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Cumberland Fossil Plant Emissions

What TVA is doing about emissions at Cumberland

TVA has taken a number of steps to make the efficient generation of power at Cumberland as clean as possible:

  • Wet limestone scrubbers remove 95 percent of sulfur dioxide from the plant’s emissions.
  • Both Cumberland units are equipped with selective catalytic reduction systems completed in 2004 and low-NOx burners that reduce nitrogen oxide emissions by about 90 percent.

Cumberland Fossil Plant Emissions


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Carbon dioxide
Nitrogen oxides
Sulfur dioxide

Toxics Release Inventory

2015 data

All amounts are in pounds

ChemicalAirWaterLandOff-Site DisposalTotal
Hydrochloric Acid (aerosol)250,000000250,000
Hydrogen Fluoride33,00000033,000
Sulfuric Acid (aerosol)2,900,0000002,900,000
Antimony Compounds     
Arsenic Compounds24717040,700041,117
Barium Compounds4010340,0009340,410
Beryllium Compounds1808,63208,650
Cadmium Compounds     
Chromium Compounds3749778,100078,571
Cobalt Compounds74018,610018,684
Copper Compounds3076,60059,500066,407
Lead Compounds280052,140052,420
Manganese Compounds47976170,0000170,555
Mercury Compounds851202580463
Nickel Compounds4421,50085,730087,672
Selenium Compounds4,0016,0005,480015,481
Silver Compounds     
Thallium Compounds37025,260025,297
Vanadium Compounds39611,000167,1000178,496
Zinc Compounds3,9326,000206,7000216,632
Nitrate Compounds0260,00000260,000
Dioxin (grams)30003
Polycyclic Aromatic Compounds10014024
Gross MWh Generated:15,479,360    
Pounds Released per MWh:0.308