Environmental Reviews

TVA conducts environmental reviews in accordance with the National Environmental Policy Act, which requires federal agencies to consider the effects of their proposed projects on the human and natural environment before final decisions are made.

Programs, Plans and Policies
Power Generation – Coal and Gas
Power Generation – Nuclear
Power Generation – Solar and Other Renewables
Economic Development
Land, Facilities and Permitting
River System Operations
Natural Resources Management

Open for Public Comment

Access Road and Borrow Areas for the Cumberland Fossil Plant

TVA has issued a draft Environmental Assessment for the construction and operation of a new Access Road and Borrow Site at the Cumberland Fossil Plant.

Management of Coal Combustion Residuals from the Shawnee Fossil Plant

TVA requests your comments on the scope of its draft environmental impact statement (EIS) on the Shawnee Fossil Plant (SHF) Coal Combustion Residuals (CCR) Management.

Proposed Changes to TVA’s NEPA Procedures

The Tennessee Valley Authority is seeking public comment on its proposed changes to procedures for implementing the National Environmental Policy Act.

TVA Economic Development Grant Proposal for Site Improvements at Morgan Center Business Park

The Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA) proposes to provide a grant to the Morgan County Economic Development Association (MCEDA) to enhance the marketability and facilitate the development of the Morgan Center Business Park