourcing strategy to consolidate TVA’s fragmented supply base of nearly 2,300 suppliers to gain transportation, purchasing, and accounting efficiencies and leverage TVA’s spend amongst other utilities and industrial companies to decrease TVA’s total cost of ownership.  WESCO Distribution Inc manages TVA’s Integrated Supply Program of 14 broad commodity categories and suppliers providing industrial, safety, mechanical, tools, communications, wire and cable, janitorial supplies, and fasteners in support of all TVA facilities.
Why does TVA utilize an Integrated Supply Program?

TVA’s Integrated Supply Program has achieved tremendous success in accomplishing operational excellence in cost savings, on-time delivery performance, and supplier diversity.  Last year, TVA realized a cost savings of approximately $2.9 million, with on-time delivery of nearly 94%, and spent $25 million with small businesses, $12 million with diverse and women-owned businesses, and $66 million with businesses located within the Tennessee Valley.