Marshall Combustion Turbine Plant Emissions

What TVA is doing about emissions at Marshall

  • Marshall burns low-emitting natural gas or ultra-low sulfur fuel oil.
  • All units are equipped with dry low-NOx burners to reduce NOx emissions when burning gas, and water injection to reduce NOx emissions when burning oil.

Marshall Combustion Turbine Plant Emissions


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Carbon dioxide
Nitrogen oxides
Sulfur dioxide

Toxics Release Inventory

2015 data

Does Not Meet Reporting Requirements for the TRI Reporting Year

ChemicalAirWaterLandOff-Site DisposalTotal
Hydrochloric Acid (aerosol)    0
Hydrogen Fluoride    0
Sulfuric Acid (aerosol)    0
Ammonia    0
Antimony Compounds    0
Arsenic Compounds    0
Barium Compounds    0
Beryllium Compounds    0
Cadmium Compounds    0
Chromium Compounds    0
Cobalt Compounds    0
Copper Compounds    0
Lead Compounds    0
Manganese Compounds    0
Mercury Compounds    0
Nickel Compounds    0
Selenium Compounds    0
Silver Compounds    0
Thallium Compounds    0
Vanadium Compounds    0
Zinc Compounds    0
Benzo(g,h,i)perylene    0
Naphthalene    0
Nitrate Compounds    0
Dioxin (grams)    0
Polycyclic Aromatic Compounds    0
Hydrazine    0
Gross MWh Generated:73,059
Pounds Released per MWh:0.000