Environmental Reviews

TVA’s environmental projects are open for public review.

TVA conducts environmental reviews in accordance with the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA), which requires federal agencies to consider the effects of their proposed projects on the human and natural environment before final decisions are made.

Open for Public Comment

Closure of Coal Combustion Residual Impoundments

TVA intends to prepare an Environmental Impact Statement to address the closure of coal combustion residual impoundments at its coal-fired power plants.

Straight Creek Properties Disposal of Coal Reserves

TVA requests your comments on the draft environmental assessment (EA) on Straight Creek Properties Disposal of Coal Reserves in Bell and Harlan Counties, Kentucky. Comments must be received by November 5, 2015.

Programs, Plans and Policies

Integrated Resource Plan

The Integrated Resource Plan examines the ways TVA can meet future demand for power in new and innovative ways. Considering costs, environmental factors, reliability, regulations and energy efficiency, the plan will determine how TVA’s generation portfolio will look in the future. Read more about the 2015 Integrated Resource Plan.

Floating Houses

TVA has initiated an environmental review of floating houses and non-navigable houseboats mooring on TVA reservoirs out of concern for safety, sanitation, water quality and fair use of public lands and waters. Learn more.